Sunday, March 22, 2009

You know what Spring means!!

Fresh air coming through the windows?


Tulips finally poking out of the ground?


Short sleeves and capris?


Noooooooo sillies -- it means we can spray paint outside again!!!!!!!!!!

So let's get this party started!

First of all -- a few of you have asked how to spray paint. My best advice is to use many thin coats and use very short bursts. Don't hold down and spray back and forth -- this is not good. I took a very quick video to show you how I do it:
See how easy it is??

OK, now onto so some of my goodies. I found my Easter tree a few weeks ago and love it...but the more I looked at it the more I thought it looked a little sad:
So I spray painted it white -- the whole thing! I am so excited about this because now I can use it for pretty much any holiday. Can't you just see little hearts hanging from it?:
I showed you our laundry room here. I spray painted the frames, the shelf brackets, the clothespins in the jars and four other items I found at my BFFs...I mean....Goodwill:
This was an unfinished Bub rocking chair I got at Micheal's for $24 -- spray painted it and it's held up great!:I spray paint lamps:
Finials that were U.G.L.Y. until some paint made them look fab:
My consignment shop is stone and was grey. Uh...who wants a grey pear?? Not me!
Not sure anyone wants a black pear either...Ummm...shut it! Black works for everything!!

I got this beaut at Homegoods last fall. It was a cheese plate thingy. I just spray painted the tray and now it looks less cheesy and more wine cabinety. (NEEDED: more corks!!)

I'll spray paint just about anything. This was the top of a mirror that broke off...I got it for free and painted it. You can see where it broke off on the bottom, but I lurve it!: My candelabra over the tub wasn't just the right color of brown, so five minutes of spray paint and there. you. go.

Here's what I was spray painted in the video -- I'm soooo excited about this! I'm making it into an art caddy for my son. I'll show you the finished product later this week:
Here are some other quick tips:

I use the dollar spray paint you can find just about anywhere for most of my items. If it's wood that needs really good coverage, I use the stuff that's a bit more expensive -- like $4.

ALWAYS get the "fast drying" spray paint. You can get a small item completely finished in 30 minutes if you use this.

If the paint drips, wipe it up immediately and re-spray. If you notice it later, sand it down and spray again.

If the item get crackly when it dries, sand it down and spray paint again.

There you go! If you haven't tried you have no excuse. :)
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  1. I also love spray paint. I use it for everything. You've done a fabulous job rescuing and restoring all of the items shown. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  2. I especially love, love, love the Easter tree. So cute! Thanks for the video, too. Now I know how I messed up!

  3. Also, that lamps is amazing! Never knew that was possible!

  4. Ok I'm officially inspired. I too love a can of spray. Have you worked at all with the spray paint for plastic. I have some cheap plastic pots I've been meaning to spray paint with the paint made for outdoor plastics. Just wondering I love your inspiring site and thrift chic!

  5. Ooooh how fun, I am in girlfriend. That was my first thought with the nice weather. LOL! That and...IT I ALMOST GARAGE SALE SEASON ;-)

  6. You don't spray paint in the rain? lol! Just kidding...I have gotten a few things done with the lovely Spring is fantastic...nothing like a little spray paint in the lungs to remind you that Spring is here! ;) I don't have any pics from recent I might link up an old post just to join in on the fun...

  7. Love spray paint! Can automatically change anything :)
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  8. I posted 4! I hope that is allowed! Thanks for hosting! Hoping to get some more spray paint inspiration! :)

  9. Thanks for hosting. You really have renovated a lot of great finds.

  10. I just found your blog a week it! i have nooooooo craftiness whatsoever! Let's see if I can try something! heehee

  11. wow@ you are the spray paint queen... I like all your projects.

  12. Hi Sarah,
    This looks awesome how everything turned out! Love the lamp.

    I must try this very soon on a small bookshelf I would like to paint Black.

    Thanks for the video and all tips on it.

    Happy Spring Painting!
    ~Melissa ;)

  13. I LOVE spray painting weather!!!!! It's still a little cold here in upstate NY but I'm ready! Can in hand!
    I just found your blog tonight and love it :)

  14. I am a spray paint addict.... please do this party once a month. Sooooooooo many good ideas on what to paint next!

  15. I discovered your Spray Paint Party through a trail of blogs - I'm glad I found it! I had JUST posted about some things that I spray painted today, so I was happy to be able to join your Party! :)

    Thanks for hosting! Lots of inspiration here!

    ~Karla @ It's The Little Things That Make a House a Home...

  16. Great projects! Why don't you have this paint party be once a week? How exciting would that be? Love your blog and all of your ideas!

