Ten Themed Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life

November 29, 2023

Ten awesome gift ideas for anyone in your life.

I've gathered a list of ten perfect gift "bundles" for the person who has everything! I've been compiling these lists over the past few months to give you easy ideas this holiday season.

These gifts are great for those you may not know quite as well, and family and friends you know and love. They're easily customizable for anyone from the bus driver to your siblings or parents.  

I can attest to all of them! We've used all of them in our home, and/or gifted them to friends and family in the past. 

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1. For the wine lover:

We are big fans of red wine, and have found some awesome wine-related products over the years that we use quite often. 

I've talked about this amazing wine stain remover a few times, but most recently when I showed you how I keep our light colored sofas clean
red wine stain remover

This stuff is literal magic. We had a wine spill recently and all we have to do is soak the red stain with this spray and it disappears. No scrubbing. It's gone!

I gifted that spray and these wine pouring disks to good friends last year -- you slide them into the bottle and they make pouring so much easier and cleaner. They are reusable and you get a TON so they are easy to break up into multiple gifts. 

We also love these little stainless steel trays for the bottles:
wine bottle tray

If you don't have those little disks, the wine sometimes drips down the bottle after pouring. These trays will protect your table from red wine stains. 

We also love the streak-free towels for wine glasses. They easily get rid of any water marks and make your glasses sparkle! 

2. For the DIY lover:

These little gadgets are truly helpful (I use all of them) and would make great gifts for the new or seasoned DIYer! 

My Dad got me a tiny pry bar years ago and I had no idea how much I needed a tiny pry bar in my life. I use this ALL the time! 

Most projects around the house don't need a heavy duty tool, so it is perfect: 
helpful DIY tools

I returned the favor later when I gifted my Dad (and myself) one of these universal socket tools that you use with a drill. It fits over almost anything so you can tighten or loosen everything from cup hooks to wing nuts with ease. 

I use that battery-operated head lamp way more than I ever thought I would too. It's super helpful when you're working in a tight spot. I use these small magnetic work lights often when I need a bit more light. 

3. For the note-taking lover:

I got my prolific note-taking from my mother. :) I have multiple lists going at all times, especially this time of year! DIY projects, work to-dos, Christmas decor ideas, packing for travel...all of it.

It gives me such satisfaction to cross something off my list! (I even write down things after just to cross them off...I know, weird.)

I've had this hard cover notebook for a couple years now and LOVE it: 
hard back notebook with pen

There are a bunch of cover options, and it has more than 250 lined pages. It has a bookmark ribbon that is super useful as well. 

It's substantial but not huge, so I can throw it in my purse or travel with it. I keep this elastic book pen holder on it at all times so my pens are always on hand: 
notebook with pen holder

Speaking of pens...I'm now spoiled with mine and only use these specific kinds because they write so smoothly and have a soft grip that I love. You can find the ones pictured here and my other favorite pen set here

I would LOVE a gift like this! Am I a nerd? I think I'm a nerd. :) 

4. For the book lover:

Are you a die hard and have to hold a book in your hands, or do you prefer the electronic versions? I LOVE to read, and finally purchased a Kindle a few years back. I have to say, I love it! It's so easy to travel with, and the light doesn't keep my husband awake when I read in bed. 

The more I used it, the more I loved that I could snuggle up in bed and read -- but when you're situated just right, reaching to "turn" the page was annoying. (I KNOW. First world problems.) I asked for this remote page turner one year for Christmas and LOVE it!!: 
Kindle with page turner

Now I just hold the clicker in one hand and it moves through the pages for me. Laziness at its finest! 😂

Although I enjoy my Kindle, I still love a physical book and usually read at night. I used to have a book light that clipped to the book, but it was annoying to move it as I read through the pages. 

This adjustable book light is my favorite because it just lays around my neck and I can move the lights to focus right on the pages. No need to mess with it as I'm reading:
neck book light

I also have this acrylic book holder (how smart is that?) on my list and this pretty embroidered bookmark as well. I think they are both so pretty. 

5. For the baking/bread lover:

I gifted this easy package to our neighbors a few years ago and kept one for ourselves. ;) 

This Soberdough beer bread comes in a cute bag and there are a TON of bread options available. It's delicious and so easy to make (just add beer or sparkling water and mix). 

I bought disposable bread pans and packaged the bread mix and a can of beer in each one: 
beer bread gift idea

Just wrap it up with a bow and you're done!

The total cost was less than $15 for each family. So yummy, so easy. 

