Saturday, September 27, 2008

How to cover a lampshade with fabric

how to cover a lampshade with fabric
I have a lampshade that has been bugging me for months -- I wanted to recover it but couldn't find the perfect fabric. I ran into Hobby Lobby and I found the PERFECT fabric and trim! 

So I took pictures as I recovered this time just to prove how easy it is! Before:
cover boring lampshade
You really don't need much fabric, just depends on the size of the shade. I lay mine out and trace it (using chalk) -- giving extra room so the fabric wraps around:
Easy way to cover lampshade
Use a hot glue gun to secure the fabric. You can cut little slits every couple inches so the fabric wraps easily:
How to cover lampshade with fabric
Taadaa!! But it still needed something...

easy DIY lampshade project

Trim! I found the perfect match:
cover a lampshade with fabric

If you've seen my family room, you'll understand how perfect the swirlys (swirlies?) are! I loved it so much, I did the little shade in the kitchen:
How to cover a lampshade

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  1. That lamp is gorgeous and so are the candle and cat ;) Did you get sweet tea from Mc Donald's lol?

    I was born and raised and still reside in MI...but my dh worked in Kokomo, IN for 9 months in 2003, so I went there alot. I was really hoping he would get a job there, but I don't think he was too crazy about the idea at the time...I bet he would be more open to it now, too if we could even sell our house now? sigh...

    I love IN! :) :)

    your sista ;)

  2. I love the fabric, but I really love the trim a ton. Did you get that at Hobby lobby too?

  3. Cute, Cute, Cute!! I love the shade. Thanks for showing us how easy it it. I'll have to try it. By the way, I love the idea of framing my staircase pictures!!

  4. Thanks for the lampshade tutorial. I can do that! I'm visiting your blog for the first time. Love it! I'm all about thrifty decorating. I'll add it to my list of favs!~ Sherri

  5. Beautiful lamp transformation! Unlike your cat, I'm impressed by your craftiness and creativity. (Cats are never impressed by anything, are they?) -Julia :-)

  6. Oh my goodness...I just stumbled upon your blog & have spent the last 45 minutes reading each post!


    I have so just favorited (yes, it's a word) your blog.

  7. Hi! I am visiting your blog after Cherry recommended it. So as I was reading your older posts, I laughed out LOUD at the comment that your cat's "made". Pee in our drapes Lady. Ahahaha, that made my day! Lovin' your blog!!!

  8. What a beautiful transformation! But what I appreciatedthe most was that in a beautiful home like yours there was still a McDonalds cup. I have 7 monkeys at home, it's nice to see gorgeous homes are real too.

  9. Hi, there...found your blog by Googling "lampshade repair"'s just the information I need, except for one thing... Did you remove the old shade covering, working with just the frame, or keep the old material and cover over all of it? My fiance has two cool lamps with totally boring shades...they're a plain cream linen. I'd like to buy a sheer fabric, covering the linen with it, so it'd be a hint of color...not too much, but not sure how that'd work. So, wondering if it'd work to cover over the old. Thanks for your blog! Maureen - Plymouth, MI

  10. Hello Maureen! I just keep the shade as is and cover it. MUCH easier that way! Good luck and let me know how it turns out!

  11. Will certainly let you know how it turns out...wish I wasn't at work and could do it, right now! Thanks for your quick response...have a great day! Maureen - Plymouth, MI


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