The Perfect Storage Bins for Drawers and Closets

September 22, 2020

The perfect plastic storage bins for organizing closets and drawers.

These storage containers come in a ton of sizes and two different colors. I love that they are stackable and fit nicely against each other -- no wasted space!

Plus they're available in-store, so if you get the organizing bug you can start immediately! :) 

I've been focusing on some organizing some places I haven't touched much since we moved in. I followed the Konmari decluttering and organizing method years ago and it has served us SO well. 

But I'm realizing I kind of threw stuff in cabinets and haven't touched them since, so I'm addressing a few spots. 

Ikea tall cabinet makeover black wood

This cabinet has served us so well! 

Our bathroom is bigger than our last one, but has a lot less storage space. 

This cabinet has been a perfect spot for our towels, bathing needs and general bathroom stuff. And it's pretty!: 
Ikea cabinet for bathroom

I've just been throwing items in the drawers since I added that cabinet a couple years ago. 

It was getting to the point where we couldn't shut them, so I knew it was time to address this spot: 
Organizing bathroom drawers

Has anyone else been watching The Home Edit on Netflix? Every time I watch an episode I want to go tackle a drawer or a dresser or a room. 😂

They talk a lot about corralling items in bins, which is a practice I've followed for years. I think they use too many bins sometimes, but I can definitely get behind the thought! 

The problem is, the bins they use from the Container Store are not cheap. I LOVE that place, but I was looking to spend a whole lot less. 

Thankfully I discovered these inexpensive storage boxes at Target a few weeks ago: 

The perfect cheap storage bins

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They are perfect and the price is right -- the smaller bins are only a buck each! 

I started by getting rid of some towels we don't use and stacked our hand towels in the bottom drawer: 
Towel folding and storage

Notice I used one of the trays to hold the washcloths -- and do you see that EMPTY space? Yes!

I had a large basket in the drawer with a bunch of hair stuff: 

I was always digging around the deep basket every time I wanted something. 

I sorted through those items and ended up using four of the Target bins to organize everything: 
Organizing with bins bathroom drawers

These containers are ideal because they nestle right up against each other, but can also be stacked easily. 

I put larger dryer accessories in the big bin, clips and headbands in the middle sized one and smaller clips and hair bands in the smaller ones. 

I've said it a million times, but keeping things organized saves you money! 

 I have approximately 125 hair bands that I do. not. need.

The top drawer (the skinniest) holds my hair tools: 
Extra storage space in bathroom

SO much better!! 

I kept the organizing going in the kitchen -- this large bin holds smaller appliances and their accessories: 
Perfect cheap storage bins

Love that these have handles for easy access! 

Those pesky plastic lids all have a home now: 
storing plastic cup lids

Before they were spread all over in one of the kitchen drawers. (I find it's SO much easier keeping these separate, especially when unloading the dishwasher.) 

The bins below were in the kitchen organization area (the rest were in the bathroom section) and are the perfect depth for the kitchen drawers: 
perfect organizing bins for kitchen drawers

I ended up buying a couple more for this drawer because these fit so well. 

They also have these really shallow trays that are perfect for corralling the clutter in my desk drawer: 
Shallow bin for desk drawer

I knew I had to share these with you because they function so well! These come in both a gray and clear version in all of the sizes. 

Here are the sizes I used in our home!: 
I really love that they are uniform from top to bottom, so it's easy to place them right up against each other. So many of these are tapered and I feel like space is wasted. 

I'm trying to think of more places that need some organizing! A few more ideas for these durable storage solutions:
  • I used them in our garage for gardening and cleaning supplies.
  • They would be great for toys since the kids can still see what's inside. Unlike wicker baskets and fabric storage cubes, can hold up to wear and tear.
  • These plastic bins are perfect for laundry room or pantry storage because they are so easy to clean. 
  • They'd also make a great storage tote for toiletries, makeup or nail polish -- anything you might want to carry around.

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  1. Thank you! Just what I've been looking for!

  2. Aww man, I need to start organising my stuff too! It's been nearly a month since I moved in and everything is still a mess!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. I just found those at Target last week! You can order more sizes on line though.

  4. Very nice! I love The Home Edit and always wonder... Did you organize and then buy the bins or buy the bins first? How did you avoid buying too many or not enough of a certain size? Thank you! :)

  5. Oh my WORD!! Thank you so much!! Going to Target TODAY! We just bought a fantastic new house but the pub try has been such a challenge for me! It’s basically a huge section of cabinets (3 feet wide, 2 feet deep & over 8 feet tall!) It’s a black hole!! I can’t find anything and it’s driving me crazy! All the other storage stuff I had is about 12 inches deep, which does me no good- it is all lost inside these massive cabinets. I searched Amazon, IKEA and Container store online yesterday and realized it would cost me several hundred dollars in storage baskets to make it function like I need it to. Maybe, just maybe Target will have something deep enough that doesn’t break the bank!


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