Nearly free mini foyer makeover!

January 23, 2019

Hello all! How is your week going? After a few weeks of organizing, I'm feeling settled and ready to tackle some DIY projects. All of the sudden I want to start on 20 different things and I'm having to slow my roll a bit. ;) 

This little makeover is something that snowballed from one small project to a bunch of little ones. I've been wanting to paint the ceiling in our foyer for some time now. I loooove a pretty, light blue ceiling. It adds some beautiful contrast against the crown and is a nice way to add a bit of interest and character to a space. 

I ended up using a color called Upward (lightened 50 percent) -- the same color I used in our son's old bedroom. I painted the ceiling and backs of his built ins with this color and loved it:
Red blue and white boy room with built ins

That was the cookie that caused the mouse (ME) to start changing other things. ;) I've wanted to try our long Everett hall table (affiliate) in the foyer for awhile. We had it in our family room in the old house, then we moved it to the basement family room in this house. I love the piece and thought it would look great in the foyer. 

I really love the blue dresser we've had there, but over the past year I've realized when we moved into this house I placed things where I had them in the old house...and that it's OK not to keep things the same house to house. 

The blue dresser is lovely but I wanted something longer to fill the space, and something with a slightly more modern look. The Everett table fit the bill. After I convinced the hubs to lug it back upstairs (his comment -- "Didn't we just take this down here?" Yes...yes we did) we all LOVED it in the foyer. 

Then everything snowballed more from there. The wood tone on the mirror didn't work with the I taped it off and spray painted it black. Taping it off takes longer than painting it!: 
How to spray paint a mirror

You can easily scrape paint off of a mirror with a razor, but trust me...cover as much as you can. You'll be scraping for hours if you don't cover most of it. 

Then I switched out some lamp shades from some other lamps -- these are bigger and just look better here. I used items from around the house for the decor, so I didn't spend a dime on that: 
Everett table in foyer

I kept the decor pretty simple. The cloche has a faux corral piece underneath. The lanterns used to sit next to the dresser -- we've already have had them lit more often now because I don't worry about someone knocking into them anymore: 
Long Everett hall table in foyer
The basket was in my office, the books were Goodwill finds years ago. And the lamps were brass thrift finds that I spray painted years back. They got a bit scuffed up in the move so I still need to touch them up. 
The only money I spent was on the rug -- but even that I got for a steal because I had an At Home gift card from Christmas. (Thanks Dad and LA!) It was $60 and I only had to pay $20 of that: 
Long wood hall table round black mirror

I LOVE the darker rug here! The one we had here before was also from At Home as well (even cheaper for $40), but it's pretty worn out. (It's in the laundry room now.) 

The rug is MUCH darker in person than it is in these pics. I had to edit because it's a super dark, gloomy day here. It's a very dark gray with a very light blue mixed in. That lighter color ties in beautifully with the new light blue ceiling: 
Foyer with board and batten wall treatment

I love how the black pendant now plays off of the mirror and other dark accents. It came together so well! 

It's still a bright space, but modernized just a tick. And it has a touch of moody with the dark rug that I just love: 
Decorating a hall table in foyer

I always get asked about the lamp cords when I write about this table. I wrote about my loathing for cords and the way I hide them. You can see my trick when you see the back:
How to hide lamp cords on furniture

Those covers work great!

I kept the decor pretty simple. I'm definitely much more of a "less is more" person in this house!:
Everett hall table in foyer with black mirror

It all started with the pretty blue ceiling -- I'll use that paint for more projects too. It spiraled into a few more projects but considering I only spent $20 on all of those, I'm thrilled! 

I'm not done in this area just yet -- I'm pretty sure I'm going to go ahead and paint the rest of the walls white in here to go with the $15 accent wall. I also have a couple more trim projects I'm going to work on -- I'm excited to get working on those! I'll be sharing it all soon:
Decorating a foyer with table, mirror and rug

I loved the before. :) The after just fits in much better with the rest of this house. It's taking some trial and error to figure out all of these newish spaces (but it's been tons of fun)! I'll be figuring it out for years to come I'm sure. 

I've always been a little jealous of people that can move furniture around a lot. Both of our houses have had layouts that don't really allow for that. So when I can switch something up for free, it always makes me happy! 

Do you move furniture around often? It's such an easy way to change up a space! 

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  1. You have such a good eye! I love how everything just comes together.

  2. Can you tell me about the flooring in your foyer. Is it wood or tile? Any specific details would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. It is engineered wood -- Diamond Living, Aged Harmony Plus collection in Auburn. :)

  3. The less is more theme really works for your home! I love that everything has its own character, but put together, the whole room looks so good! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  4. I love moving furniture around. We have a newer home also and we can't do that. But I have been repurposing rooms which is making me happy. We are turning our formal diningroom into a morning room. Adding a bar/coffee cabinet. It gets beautiful morning sun. So for now, repurposing rooms will have to do LOL

  5. Where did those lanterns come from?

  6. I love the subtleness of the pale blue. It feels so calm and welcoming. I fear painting anything with glass. Hubby painted window frames in our 1907 home and he painted the windows. I still can't get the paint off from four years ago. Then I heard of Masking Liquid H2O. I need to try it and stop putting it off.

  7. Yes! Use the masking liquid. I used it to paint 2 french doors with 15 panes EACH. It was amazing! Just make sure you put it on thick and use an exacto knife to cut around it before you peel it off.

    1. I've never heard of this! I will have to check it out next time. I've painted French doors and it is a PAIN!!

  8. I love this idea! I'm getting ready to put board and batten in my foyer, but this process is less expensive and easier. Thank you for sharing!

  9. We painted our granddaughter's bedroom in SW Upward when we built our house 12 years ago. One of the most beautiful blues I have ever seen. Our porch ceilings are also painted this color. Right before Christmas I painted our foyer ceiling and dining room ceiling with Upward. Looks beautiful and keeps the "haints" away. LOL! My southern roots are showing!!

  10. Can you give details on your front door and sidelights? Is it a real wood door? If so, what is the stain color? Thank you, it is beautiful!


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