Monday, July 1, 2019

Best of summer before and after projects

I like to highlight a bunch of beautiful spaces from my past before and after link ups so you can discover new bloggers around the web. 

This round up is very much bathroom and kitchen heavy -- you guys were busy on these spaces last winter! There were SO many linked up at the before and after link up in March, so go check that out to see more! 

This kitchen makeover is truly a testament to what white paint can do. It was a pretty kitchen before but just shines now: 
the power of white paint kitchen cabinets renovation

It looks completely different and the cabinet color is the only thing that changed. It is SO bright and pretty, and looks so elegant now. It's a great transformation!

I loved this kitchen reno because they knocked out the ceiling and created this beautiful angled ceiling with beams:

knocking out ceiling to create angled ceiling, beams

The new cabinets are gorgeous, but the ceiling makes all the difference. Check out their remodel at the link! 

Karen has two (YES two) of my favorite kitchens on Instagram. This one is in their Montana farmhouse and you'll be drooling: 
elegant rustic farmhouse kitchen

She takes you on a tour of this gorgeous space and shares what they did to make it theirs. It's beautiful and you won't be disappointed!

As I mentioned, there were a ton of awesome bathroom renovations included last time, and these are just a few of my favorites!  

Jenna made over this bathroom by brightening up the accents and changing a few things out. I think bathrooms are one of the rooms you can make a BIG impact with little money:
light blue stripes in bathroom budget makeover

I LOVE that light blue stripe accent! And just changing out the hardware made a big difference. 

This bathroom was redone top to bottom and I just loved the end result!: 
black and white bathroom makeover

I love every single bit of it -- the floor, the black cabinetry, the modern mirrors...all of it! 

This was another HUGE really need to see the before to even appreciated how much they did: 
black hexagon tile bathroom mint door

You know my love for a beautiful wall you know how much I love Laura's new music room: 
dining room turned music room with white wall trim

They converted their dining room into a music room...I just love it! It's SO elegant for only $150 in materials! Wow!

And last but not least, this gorgeous master bedroom makeover had to be included: 
soothing master bedroom with pinks and blues

I just loved the use of soft, soothing colors and metal accents throughout. She did a great job creating a serene, soothing bedroom.

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  1. ah...thanks so much for including my piano room.

  2. holy cow thank you so much for including our bathroom!!! :)

  3. Holy...well, you know! Every time I read your blog I'm inspired. Thanks!

  4. Can't stop looking through these - I want to DIY something myself now! Great inspiration!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  5. Thanks so much for including our bathroom makeover. :-)

  6. Thank you so much for including my kitchen makeover!

  7. Oh dear...So inspiring. Thank you


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