  17. I spray painted all winter in my basement because I couldn't pull myself away from it! :) Too many great finds to change!

    I am SOOOO Happy I came across your blog. This IS my kind of place to be!

  18. I posted a spray paint project I made this weekend.
    I love your blog, thanks for all the inspiration.
    I especially loooove your son's room. Great job!

  19. Hey girl! I hope you don't mind that I linked up a couple of older posts.

    I've only done a wee bit of spray painting this spring because it's still chilly in PA.


  20. Where do you spray paint at? And how do you keep it from getting on the grass/driveway/basement/garage?

  21. Love all the spray paint projects! You gals are fab!

  22. Thanks for the tips and hosting the party. I am loving spray paint!

  23. I'm a spray paint nut and I'm sooo glad to meet more of you. Your projects are awesome!!

  24. UGH!!!! It's raining today. I'm off the the hardware store to buy spray paint!!! I will do it tomorrow! I really want to spray all my brass chandeliers. How cute will that be??

  25. hey thanks for the video. i just spray painted some canisters for my b-room and they are all drippy. i got carried away with the funness of spraying..haha. thanks for the vid. now i can too be a prof at this.

  26. I love spray paint! It is my magic wand! Thanks for hosting

  27. You, among others, have inspired me to do some spray painting myself. I have some frames to convert and my first project is our old brass lamp in our living room. Can't afford a new one and I hate this it will become black, will clean the shade, and get a ribbon to tie around it. Can't wait to look at all of these links

  28. I enjoyed visiting all the participants in your party! Thanks!

  29. Wouldn't ya know...Saturday it was in the mid 70s and today it's 32 and a blizzard! No spray painting for me today. :(

    But you've certainly given me great ideas once again! Thanks!!

  30. Ok, so I am feeling totally inspired now!!! What great ideas! Quick, where's my spraypaint??

  31. I enjoy your blog and seeing the magic you work in your home- I've just recently started spray painting and it's the best!

  32. My friend, you are the SPRAY PAINT DIVA. And I thought I was pretty good! I love everything you do.

  33. Since I posted something last week featuring my spray painting talent I won't re-post it. But suffice to say, I am as nutty about spray painting as you ~ and that's a good thing!

  34. What a fun idea for a party! I love the stuff you spray painted.

  35. I love this post! I love spray paint. I DON'T love gagging and gasping for air in the garage while I paint my treasures. Thanks for such a great start to my Monday morning! :)

  36. I have to say, you are HILARIOUS. I always laugh out loud when I read your blog. So glad I found it. :) Thanks, Kelly! Unfortunately we are still getting rain/snow so I will have to wait to paint. BUT I am totally inspired and my first task will be a big one. I want to paint my daughter's day bed white! It is black with dark brown wood right now. Is it usually okay to paint something so dark? IS there a spray paint "primer" ? :) Thanks for all the tips! Can't wait to start!

  37. While cleaning this weekend I found several things that screamed "id look alot better if you'd spray paint me..." My husband is a spray paint addict but I've never used it, ever! Thanks to your tips and your lovely transformations, I think it's time that I get with it!

  38. My name is Melissa and I am a spray paint-aholic as well. The first step is admission, right?? Sarah, I love your little Easter tree and the video is great! Thanks for a great party!

  39. I so love spray painting. I have already been spray painting the last few days. I even couldn't wait until spring and did a little in the basement over the winter (shhhhh - don't tell my hubby).

  40. Thanks for hosting! I am having a make over party on Wed. Stop by! Jen

  41. Hey Sarah! It's my first time leaving a link with Mr. Linky! I'm so excited!! Thanks for all the ideas -- I'm redoing our laundry room and I love the clothespin idea!


  42. Your tree looks great - can't wait to look around with Mr. Linky!

  43. WOW! I am getting some FAB ideas ladies! I can't wait to break out the spray paint!

  44. Oh My Gosh!!! You are my long lost BFF!!! I had no idea anyone loved spray paint as much as me. My personal philosophy is that EVERYTHING looks better spray painted black! I'm loving the party...I'm joining...I'm following your blog...I'm CRAZY! :)

  45. I love your spray paint tips! I got a free side table recently, I am trying to decide on color, considering black, we will see! In the meantime, my husband said don't spray paint it will just look spray painted...wonder if I don't tell him if he will notice! ;)

  46. Thanks for hosting such a fun party! I love your laundry room!

  47. I am LOVING going through all the projects!

    And I just love how spray paint can transform things for so little money!

