How to "BOO" Neighbors and Friends at Halloween

October 21, 2022

How to "BOO" your friends and neighbors during the Halloween season.

Have you ever been boo'd?  

Our neighborhood does this fun Halloween tradition every year -- "booing" each other is so fun, and it's one of those little things about the holidays that I love. 

This fun idea is the Halloween version of Secret Santa! 

We get some goodies from the dollar store and gather them up into cute bags to deliver to our friends and/or neighbors. 

All you'll need are inexpensive gift bags or "boo" buckets, candy and/or small toys and your printer. 

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1. Find your containers

Small baskets, buckets or jack-o-lanterns from the dollar store are perfect for this fun project. 

I like to use Halloween themed gift bags like these paper Halloween bags (they even come with stickers!). 

2. Gather the goodies

Here are some fun additions for your boo bag: 
  • Small toys from the Target dollar spot or the dollar store are great! Bubbles, Halloween pencils, stickers...and of course candy!
  • Fall themed snacks like popcorn and marshmallows are fun additions as well.
  • Print out free Halloween coloring pages and include a box of crayons from the dollar store. 

3. Print your BOO sign to share

I created two options for you to use! One boo printable is more suited for younger kids, the other will work great for adults. 

YES, you can do an adult version of this boo tradition as well!

This "You've been booed" print has a cute ghost with instructions: 

You've been booed Halloween printable

And this option has spooky pumpkins and a poem:
Free "booing" printable
To save or print these printables, right click on them and then save them to your computer. 
I usually include a few copies in case they don't have a printer at home. 

Gather your Halloween treats and "boo" printables and put them in your Halloween bags: 
boo someone print out

I rolled up the prints and tied them with cute Halloween ribbon
boo scrolls with ribbon

Some fun sparkly stickers from the dollar store complete the goodie bags: 

Halloween boo bags

4. Drop your goodies at the front door

Then you sneak to the front porch of neighbors, ring the doorbell and leave the treat for them! 

Remember, don't let them see you, it's a secret! 

Of course this is a fun activity for any extracurricular or friend group -- it would be fun to surprise fellow band or choir members, a sports team and even coworkers at their offices too!

It's a fun tradition to spread some Halloween cheer, and the kids LOVE it. Who doesn't love a fun surprise from a friend? :) 

Save this to Pinterest for later with this image!:

how to boo someone

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  1. Our neighborhood does this, and it is one of our favorite Halloween traditions. Last year we were Booed THREE TIMES within like 20 minutes. We just didn't put our little ghost out fast enough!! We had to deliver a lot of treats that year.

  2. I love your new blog background! We haven't been booed yet this year, but I remember one year in California when we were booed about eight times! It's still fun though, even though my kiddos are now 11 and 8!

  3. These are fun to kids love the sneaking. I love your bloggy spooks!

  4. Love your great new look! Our neighborhood does this and it's a lot of fun! The kids get really into it trying to guess who Boo'd us.

  5. You know, I was going to do a blog on this. Isn't booing fun? We had never been booed until we moved to SC. My daughter had so much fun w/ it. She dressed up & looked like a criminal in black & her tobogan. It was hilarious & a fun memory we'll never forget. My new neighborhood doesn't seem to like it as much as we tried to start it last year. Did you know Target sells Boo kits complete with a ghost? Now, I don't know how you did that floaty ghost & bat thing, but that is WAY COOL!!!

  6. Oh when we first moved to this neighborhood we were so surprised to get booed! And finally, this year, we decided to to do the "Booing" - oh so fun!!

  7. I have heard of that....everyone around here is old...for the most part...hmmmmm.......that is clever and oh so cute. cherry

  8. Our neighborhood does this every year. Our kids love getting booed and booing someone else. They usually pick a friend from school to boo then tell them they booed them the next day at school. So much for surprises. lol

  9. Our neighborhood does this too - I wrote a blog piece on it. We were "spooked" this year, and "ghosted" last year - so much fun!

  10. I can't wait to do this in my office!!!

  11. This is such a cute idea, we were thinking baout doing this to some friends. :)

  12. I love this idea, thanks so much for posting it..hugs, lisa

  13. We're fairly new to our neighborhood and haven't met many of our neighbors. This would be a cute way to spread some love...although I guess they won't know it was us. Still! :)

  14. We've been booed and my kiddos had so much fun doing it to others.

  15. Cute Idea. Someone did something like this a couple years back in our neighborhood. I tried to email you to thank you for stopping by my blog, but it bounced back.

  16. I think this is such a fun idea! I guess if you want to do it you have to start it. There are a lot of old people on my street so I don't know if they'd do it or not. I just read your post about being tagged and I have to tell you I am a fellow NKOTB fan. I used to LOVE Joey - he was and still is sooooo cute! I saw them in concert once. Oh, the good 'ole days of good pop music!

  17. that is so cute, hmmm thats a good reason to get another printer for the computer

  18. Never heard of this but love the idea. For adults it would be fun to leave San adult beverage!!

  19. What a fun idea! We're flying on Halloween this year, so I may Boo the flight crew.


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