Let's Go Antiquing! {See My Beautiful Finds}

October 24, 2022

Come with me as I share some of my recent vintage and antique finds!

I love the character vintage decor adds to our home and I'm always on the lookout for hidden gems with a history. 

It had been quite awhile since I'd visited any local antique or vintage shops, so recently I went to a few of my favorites to see what I could find. 

Most of the older pieces in our home aren't truly antique, because technically an item needs to be really old to be considered antique. 

Finds that are around 50 to 100 years old are considered vintage and anything older than 100 is an antique. 

The vintage years can vary though -- a lot of people consider items more than 25 years to old enough. Which kind of blows my mind the older I get. ;) 

So finding a true antique is a lot more difficult, but overall I prefer the look of vintage items more for our home anyway. 

Keep in mind that at a lot of antique shops, you'll find a mix of both older one-of-a-kind finds and a some secondhand decor pieces thrown in here and there as well. So not everything is old, even if it looks like it. 

Ask the staff if you have questions about the age or value of a piece! 

I've found that most shop owners will note on the tag if an item is vintage or antique. If it doesn't say either, it's a safe bet the item is newer. 

My first stop was The Mix Marketplace in Noblesville, Indiana. It's become a favorite -- I always find something I love there. 

These green glass goblets caught my eye: 
set of green goblets

I love the color! I have a set of clear glass goblets from Goodwill that I use for our holiday dinners. The shape makes them feel a little fancier. :) 

I LOVED this tall candleholder with it's wavy glass:  
large wavy glass vase

It would also make a gorgeous vase! The larger size would look great with a bouquet of long hydrangea stems. 

This vintage bamboo mirror was a great find, I just didn't have a place for it: 
vintage bamboo mirror

I loved this painted box -- it had glass lid inside so it could be used to display small decorative items, or as a jewelry box: 
floral painted vintage box

I'm always looking for items I can display in our upper kitchen cabinets. Vintage pottery like this blue and white soup tureen are a great way to add some character to your kitchen: 
blue and white soup tureen

This huge fork and spoon set was a blast from the past!:
large art fork spoon

Years ago I found a similar set and hung them over our old pantry: 
bay window seat with pillows

I sprayed them in a silver spray paint first. :) 

I've seen similar utensils like that a Hobby Lobby in the past few years, so that's one that may not be an actual vintage item. 

And as always, the vintage finds that draw me in the most are the brass decor: 
brass container with lid

Brass is a classic and is one of my favorite ways to add some interest to a vignette or bookshelf. 

This brass horse was awesome
brass horse on wood stand

I need more candlesticks like a hole in my head, but I almost grabbed these copper beauties: 
floral copper candlesticks

I loved their pretty floral shape. 

This set of oval brass bowls would be perfect for small items on your desk, or remotes on the coffee table: 
set three brass bowls

I carried one of these etched brass vases around for awhile, but ended up putting it back: 
etched brass peacock vase

The colors were gorgeous! If you look close you'll see the green peacocks in the design. 

The thing is, I have to know exactly where I will put something before bringing it home. 

This goes for any store, but especially secondhand and antique shops. I used to clutter up our home and garage with my lovely finds, because I knew they'd be gone if I didn't take them home that day. 

Now I don't purchase unless I know where it will go or what I'll do with it!

And of course, shopping antique stores always brings back sweet memories. I remember drinking out of these colorful metal cups at my aunt's house: 
colorful metal vintage cups

The nostalgia of it all is my favorite part of wandering around these shops!

I found some great treasures on this trip! These little green soup bowls caught my eye immediately: 

green vintage soup bowls

I love the color and the little lion heads. 

I don't think these floral hooks are super old, but I absolutely loved them!: 
metal flower hooks

I didn't love the crackly finish though, so I cleaned them up and used my favorite brass spray paint to give them a fresh look.

I hung one as a towel hook in our powder room:  
flower metal towel hook

It's such a lovely little detail with that beautiful floral wallpaper
rose brass towel hook

And I used the other one to "hang" a mirror in my office: 
beaded wood mirror

Of course...I couldn't pass up more brass! 

These brass napkin rings were my favorite find:
brass napkin rings floral design

I've been looking for napkin rings forever! The intricate floral design is so beautiful, I just adore them.  

Look how well they turned out!: 
floral brass napkin rings

I went on a trip to my favorite Indianapolis antique store, Midland Arts and Antiques, recently as well. This place has thousands of square feet full of unique pieces, vintage jewelry and random oddities!

I found this awesome brass lamp base and cleaned that up the same way: 
large round brass lamp

Annnnd did I mention I didn't need any more brass candlesticks? WELL. 

I couldn't pass these up. :) They were a mess! It took a lot of elbow grease to get them cleaned up...there were layers and layers of grime and varnish on them: 
green varnish brass candlesticks

But it was worth it!! Ohhhh look at them now:
brass rounded candlesticks

I love the rounded top -- these are different than the others I have. They're so sculptural, I think they look great with or without taper candles. 

I shared the items I look for most at antique stores here. This will give you a mental list of things you can easily incorporate into your home decor. 

If you don't have any good antique dealers near you, check out Etsy! There are hundreds of vendors with shops you can browse online.

Do you enjoy hunting for finds at antique or vintage stores? I don't do it often, but I always enjoy it! 

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  1. Loved this post! So enjoyed going along with you..it’s my favorite thing to do.

  2. Those green goblets take me right back to my grandma's house when I was little. She had an entire cupboard of those. What a great find!

  3. Love this post! I used to have 6 goblets (with a matching pitcher) exactly like those green goblets but mine were in the amber glass (they were my grandmothers). I tried for many years to sell them and finally ended up giving them away. I wanted to keep them, but I just didn't have any room for them.

  4. Hello, you've done lots of shopping and many great finds. I like the green goblets and I have a set of four that's a tad larger; we used them for desserts and smoothies. We enjoy them all year round.


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