  48. Oh bummer - I thought it was tomorrow and I was going to mix and match projects. Oh well, putting in a lot of fun stuff....late. :)

  49. Haha, I think I was spray painting incorrectly...including not putting anything down on my lawn first. Haha!

  50. What a great party!! Can it last until fall??

  51. ACK!!!! Where have I been!!! How did I miss this??? Oh yeah, I have been obsessing over Twilight!

    I will have to check out everybody else's stuff and get inspired. :)

  52. Oh, I didn't know about your party or I would have joined ya! I spray paint everything, and when I'm tired of the color I do it again! :-)


  53. So...this is my first party on blogland! Thanks Sarah for hosting this! I had fun putting this post together. I love all that you have done with spray paint! I too am a thrifty chick, so I am happy to follow your blog!

    Hugs to you,


  54. It was a little windy here this weekend but I was desperate so I used our trash can and recycle bin as windbreaks so I could "get my spray on"! ha ha

  55. Where do you find all of your $1.00 spray paint? Have you found a cheap place for the "metal" looking spray (copper, silver, brass colored)

  56. Who doesn't love spray paint!? Thanks for the linky party fun!

  57. WOW!!! I LOVE your laundry room!!! Really, really wish mine looked that nice. Even half that nice. WOW!!! If you had not said it was a laundry room I wouldn't have known it was(well except for the laundry soap on the shelf;)


  58. Spray paint is the bomb-diggidy!

  59. Sarah--I pray that someday, I can wield a can of spray paint like you!! You rock!! I tagged you in my blog for being one of the most Kreativ and FUN blogs I read! :)

  60. Oh I was going to tell you...I collect corks too, I don't know why I didn't know what I was going to do with them...That is an AWESOME idea! Woo Hoo!!!

  61. I just wanted to tell you I am having soooo much fun at your party!!! Let me tell you, I have been to a lot of parties and none compare to the spray paint party-woo hoo! :)
    PS Love, love, love your blog

  62. I once spray painted a piano. Fun party!

  63. LOVE the spray paint.Your blog totally inspired me to spray pain almost anything. My favorite would have to be our kitchen pulls. Totally transforming.

  64. This is fabulous!! we love us a great can of spray paint!! Especially when it produces so much fabulosity!! (Okay- so that really is not a word...but what better way to describe a spray paint transformation?!!!)

  65. How fun! I have a few spray paint projects I need to work on. Thanks for the inspiration!

  66. I just found you last week (we run in different blogging circles, I guess) but I feel I've found a kindred spirit. I spray paint everything. I came to your party lateand I didn't understand what you meant by a party. ah ha, now I get it and will know what to do next time. :-)

  67. Yayyy I finally got my "real" project done. :)

  68. What a great party! I cracked up over some of the spray-painting adventures. I was out trying to spray paint my last project in 35mph winds the other day, so I get it! And your BFF is my BFF, too! Thanks for the fun. Cheers, Andrea

  69. I am a complete spray paint virgin but am TOTALLY inspired to do a few things now. In fact, I have a huge plan to tackle our yard sale buffet in the dining room. Can I spray paint a large piece like that? I see things like that in your links. Do I have to take the doors off? Remove the hinges?

    Any advice is helpful, thanks!

    ginava3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  70. Spray paint makes the world a better place.

  71. Ok, now I'm addicted. I didn't tackle the big buffet, but I did a spring wreath, and I love it! Thanks for the push!

  72. I just came over here from the K sister's blog, and I'm so glad I did. I have been scrolling through your blog looking at all of the great ideas! I will be coming back often. laurie

  73. Love all the thrifting - the Easter tree is much improved with the new white paint :)

  74. I too am addicted to spray paint!

  75. I had to post another spray paint project (late and one of my older posts...) but I liked it and wanted to share. I love love love your blog and check it daily. I am feeling inspired to do more than laundry! Thank you!

  76. I'm tardy to the party, but I wanted to join in!

  77. I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now, but just found this particular post. I've been spray painting for a while, but according to your tutorial, I'm doing it wrong! Your way is much easier. Hope it's not too late to show you my latest project!

    I'm looking forward to more inspiration. Compared to yours, my poor laundry room is pretty sad....

  78. Here are some treasures I just found. So far I've only done the mirrors.

  79. Thank you for this. After spending WAAAAY too much time perusing crafty blogs, I've realized that I'm going to have to try spray painting something. Because apparently it's kind of mandatory. Your little video and tutorial-for-pathetic-non-spray-painters was just what I needed! :)

  80. a friend of mine is trying to talk me into spray painting my chain link fence ha ha! you know how many cans that'd take LOL I'm always getting tree limbs out of the yard & spraying them white to make holiday trees



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