DIY Box Advent Christmas Calendar

December 11, 2008

DIY boxes advent Christmas calendar
I showed you the start of these cute cardboard boxes turned into a Christmas advent calendar here, but I just couldn't get back to them, what with all the fluffing and glittering and greenery-puking and ten-foot trees falling...(no, the stain never came out, $100 later. Pout.)

I am IN. LOVE. with these little boxes of caa-uteness. I hope my son gets giddy at the sight of them for many years to come, just like I do right now when I look at them. 

Here they are all fresh and clean:
small box advent calendar
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I traced the lids of each box on scrapbook paper and glued it on. 

You all had GREAT ideas of going and using a die-cut machine (or whatever it's called) to cut out the numbers. One of my girlfriends is a teacher and I almost went to her school to hold that thing hostage for an hour or so, but instead just bought regular foam stick on numbers

Then I glittered up the numbers:
how to make a box set advent calendar
This project really wouldn't take long if I hadn't glittered these up so much. 

I added some more fun detail by sticking brads, stickers, little dots, foam stickers, all kinds of stuff on there:
DIY Christmas advent calendar boxes cute crafty DIY advent
DIY advent calendar boxes Sigh. I love these things. (You should be able to enlarge this one.)
tiny box DIY advent calendarYou can lay these out for the kids, or hide one each day. Add magnets to the back and keep them on a large cookie sheet or the fridge. The possibilities are endless! 

If you watch for these little boxes to go on sale, the price for all 24 is $12. The extras only cost me about six bucks. I think it's worth the $18 considering we'll use these for years.

You can also find small boxes like these jewelry boxes that would work as well. 

Hope you enjoy it! Back with more soon!

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  1. That is absolutely the cutest thing I have seen- what a great idea! I am sick about your carpet- though, thanks to little boys- I too have carpet stain issues this week that will not come out! Must be the season!
    I am going to go back and read exactly what you did to those containers- too cute!

  2. Hey, you got it done before Christmas and that's what matters. I started one using an old cookie sheet and I got as far as painting it and covering it with scrapbook paper. Maybe I'll try to finish it since you have now inspired me!

  3. How stinkin caaauuute is that??? I LOVE it! Great job, always. I am so doing this next year!

  4. I love it!

    And who doesn't add bling to craft things?

  5. Oh, that is so cute, I love it! I wanted to make one of some sorts this year, but I didn't get started soon enough. I'll definitely do it next year. Great job, and congrats on getting it all caught up!

  6. These turned out great! Absolutely wonderful...and really who is prepared to celebrate 24 days of unrealistic! lol

  7. You aren't the only one that is late with the advent calendar..I actually bought my kids those cheap ones at walmart with candy inside....after seeing all the cute and easy ones everybody has been doing, I am pulling one together today.

    Love yours! My daughter is two and she loves everything christmas! Makes the holiday so much fun!

  8. You did a great job! I love the numbers you used on them.

  9. So cute...good for you getting it finished...I think I would have lost my patience with it!:) The best part is that your son will be older next year and he will enjoy the whole thing even more!

  10. You make me look like such a slackard.......where DO you get all this energy?

  11. LOVE IT! Can't wait to go shopping post-Christmas and takea dvantage of great deals for next year!

  12. Cuteness! What a great job you did!

  13. Did you use Mod Podge to glue the paper around the boxes? And did you paint the boxes, too?

  14. you did a great job! please remind me of this project next year!

  15. Oh how adorable! The glittered numbers puts them over the top. Just so great!

    I love advent calendars/thingies. I love to look at them, see how people create them. The works! It's too fun! But for all that love, I don't have one bc I love way to many I don't know how I would decided which one to do. It's just my hubby and I right now and though I know he would love a little treat each day I just haven't made one. :) Maybe next year.

  16. Love your calendar...even if it is 12 days late, hehe. Mine was 5 days late...what's a mom to do?

  17. These are cute. If is start now maybe I can have a set ready by 2011. (Just cause I'm a slacker).

  18. Oh how I am loving this lil project. I just LOVE it.

  19. I'm having a GIVEAWAY. Come on over and win a beautiful frame!!!! Spread the word!

  20. I love it!!!!! I'm even going to attempt year!

    By the way, adoption papers in process. You can even name me if you want (no fruit names though, and try to stay away from airplanes and names of funky dead rock stars!). *lol* I do have to warn you, the hubby is seeking pretty generous visitation because ya know, there's the laundry and *stuff* to be kept up. But other than that, he's all for it.


  21. Better late than never....right? It looks fabulous!!!

  22. I love how your boxes turned out! They are SO cute! Best $18 you ever spent, right? :) Thanks for giving me a little shout out too! Have a great weekend!

  23. Very cute! And now you're all ready for next year too. By the way, love all the greenery!

  24. I love this! What a great idea, I'll have to do this for next year. I don't have an advent calendar like that....My kids just bring home the chain from school....hmmmm...I better do something they will remember! So cute Sarah!

  25. I like the advent calendar. I do believe those are apples on the garland. It was attached to the twig garland and I have had it for 7 or 8 years.....maybe even more.

  26. I love the boxes idea for an Advent calendar! So inventive!

  27. Love how it turned out!! i saw an advent calendar at target.. just like this.. but on the back of the boxes there were magnets and they attached to a a wreath shaped thing... you could use velcrow too.. i'm doin one, that's it......

  28. Hi Sarah,
    Love the advent calender. It's really cute for your son. Happy B-day to him!

    I have passed on the Christmas Spirit award to you! Come by when you have a moment. ~Melissa :)

  29. i'm loving those glittery numbers. SO cute.

  30. I love your blog! It gives me hope that I'll find treasures at Goodwill..I think I need to go more often.

    I am having a Birthday Party for Jesus, stop by my blog and share how you are remembering Christ during the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Traditions that you can share.


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