My 25 Amazon Favorites UNDER $25!

July 11, 2022

My 25 Amazon favorites under $25

It's Amazon Prime Day(s) yet again! There are always a ton of awesome deals, but I prefer to share our favorites that we love and use ALL the time. 

This time I've kept everything on my list to under $25 -- and the majority are well under that. 

I can speak to the quality and performance of ALL of these products. Some I've written about in more detail, so I'll be sure to include links to those blog posts. 

I love finding new items that make our lives easier or a little more fun...and I usually grab some very early Christmas gifts over these two days as well. By December I'm always SO thankful I started early! :)

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I've broken these down into $10, $15, $20 and $25 and under categories. If you don't have an Amazon Prime membership, you can try it out for 30 days free here

Alrighty, let's get started with my favorites under ten bucks!

Amazon favorites $10 and under

1. These rubber grip pads are awesome for opening jars or containers. I also use them when I'm trying to get a good grip with my pliers. I keep some in the kitchen and some in my tool bench: 
rubber grippers for tools

I used our old ones so much we recently bought the new set I linked above. They are super helpful!

2. I shared this absolutely AMAZING wine stain remover last week: 
best wine stain remover

I've used it numerous times to remove wine stains from our white couches and carpet. It's a miracle worker (for more than just wine!)

You don't need much, so a little bit goes a long way. 

3. If you're a list maker like me, you're always looking for a pen. I love this elastic pen holder for notebooks or journals: 
elastic pen holder for book

It adjusts to fit around small to large books and is big enough to hold a marker or highlighter (or both). This thing would have been perfect in college! ;) 

4. I've been using this pink stuff cleaning paste to clean our oven (and more) and I LOVE it. It scrubs away all the baked on grime easily. (Even on the oven window!) They have a bundle of their cleaning products that I plan to buy when we use up our supply.

5. This face wash foam maker has been my absolute favorite beauty item this year. You put a dab of your face wash inside with a bit of water and then pump the handle. 

It makes it into this awesome fluffy foam that is soothing and SO much easier to apply:
face wash foamer pump

I use less product than usual and my face feels like it's gotten a deeper clean. I LOVE this thing and use it every morning.

6. Speaking of beauty products -- I shared how I use these tiny "beauty" spatulas for toiletries, makeup AND food items here:
tiny spatulas for food and lotion

You will find a million ways to use these! They are teeny but strong and super useful.

7. This simple gold clasp bracelet is a staple of mine right now. It looks great with everything and is easy to stack! I have a couple of their other bracelet options as well. 

8. Since I'm not a coffee drinker, I never realized how much I would love this handheld frother. My husband got one for his coffee and now I use it as much as he does. 

This tiny appliance packs a punch and mixes liquids so quickly. It's perfect for adding supplement powders to your drinks, mixing coffee and it's really great for mixing adult drinks as well:
coffee and drink frother

My husband even takes one when he travels. :) 

Amazon favorites $15 and under

9. Over the years I've used two products to keep our rugs from moving around -- these sticky rug gripper pads and these longer versions:
corner rug grippers

They are safer than the flat rug mats because these keep the corners stuck to the floor. No tripping! And you can wash and reuse both versions.

10. I noticed that our spoon rest in the kitchen wasn't nearly large enough to keep the messes off the counter. I found this large black marble spoon rest a few months ago and LOVE it:  
large black marble spoon rest

We liked it so much I got another one that stays on our grill -- it works especially well for the large grilling utensils!

11. I love how these cute tortoise sunglasses look on me. Super flattering and they come in a ton of lens options and frame colors. 

12. This KitchenAid mixer slider mat is such a great solution for these HEAVY mixers! It fits the profile of the bottom perfectly and has a little tab that you can grab as well: 
kitchenaid mixer sliding mat

The mat makes it so easy to move around, you don't really need the tab, but I always use it. I just wish these came in white!

13. These are the perfect tall plastic tumblers -- we loved them so much we got two sets: 
perfect tall tumber glasses

They hold a lot of liquid, are dishwasher safe and still look as good as they did when we got them a year ago.

14. I've talked about my favorite silky felt tip pens before, but I love them so much they are the only pens I use now. I will hunt one down if I need to write a large list or notes: 
Ubrand felt tip pens

I've learned now to keep one in many rooms of the house. :) They do not bleed through and write so smoothly! The finish on the outside varies, but I love this soft touch look and feel.

Amazon favorites $20 and under

15. I bought this magnetic lint holder for our mud/laundry room combo last year. We LOVE having it attached to the side of the dryer -- it's so convenient to toss the lint and any tiny bits of paper that get left in pockets: 
pretty blue and cream laundry room

The magnet on this is STRONG and it doesn't budge. We just scoop the lint out by hand to empty it. 

16. I had a pair of garden cutters but they disappeared...isn't it fun when that happens? I found this set of garden shears a few weeks ago and have been very happy with them: 
pruning shears hydrangeas

There are three in the set, from heavy duty to light. I keep this smaller pruning one in our junk drawer for cutting flowers and trimming them down in my cut flower arrangements.

17. These cute white canvas sneakers are surprisingly comfortable (they were my first online shoe purchase because I usually have to try them on!) and true to size. They have a vintage look that I love. 

They come in a TON of adorable colors and designs too!

18. I showed you how well this magic hard water cleaner worked to transform our brass decor a few weeks ago: 
remove tarnish from brass bowl

It melts years of tarnish off of brass and makes them look brand new. (And of course works GREAT on hard water stains as well.) You have to see how that brass bowl looked before I used this stuff on it!

19. I got this microscope lens for phones for my niece last year, and have to admit I took it out of the package to try it out first. 😂 It is SO cool and easy to use -- you just slip it on the phone when you want to take incredibly detailed and closeup shots. Perfect for budding photographers! 

20. It seems like we use this box opener every day for something or another. It has a ceramic blade instead of sharp metal one, so no rusting and a bit safer. It cuts through plastic, paper and tape with ease!:
easy box cutter

Amazon favorites $25 and under 

21. I have these comfy high waisted leggings in both the cropped version and the long for cooler months. They are SO soft, keep everything tight 😂, don't show anything while you're working out (IYKYK) and have POCKETS

I will never spend a ton of money on work out leggings again!

22. This magnetic cord organizer is great for the nightstand or a desk. It keeps your charging cords where you want them and the magnet doesn't affect the electronics. I use it by our bed and love it:
magnetic cord organizer

You can use multiple cords on one base too. 

23. Have you noticed that some of your clothes just never smell CLEAN? No matter how much you wash them? 

This active wear detergent is a miracle detergent -- you barely use any of it and the smell is GONE:
detergent that removes stink

Also especially helpful if you have teenage boys. :)

24. This drapery hook and pleating tape set is such an easy way to make your drapes look high end! I shared how I added them to my office drapes for a pleated look here: 
customize store drapes

The difference they make is really surprising! This little trick makes store bought drapes look much more custom for little money. 

25. I have to end this list with a FUN one! We got this huge box of mini cereal boxes for our grandson last Christmas and it was a big hit! You get nearly 50 boxes of seven different cereals -- how cool would this be for a family trip or for a new college student? What a fun surprise. :) 

There you go, my top 25 Amazon favorites under $25 -- all products we USE and LOVE! Do you have any of our favorites?

I'll update this week with a few more links to items I know and love that are on sale! 

**Edited to add a few of our favorites that are on sale:

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  1. After seeing this post, I ordered the Kitchenaid Mixer slider mat. I must say, this may be the greatest item I have ever ordered from Amazon! Thank you so much for the recommendation.

  2. thanks for the info about the slider mat! Just as a warning about the RING --


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