EASY Four Ingredient Fudge Recipe {And a Kitchen Tour!}

December 21, 2021

Easy and quick four ingredient fudge recipe.

If you thought fudge was difficult to make, this simple recipe will prove you wrong!

It only take four basic ingredients and then you can customize the flavors however you want. A friend shared this fudge recipe with me recently and I couldn't believe how easy it was!

This is such a delicious and quick treat to make at the holidays, it will be a staple in our house from now on. It's perfect for neighbors or co-worker gifts.

I'm sharing four versions of this effortless fudge recipe with both milk chocolate and dark chocolate. 

four easy fudge recipe ideas

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Each batch only takes a few minutes to make! 

Easy four ingredient fudge recipe:

One bag of milk or dark chocolate chips
One 14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk
One tsp vanilla extract 
Pinch or so of sea salt 

Optional additions or toppings:
Nuts, caramel, peppermint, marshmallows, etc. 

Start with a microwave safe bowl and add the bag of chocolate chips.

Microwave them at 30 second increments, stirring after each one: 
how to melt chocolate

At this consistency, it's almost ready! I microwaved three times at 30 seconds and then about 20 seconds for the last time. 

It will be easy to stir and completely melted...just don't warm it too many times!

Add your salt and vanilla extract: 
sea salt fudge recipe

easy holiday fudge recipe

I added the condensed milk last, because it starts to thicken up quickly once it's mixed: 
evaporated milk fudge

The original recipe called for 14 ounces of chocolate chips and the 14 ounce milk can. Because I could only find 11 ounce of chips, I didn't add ALL of the condensed milk. 

I'm sure the fudge would be fine with all of it, but I wanted to keep those two ingredients equal. 

If you want traditional fudge, you're done with the ingredients at this point!

I added a small amount of the toppings to the mix on some of the batches. 

I mixed in some chopped nuts in this simple nut version. You can see how much the mixture thickens up at the end: 
four ingredient fudge recipe

And then your fudge is ready! 

I spread the fudge mixture into the containers as well as I could -- mine were not perfect. :)

Then I sprinkled the toppings on while it was still wet:
toppings for easy fudge

I crushed some candy canes in a plastic bag to break them up for another topping: 
peppermint topping

Press your toppings into the top of the fudge just a bit to ensure they stay put!

Your pan can be just about anything -- these are just going in the fridge so they don't have to be oven safe. 

I used small shallow metal pans for some and glass containers for others. You can use a loaf pan as well. 

Lining your pan with parchment paper will make the removal at the end much easier! 

When your fudge is in the pan, chill it in the fridge for at least two hours before serving. 

I did two dark chocolate versions of this fudge -- one with nuts and one with caramel and extra sea salt: 
easy nut fudge recipe

easy caramel salt fudge

And two with milk chocolate chips -- one with peppermint and one with peanut butter (and nuts on top!):
easy peppermint fudge recipe

easy peanut butter fudge

I've never made fudge in my life so I wasn't sure how these would turn out. 

They were ALL absolutely delicious! I was kind of impressed...with myself. 😂

Our favorites were the peppermint fudge and the peanut butter: 
easy fudge recipe tree cutting board

But all were SO GOOD!

I added a bit too much caramel to that version, so they didn't set up quite as well. They were very sticky and not as firm. 

But still delicious

If you want firmer fudge, don't add too much additional liquid to the mixture. 
I wrapped up a few from each batch in small plastic treat bags and then placed them the cute gift tins I showed you last week:
cute Christmas treat tins

After I finished up these delicious treats, I cleaned up so I could share our Christmas kitchen with you! 

The addition of our new floating shelves and tile wall has made such a difference in here! This is my favorite holiday decor in our kitchen yet. :) 

I'm just adding the photos here for you to enjoy -- if you have questions about anything please feel free to ask in the comments below!: 
white cabinets and tile black hardware
Upgrading the end of basic cabinets

white kitchen gray island black accents
How to extend the sides of your island 

DIY modern wood hood white kitchen
DIY modern hood cover

black accents in white kitchen
How to add DIY cabinet feet

open great room and kitchen layout
Tour our Christmas family room here!

built in storage next to fridge
How to add decorative storage to side of fridge

Have you tried this super easy fudge recipe? What's your favorite addition? This recipe would be fun to experiment with! 

I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday week -- all the best to you!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I've made these so many times over the years. I initially found the recipe in an eagle brand condensed milk cookbook. You can Google eagle brand recipes and find this online also along with all the amazing bar cookies they can be made. Back to the fudge, I've made it with dried fruit cut up and mixed in also. Apricot was especially delicious but I imagine a little bit of candid ginger or some dried cherries might be amazing as well. I've never yet given it to someone and not had them wild over it. Have a wonderful Christmas

  2. This is the recipe that I would make over and over for my parents. Both are up in heaven now.I made it for a family Thanksgiving this year and it was the first thing to go. I had to make something that was gluten free and this hit the bill. When in need of a quick sweet treat to bring to others this is it.
    Thank you for the added ingredient suggestions.

  3. Will have to try this out! Wish you'd had a printable version.

  4. Omit the salt and replace the vanilla extract with orange extract. Then you'll be enjoying Avery's blue ribbon fudge, as we like to call it. She won a blue ribbon at the county fair with this recipe!


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