2019 TDC favorite things round up!

November 25, 2019

Thrifty Decor Chick favorite things round up

Hello there! It's one of my favorite weeks of the year! Life slows down for a bit and I LOVE spending time with the family.

Of course there's the shopping too. ;) I'm not one to leave the house to shop on Black Friday though -- are you? I prefer to stay on the couch in my pj's and shop from home. If you're like me, I have some fun gift ideas for you this week!

Yet again I've gathered a group of AWESOME bloggers and we're all sharing some of our favorite things. Anything goes! Home decor, beauty, fashion -- whatever. I think you'll love it!

You can see all of the bloggers joining in at the bottom of my post, but first I'm sharing my faves. (You can see last year's post for even more ideas!)

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My first favorite is one we recently purchased. Our neighbors have the CUTEST dogs and snuggle up in their dog bed. We purchased the smaller version for our dog and...
Snoozer pet bed

The dog hasn't touched it but the cats LOVE it. It's called the Snoozer pet bed and it's sooo cozy. The top stands up so they can snuggle up inside. It's not cheap but it's a well made bed that will last a long time.

This product is PERFECT around the holidays, but we use them all year. If you have a hard to reach plug or lamp and want an easy way to turn it on, these remote control plugs are a huge help!:
plug with remote for Christmas lights

They are great for Christmas trees, lights on railings and mantels...all over. I bought the one above for the sconces above our bed. They are just slightly too high to reach comfortably, so I plugged them both into this and now we just push a button. Awesome!

This option caught my eye too --  you can control anything that plugs in with your phone

remote plug with wifi for lamps

I found that one at Lowe's but the one I linked has two for the same price. 

My luck with Amazon fashion is hit and miss -- but I've had great luck with earrings. I get complimented on both of these every time I wear them: 
classic Amazon earrings fashion

The tortoiseshell hoops can be found here and the paddle ones here (specify your size). I love them both and they look great with just about anything!

Speaking of jewelry, these stackers have kept my earrings and bracelets perfectly organized for months!:
jewelry stacker organization

I find it's so much easier to find what I want when they're organized like this. I got three different sizes -- go to this post to find the links to each one. 

Let's talk FOOD. I'm a popcorn nut. We go to the movie theater just to pick up popcorn -- that's how much I love it. I've used other poppers in the past and this one is by far the best
best popcorn machine

You put the popcorn in and turn in on -- no need to stir or watch it. The little dish on the top melts your butter. I love this thing! 

We do get a few stray kernels escaping during the popping process, but it's not bad. The popcorn comes out perfectly every time! 

I shared these super soft pajamas on Instagram the other day because I love them SO much: 
super soft pjs Costco

I found mine at Costco -- I bought one set, came home and wore them, then went back the next day to get more for me plus gifts. If you can't find them there, they are sold online here. They are incredibly comfy and soft. Also very roomy so be sure to size down. 

Speaking of comfort -- these little doodads have made the warmer months SO much more comfortable. They're called Bandelettes and if you experience any thigh chaffing when wearing skirts or dresses, you will LOVE THEM: 
bandelettes no chafing!

You wear them around your thighs and they are a game changer. I wore them all throughout Italy last summer and was so comfortable. They are lightweight and much easier and cooler than other options I've found. 

I shared this diaper caddy before, but as you can see we use it for small games and cards instead: 
tote for small games or organization

This little thing has so many ways to organize small stuff -- you can move the insert inside to where you want, it has side pockets as well as a zipper pocket. Plus it's easy to carry around and just looks good! 

It's a great way to corral all kinds of small items! 

One of our favorite games inside would make a perfect stocking stuffer: 
Easy dice game for all ages

LCR (left, center, right) is SUCH a fun game for all ages! It says five and up, but I think younger kids could play with help no problem. 

I have a weird thing about games -- I don't like the learning process. ;) I get frustrated if I don't pick it up immediately. This one takes literally two minutes to learn and it's even more fun when you add quarters to the "pot." ;) 

I'm a little throw blanket obsessed, I admit it. I love them and usually buy new ones with each season. This super fluffy throw from Amazon is my new favorite: 
Tall dark fireplace family room

It's a great size and SO soft. (I'm pretty sure we got the 60x80 size.) 

It looks great too!: 
soft and fluffy Amazon blanket gray

One of my Amazon clothing faves this year was this color blocked cardigan
color blocked cardigan Amazon fashion

It's incredibly soft and looks great with jeans or leggings, plus it's plenty long and covers the butt. 

I blogged about this carpet cleaner earlier this fall and had to include it here: 
best carpet cleaning machine

See that gross water? It works so well...it's kind of shocking to see what's in our carpet! One of my favorite things about it is that it doesn't leave the carpets super wet. Love it!

This Maybelline lipstick is my absolute favorite right now. It's a beautiful berry color that I swear would look great with any skin tone: 
perfect berry lip color

It's number 379, called Fuchsia for Me. It goes on so creamy and stays on really well! 

This final one is my most recent purchase -- I found these Old Navy pullovers last week and bought two because I loved them so much: 
old navy mock sweater tunic

It's super soft and comfy (seems to be my theme on this post), isn't form fitting and it has POCKETS. Winner!!

I never share my mug around here, but I took a photo with both this and the lipstick on the other day to show you:
mock pullover tunic with pockets

I did my wavy hair with my favorite hair tool I talked about last year. 

There's my list for this year! Do you use any of my favorites? 

I can't wait to see what the rest of the ladies are sharing this week! Here's the schedule so you can follow along each day:




Have a WONDERFUL and safe Thanksgiving holiday! I'll see you back here next week!

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  1. That popcorn maker sounds so useful – and it's so pretty too, love the blue colour! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. My thick thighs thank you for the bandelette suggestion! I love all of your finds and have a few myself and you look fabulous in your bright lipstick and wavy hair! Merry Christmas Sarah!

  3. I have the Old Navy pullover in black and it's so cute! And the day I found the plug thing was a very good day. We don't have a light on our master bedroom ceiling (why?!?), so being able to turn lamps on with a switch by the door was life changing! This is the second time I've seen the Left Center Right game on a list like this, so I think I need to try it!

  4. That lipstick looks great on you, Sarah!! I was thinking of you yesterday when I put my window candles up....I read about them a few years ago on your site and I love them! And unbelievably, the batteries that came with them are still working!!!

  5. Oh, Sarah you should share pics of yourself more often. You are so pretty!

    1. Thank you very much! That is so nice of you to say!

  6. Love your hair in the lighter shade. Very becoming and you look sooo young!!

  7. I second those pajamas - the very best I’ve ever owned!!!

  8. How do you look younger than your main profile picture?! Do you age in reverse?

  9. Omg.... every summer when I see friends in dresses I ask, "how do you avoid thigh burn?!" They look at me like I'm nuts. Finally!! Someone that knows what I'm talking about!!! These are going on my Christmas list!!!! Thanks!! Oh, and we love LCR!!! Super fun for work parties.

  10. I purchased the popcorn popper when you recommended it before- it’s awesome!


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