Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Large DIY Christmas box decor for the porch {or inside!}

Hello there!! I wasn't planning on sharing this project just yet...but I finished it up and loved it SO much, I just had to. HAD to. 

If you don't like Christmas ideas this early, look away. Just come back in a couple weeks! ;) For those of you that do, this was a super easy project and I think it's just adorable. 

I saw something similar floating around Facebook, but I couldn't find a source. I knew it would be really easy to recreate so I did just that. This is a GREAT project if you have scrap wood laying around. 

I grabbed some scrap luan (I've used this stuff on this wall and this wall in our home) and cut it in three different sized boxes: 
Using scrap wood to make large wood holiday present decor

I used spray paint in Christmasy colors -- red, green and black. You can make the colors work for your decor! 

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Give the boards a few coats of spray paint: 
Spray paint tips to avoid issues

I shared a couple quick spray painting tips in this short video: 

Be sure to check that out if you're not familiar with spray paint! Those tips will prevent issues with drying and give you a nice, smooth surface. You can also use a brush or roller to paint these. 

After they dried, I used gingham ribbon I found for half off at Hobby Lobby: 

black and white gingham ribbon

And "wrapped" each board like a present. You get where this is going? :) (I found similar gingham ribbon here!)

I used hot glue to adhere the ribbon to the backs. No need to take it down the back, and no need to paint the back!: 
How to make large wood present decor for holidays

No one will ever see it! :) 

After the ribbon was on I dug through my Christmas decor and found some cute touches for the center of each "present" -- greenery, berries, etc.: 
Decorating DIY wood Christmas "presents"

DIY wood presents using scrap wood

They turned out even better than I had hoped! SO CUTE!: 
Large wood DIY Christmas presents for front porch

I don't know yet where ours will live, but they would be so adorable on the front porch! Our porch is pretty well protected -- if you'd like to keep them outside a couple coats of polyurethane will help protect the wood. 

They'd be cute on a mantel, on an entry table, even leaned against a kitchen backsplash!: 
DIY large wood Christmas presents

The color/decor/placement possibilities are endless! Now I want to make more. I love them so!

I didn't have the red and green spray paint, so I had to buy that and the ribbon that was half off. All three items came in at under $13.

Such a simple and inexpensive holiday project -- and so easily customized to the colors you decorate with this season!

Check out this adorable Christmas snow globe art I made last year for another Christmas project you can finish up before the holidays!

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  1. Great minds think alike! I saw this project on Pinterest yesterday and want to do it. Yours look great! What were the dimensions of the boards?

  2. This is super cute! Love how it's so oversized (I guess that's the point though haha!) ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Love this idea! Do you happen to know if the red and green spray paint colors are specific colors? There are so many reds and greens to pick from! Thanks!

  4. Love the idea..They look so cute!


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