10 Awesome Home Favorites That Make GREAT Gifts

November 25, 2022

My ten favorites for the home that make great gifts!

Every year I do a gift round up with blog friends and share a variety of home, beauty and treat yoself items we LOVE. You can find last year's list of home decor favorites here!

Life has been crazy busy lately, so I didn't get my fellow bloggers lined up this time...but I'm still here to share some of my favorites!

I gathered ten items that we use and love. Most are new, but a few are so good I've shared them numerous times over the years. 

They make great gifts, but would also be lovely in your own home. ;) 

1. The comfiest blanket!

I have a problem when it comes to throw blankets...it's hard for me to resist them. I thoroughly enjoy a fluffy new blanket, but anymore I only purchase oversized versions that are plenty big.  

We often share a large throw, and I've even been known to purchase a queen or king sized blanket that we can share on the couch. 

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This time of year calls for thickest and warmest possible, and this lovely oversized knit blanket has been perfect: 
oversized cream knit blanket

I had it in my cart for a month and finally got it a couple weeks ago. We ALL love it, including the animals. It's oversized at 60x80 inches and the underside is a soft and warm sherpa fabric. 

So far it's held up beautifully in the wash. I want one in every color!

2. Mini chargeable blender

This mini blender is something I was eyeing for years. I love smoothies, but rarely make them because dragging out and cleaning our large blender seems silly for just a small drink. 

The small Blendjet is AWESOME!! You can use it literally anywhere because it doesn't plug in. 

Just charge it, fill it and make your smoothie any time or place: 
purple Blendjet blender

It makes the perfect amount too. When you're done, just put a bit of dish soap inside with water, let it soak for a minute, and then blend it to clean it up. 

This is one of the more expensive items on this list, but if you're a smoothie lover, it is worth it!

Tip: Put your ice in last or it will jam the blades at the bottom.

3. Fun paper placemats 

A friend gifted me these paper placemats years ago, and I discovered them tucked away when I worked on our pantry makeover earlier this year.

I put them out for Thanksgiving and the whole family had a BLAST asking the questions...it was SO fun and we all learned so many random facts about each other:
paper placemat with questions

They come in three different designs/color ways and each one has different questions. 

4. Magic wine stain remover

I shared the magic of this wine stain remover on our white sofas. It is absolutely a must have for red wine drinkers!:
best wine stain remover

It is so GOOD and I still have no idea how they do it. Wine stains literally disappear. No scrubbing, no wiping. 

AND a little goes a long way. We've had this small bottle for more than a year and still have some left. 

It's truly amazing (and a great gift!). 

5. A bread container that WORKS

OK, so most people may not be excited to open up a bread holder...but bear with me. ;) 

This bread container is a game changer. It keeps bread soft and delicious for weeks...I truly couldn't believe it the first time we used it. 

Just put the bread in the container and pull the plastic wrap down around the sides. As you use the bread, pull down on the plastic bag to bring the bread to the top of the container: 
best plastic bread container

We still keep the end there for a little air buffer as well. :) 

For the first time ever, we've found bread storage that actually works. If you have a sandwich lover in your life, they will really appreciate this one!

6. The best dish scrubbers

I've talked about these dish scrubbers so many times over the years because they work SO well. I couldn't resist this pack of the fun winter shapes
holiday scrub Daddy set

These scrubbers keep their rough (but safe to use) texture in cool water for tougher messes, and when you warm them up in hot water, they soften for general cleaning. 

Food doesn't get stuck in a Scrub Daddy, they last for months and they never stink. Ever. 

7. A rotating curling iron

I got this rotating curling iron during a big sale a few years ago and it continues to be my go-to hair styling tool. 

It's SO easy to use because the rotating barrel does all of the work for you: 
Beachwaver rotating curling iron

You clip your hair into to the bottom and then can rotate the barrel either left or right. I can curl my whole head in less than ten minutes and the wave lasts all day! 

The Beachwaver is usually expensive, but you can catch it on sale often. Right now it's about 70 percent off -- that's the lowest I've seen! 

(This Revlon dryer/volumizer is another long-time favorite that I've shared over the years and is a great price too!)

8. For the popcorn lover

I consider myself a popcorn connoisseur. 😀

It's my favorite snack and I make it for the family myself multiple times a week. 

I've shared our popcorn maker before, but had to include it because it's STILL kickin' after years of use: 
small Dash popcorn maker

It's been used literally hundreds of times and works great! You can add butter to the top that melts down while the kernels are popping. 

P.S. If you're a popcorn lover as well, this popcorn salt is a must have. It's finer than regular salt and makes all the difference!

9. The perfect tote bag

I adore this cute canvas tote bag! You can get it with any initial so it's a great gift, especially for those newly wed or recently engaged. :) 

I've already purchased three of these (for me, a sister and a friend) and I'm so pleased with the quality: 
black cream initial tote

It also a sweet touch as a gift bag. Truly something they can use over and over!

This tote is sturdy and a perfect size -- about a foot tall and 17 inches wide. I use it for returns, groceries, everything. 

10. AeroGarden for indoor gardening

And finally, a Prime Day purchase that I have LOVED! This indoor herb/vegetable grower is spendy, but the sale was so good I used a birthday gift card and finally got it after years of interest. 

The light allows you to grow fresh herbs and veggies year round. It is so fun see the herbs grow over time.
indoor Aerogarden

You can grow up to six plants at once and the indicators turn on when it needs water or plant food. The lights turn on and off on their own so you don't have to do a thing with those. I LOVE it!

I've also used it to make lettuce, and you can even grow cherry tomatoes! It's truly useful and would be a fun project for small children as well. 

**The lights are BRIGHT, so we keep ours in the basement.

There you go -- ten of my absolute favorite home items that we love and find super useful! They would all make great gifts, but you could treat yourself as well. 

I won't tell anyone. :) 

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