Gorgeous rug with warm colors in the family room

January 10, 2020

I feel like I've shared our family room a ton lately -- and I wasn't planning to again today. BUT I'm so thrilled with how it's looking with some recent additions. I wanted to show you how much changing out (or just adding!) a rug can really cozy up a space. 

The chairs and rug (from the old house) we've had in our family room have worked well since we moved in. The chairs are four years old and have seen a ton of use. They were super comfy (you'll see them in the pics below), and really spacious. We really do love them. (They are in the basement now).

But the sun did a number on them at our old house and they were faded badly. Our dog did some damage years ago as well by "digging" into the cushions. Do your dogs do that? :) Thankfully he doesn't do it much anymore. 

Anyway, we've been looking to replace them for at least a year now. We've flipped the cushions as much as we can. :) I was going to purchase the exact same ones, but they aren't sold anymore. (I even looked into having them reupholstered, but the first quote I got was more than I wanted to spend.) Finding two identical chairs that aren't a fortune (AND are comfy) is nearly impossible. You know how it goes -- either you find something that might work when you have no money, or you have the money and you can't find anything. 

The other night I ran into a HomeGoods for the first time in forever and they were right. there. when I walked in. And to my surprise, so comfortable! I texted a pic to my husband and we decided to go for it. 

They fit perfectly in there! And they swivel...basically the best thing ever. That's been our favorite part so far:
Family room furniture layout with two chairs two sofas

Can you see the rug? 😍😍 More on that in a minute. 

The rounded shape of the new chairs definitely softens the room too -- it wasn't until I put these in place that I realized how boxy everything was before. 

Funny thing is, our dog is NOT happy with these. Ha! He can't nestle in on the back/cushion and be on the lookout. He sits on the chair now instead but it's just not the same for the poor nugget. The cats on the other hand, still love them: 
New swivel chairs in the family room

Now onto the other big change in here! I purchased the rug weeks ago after going back and forth for what was probably two months. I wasn't sure I wanted a larger size and that the darker tones would work well. 

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I shouldn't have worried. It's an absolutely stunning rug!! I'm so so so thrilled with it. It's the Loloi Layla Collection rug in olive and charcoal. It has a ton of colors in it: 

Loloi rug with navy, green and maroon

Pinks, greens, maroon, even a little bit of aqua? It's gorgeous. 

(By the way, the price on these rugs change often, so keep a lookout. Ours has already gone up considerably since we bought it, but it was even less when I first started looking.)

Because it's a little bigger than what we had before, I was able to pull the sofas further out and push the chairs in more. We have a bit more walking room behind the chairs now: 
Two swivel chairs facing TV/fireplace

It helps we can kind of turn the chairs into the space -- that gives us more room as well. We love that we can turn them to put our feet up on the sofas or whatever. 
Rug with darker tones and light furniture

Our other rug was much thicker -- this one is very thin. So if you prefer some cush in your rug this won't work well for you. But if you have kids or animals I highly recommend it! It will hide EVERYTHING. 😂

Here are a few before and afters -- with our old rug from the old house (I believe this was from HomeGoods): 
Two coffee tables to make big one

And that same space with the new, darker rug: 
Loloi Layla rug in real life

Both are beautiful (in my opinion) but WOW, this new one warms up the space so much. 
Loloi charcoal and olive Layla rug

I could see changing them out with the seasons -- maybe I'll want the light back for spring and summer? I'm not big on changing out bigger items for the seasons, but we still have the lighter rug so we'll see! 

I love how it grounds the space. It ties in the dark fireplace wall and built ins beautifully: 
Using two coffee tables to make giant one

How to make a tall room feel cozy

And I call it "dark" but it's not overly so. I'd still call it a neutral piece because it works with just about any color. 

Here are a couple more before and after shots: 
Cyberspace paint color on accent wall

I'll have to add an evening pic at some point, because that's when it's coziest in here. I'm SO happy with how warm it feels in this space. 
Using dark colors but keeping room bright

Open staircase to great room tall fireplace

From the other side as well: 
Two sofas facing each other with two chairs

Symmetrical living room layout with sofas and chairs

The new chairs brighten up the room and the new rug grounds it. A great combination! 

A rug makes a BIG statement and can really change the whole feel of a room. It can also be one of the most expensive purchases. My favorite affordable spots for larger rugs are Rugs USA, HomeGoods and this one is from Amazon -- I've never purchased one from there before! (You can also find this rug here and here

Here's a better view of the rug from upstairs: 
open family room with tall fireplace and built ins

It's been two years since we moved in and this space is feeling so much like us now. I have said it a million times and will say it again...take your time when it comes to purchasing for/decorating spaces. You will make much better decisions and will enjoy them longer.

I never regret waiting for the perfect item at the perfect time. :)

You can find links to a lot of the items in this room below -- just click on the picture! **Sofas are from a local Indy store called Urban Styles.

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  1. Beautiful additions! Can I ask what size rug that is?

  2. Gorgeous!! You're right, I like the rounded chairs, they make the room a bit 'softer' - and I love that they swivel. I have two comfy swivel chairs in my living room also, and they are perfect when we have a crowd at home watching a movie.

  3. Love it! Where is the green throw pillow from? Love the color!!

    1. Thanks! It's from Target -- it shows as the rust colored one linked above. I have gray and green but I think the green is sold out. :(

  4. The new rug definitely warms up the space. Swivel chairs are also on my list. Congrats!!

  5. Everything is so pretty! Where did you find your couch?

    1. Sofas are from a local Indy store called Urban Styles. :)

  6. New rug looks great! I am curious what color the dark spots are on the rug? Are they black or navy? Thank you.

    1. It's so close it's hard to say -- I'd say it leans a dark navy.


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