Small wallpapered hallway updates

February 10, 2019

Hey there! I've been hard at work on this little hallway -- it's probably the smallest "room" I've done but because of all of the small projects, it's been a lot of work! 😂 It is currently my very favorite spot in our house though, so it's been worth it. ;) 

Last I left you, I shared the wallpaper that was almost done. (You can find the name and a link to this wallpaper and read why it's not quite done in that post.) I've completed a few more updates so I wanted to show you the progress! This is how the little hallway looked when I shared it last week:
Wallpapered small hallway

Many of you wanted to see it closer and had questions about the color. It's a navy blue (but it comes in a couple different color ways as well):
Kamala baker wallpaper indigo

It's not a bright white like it sometimes looks in photos, it's definitely an off white -- here it is against our bright white trim: 
Indigo Kamala Baker wallpaper

I painted the ceiling the same color as the morning room -- Cyberspace by Sherwin-Williams. I loooove painted ceilings! It always adds a little something to a space: 

Blue and white floral wallpaper painted ceiling

I used that same color for the ceiling in our powder room as well. (That room also has wallpaper -- the peel and stick kind!) I also added crown -- I cut the wallpaper at the ceiling pretty well, but wanted to add that detail anyway. 

I also changed out the lamp shade -- both are from IKEA. I love the brass tone inside and the pretty cutout detail. I originally wanted a basket-type light, but I haven't found anything I like just yet. 

This is the prettiest little hallway I've ever seen!: 
Decorating a small hallway with wallpaper and paint

I'm using the green shade in another hallway. ;) 

Here's how it looked before I started...what a difference so far, right? 
Hanging art around a thermostat

I have a couple more projects up my sleeve, and I'll share the final result soon! Wish this space was big enough for a chair or something cause I'd just sit and admire it. ;)
IKEA hanging lamp shade hallway

Have I convinced any of you to try wallpaper yet? I heard from a few of you who have used this same pretty paper! I just adore it.

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  1. I love that wallpaper and your hallway looks amazing!

  2. This little hallway just keeps getting better and better. What a wonderful job you have done Sarah. Thanks

  3. Love it all! The wallpaper, the ceiling, the light fixture...
    Great job!

  4. I have wallpaper as a budget-wise upgrade under my kitchen cabinets. Tilework was out of the question but I needed more than paint and it works. I used a painted-brick look peel & stick wallpaper and it's so well designed that people have walked up to it to feel it, thinking that it was actual brick facing. While not my first choice, it was one I could afford and will serve me well until I can afford a permanent backsplash. So much bang for so little buck.

  5. That is so fresh and pretty, I just love it! Love the new lampshade in that space too. Now I an wondering where I could find a spot for this wallpaper! I have always loved wallpaper, even before it came back into style. It just adds so much depth to a space.

  6. It's so pretty, Sarah. I have to admit, thinking of all those cuts around doorways, light switches, etc kind of stresses me out. You are far braver than I. :D Love the new lampshade!

  7. I love this hallway update! Yes, you've convinced me to try wallpaper, but since I have textured walls, I have to skim coat them first. I'm going to do the little water closet in our master bath. But given the scope of the project, I'll be waiting a bit. Love your inspiration though!

  8. Adorable!!! It truly is the prettiest little hallway!! You have not convinced me yet to use wallpaper, though, as I still have nightmares about removing it!

  9. Can you provide where you purchased the wallpaper?

    1. You can find it Anthropologie but it's available online all over for much less. I share a link to the post with all of the info at the top of this one (above).

  10. hi I have subscribed. Love your decorating style! Would like to do a little hallway in the same paper, but cannot find it. You mentioned it was anthropology. I am so sorry, but I cannot find it anywhere. Can you send another link or share the name of the manufacture and style name? Thank you!

    1. Hello! There's a link at the start of the post, but I believe the name is Kamala Indigo. If you search it online you can compare prices!


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