6. For the scent lover: 

I love lit candles in our home, but with four animals I hesitate to light them as much anymore. I was thrilled when I found gorgeous warmer options that allow me to get the scent and the soft glow, with no fire! 

I shared all about these awesome candle and wax warmers a few months ago. My favorite are the candle warmers: 
modern candle warmer

I now have a few in our house because I love them so much. There are so many great benefits of these warmers, but I think the best part is your candles last WAY longer than burning. 

I also love the warm glow (and scent) of this beautiful wax warmer: 
faceted glass wax warmer

It's just so pretty and comes in a few different color options. 

If you have a scent lover in your life, they will love either one of these! (You can find both of my options at the link above.)

7. For the soup lover:

This is another idea I threw together for neighbors last year, but there are some additions you could add to make it an even more substantial gift for a loved one. 

For our friends, I wrapped up a package of soup (locally made) with a pretty wooden ladle
soup with ladle gift

That ladle is so beautiful! There are two to a package for just over $10, so they are easy to split up. 

That gift came in at around $12 for each family and they all loved it! 

To add to this, I would include this soup cook book with 200 seasonal soup recipes. I've made a couple so far, it is a beautiful book that any cook would love. 

And these small pasta flakes have become a favorite of mine to beef up any soup. They're so little and light, but add a lot to a meal. Sometimes I just make them with broth, so good! 

8. For the hot chocolate lover: 

Who doesn't love a good hot chocolate? A hot chocolate kit is easy, inexpensive and always appreciated. (At least at our house!)

Don't tell our neighbors, but this is their gift this year. ;) I found the tins of hot cocoa, marshmallows and chocolate dipped spoons at HomeGoods:
hot chocolate themed gift

I'll separate the marshmallows and spoons into their own packages for each family.

Hot cocoa gifts are so fun! You can add all kinds of goodies to personalize them even more. I got this metallic honeycomb mug for a friend's birthday recently and had to get one for myself: 
Anthro honeycomb mug Amazon

There are a few different words and design options available. I love it!

I've been eyeing these chocolate Santa melts for a couple years now -- these would be a great stocking stuffer for just about anyone. Or you could make your own with this adorable Christmas mini chocolate mold

And I love peppermint in my hot chocolate, so I enjoy these peppermint and chocolate stirrers. I found this peppermint whipped cream this year as well and it is DELISH!

9. For the grilling lover:

We like to grill out even in the cold weather, and these items have made the process easier and cleaner! 

I have this large marble spoon rest in our kitchen, but discovered that it worked great for the large grilling tools as well: 
marble spoon rest on grill

It stays out on the grill all year round! It's perfect for the bigger spatula and tongs we use out here. 

You can see the magnet hooks I use for our grilling utensils as well -- these little magnets are STRONG and perfect to attach around the grill.

And no steak is complete without our Indiana based Shoup's steak seasoning! SO good! 

10. For the makeup lover: 

I'm no makeup expert, but after many (ahem) years of wearing it, I do have some favorites. These would be great for the younger beginner or any age! 

I'm really loving the e.l.f. products lately -- namely their putty primer and stick blush: 
elf primer and blush

The poreless primer is by far the best I've found (and for a great price!). I've tried a bunch of primers and this is by far my favorite. It's so smooth and feels great on the skin, but doesn't cause any breakouts. 

I also love their creamy blush (I use the Glimmering Guava color). You barely have to use any of it, and it blends so easily! You can also use it on eyes and lips. So pretty!

You could finish up an e.l.f. gift package with their makeup cleansing balm -- it melts off eye makeup easily and also feels hydrating. I follow this up with a face wash at night. I've gone through numerous containers of this balm this year. 

I also still LOVE my makeup brush cleaner I picked up years ago. It makes easy work of deep cleaning brushes. I haven't found anything that gets them so clean so easily. 

I hope these gift bundle ideas may help as you shop for family and friends this season! I only like to recommend items we actually use, and we love all of these. 

These themed presents are great for teachers, bus drivers, neighbors, friends...anyone! And they can easily be personalized for a loved one. 

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  1. Your gift guides are always my go to! Out of 1000s of “influencers” you have always been the one to follow. Your life is real and most of us can put in to practice the things you’ve done be it DIY or makeup choices. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your gift guides and blog!

  2. Best list I’ve seen!

  3. Thank you! Seriously I can use about half of these.

  4. Looooong-time reader. Your gift guides have always been top-notch. This one ranks right up there too. Thank you!

  5. Thank you all for the kind comments, they mean so much! Happy holidays!

  6. I somehow missed the link for the wooden soup ladles


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