The Easiest Way to Remove Pet Hair From a Couch

February 21, 2023

The EASIEST way to remove pet hair from clothes and furniture. 

There are so many hair removal gadgets that claim to easily remove pet hair, but I've only found one that really WORKS. I also have an easier hack for the dog and cat hair that you probably already have at home!

We are HUGE animal lovers! With three cats and a dog, we have to keep up with the pet hair on the upholstery and floors regularly.

You can reduce shedding quite a bit by brushing your animals often. I've shared the deshedding brush we use on both the dog and cats, and they all quite like it! 

But we don't always get to that as much as we should, so cleaning up the loose hair and and fur is constant. 

Our problem areas are usually the back cushions where both the dog and cats like to perch, and the upholstery on the sides of the couches and chairs where the cats rub up against the furniture. 

I shared the easiest method for removing pet fur years ago. Our dog would sit on this chair on the lookout most days:
dog sitting on chair cushion

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Beyond the constant cushion smooshing, the dog hair was all over, especially down the back of the seat behind the back cushion:
dark chair fabric with dog fur

I’ve tried all kinds of pet hair removal tools over the years. The sticky tape lint rollers work OK but they don’t get everything, and I feel like I end up using a third of the roller for one piece of furniture.

My favorite trick is the simplest! I use a rubber glove: 
remove pet fur with rubber glove

It works just as is, but I find it works even better when a little wet (just be sure that’s OK for your fabric). You just use your hand to wipe the hair into piles:
simple pet fur trick with gloves

The rubber gloves easily grab the pet fur and allow you to grab it in bigger clumps:
pet hair removal on chair

Even Colby approves. :) It works SO well and is free if you have a rubber glove laying around. 

What I love is that you can really grab along the edges and detail areas of furniture and cushions and use your fingers to get all of the pet hair. 

The rubber glove was the method I've used most...until recently! I saw this lint and pet hair remover called the ChomChom a few times online, and finally decided to give it a try: 
Pet hair remover with rubber strips

It has the textured fabric that grabs the fur and lint (we had paddle lint brushes with this fabric when I was a kid). But the difference with this one is is has those rubber strips (that act like a squeegee, similar to the gloves) that really help to grab ALL of the hair. 

You operate it like a vacuum -- just run it back and forth across the upholstery and it grabs everything right up! 

It's also super convenient that the fur and hair stays inside the contraption. You just push a little button on the lint trap and the lid pops up so you can remove everything: 
Chom pet hair removal brush

This fur remover is great because there's no hair flying all over as you use it!

I prefer this tool to my rubber gloves because it cleans up a bigger space much quicker than using my hands. Plus I don't have to gather up all of the excess fur as I work.  

This Chom tool is especially great for getting around the sides of the couch and chairs:
removing pet hair from couches

Best pet removal gadget with ottoman

It's so much faster than using your hands or a traditional lint remover! 

The animals watched as I cleaned the sofas this morning...they were ready to settle back down to spread more fur. 😂:
Chom Chom pet hair remover

I still like using the gloves for getting into crevices between cushions, but for everything else this tool can get into tight spots pretty well. 

The cats love these upholstered dining chairs...they sit on the back and cuddle up on the cushions ALL the time: 
two kitties in chair

The little chomper pet hair gadget makes quick work of getting them cleaned off!:
pet fur on light furniture

I've used this tool on upholstered furniture, ottomans, benches, fabric poufs -- even blankets, carpet and rugs for a quick touch up! 

These two pet hair remover methods are great options when you don't want to haul out the vacuum cleaner. And sometimes I find they work better to really get all of the hair off of furniture. 

Do you have any great pet removal tips or products that you love? Do share!

Here’s a photo to pin for later: dog hair on chair

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  1. GENIUS. I use the lint roller contraption thing but it doesn't do a great job...

  2. I soooo need to try this! My battle with pet fur is ongoing and I swear I keep the lint roller company in business. Thanks! Your blog is my favorite and I've been a daily reader for at least 5 years!

  3. Hi Sarah. I no longer have pets but I like your tip for cleaning up the hair. I have another one for you that I just read about, like two minutes ago, that I thought was pretty good too in case you want to try it. You use a squeegee to scrape the pet hair off carpet. The link is here in case you want to read it for yourself.

  4. hahaha! When I saw the kitty watching I could just hear these words, Hey! That hair doesn't belong to me...You really should get rid of that dog! hahaha! That is the cutest ever!
    I'm allergic to cats and dogs and my son has my 2-hairy grands that I love to pieces. I take meds when I'm going to be around them. The boxer thinks he's a baby and sits in my lap. When they visit I have to clean like a mad woman but still find hair weeks later. I think they are worth it though. :)
    Great tip on the hair picker upper. I'll try that instead of the vacuum next time.

    1. I kind of thought the same thing about what the cat is saying, even though the color of the said fur and said cat match perfectly. I dog-sit with a black lab, bloodhound mix who sleeps on his owners solid black bedspread. The spread is covered in white hair. Can anyone explain THAT?

  5. Great tip! We have a kitty that is black and white and we have white couches. I've done the lint roller thing and it works to a degree but you go through half a roll on one cushion. I'm certainly going to try your trick!

  6. I have the same problem with my dogs and cat, but I just keep a towel on all their fave places and launder it regularly. I have doggy companions on top of the bed, and I keep a sheet to cover the bed at night and launder it in the morning. Love my little furry friends, and I can see that you love your's too.

    1. That was me, don't know why it didn't log me. Not that you really know me, but.... ^_^

  7. Love this tip! I'm in the market for a little dog and have been a wee bit worried about how I will manage the shedding (my last/only other dog was non-shedding but it seems all the ones catching my eye now will shed). I can't seem to figure out how to pin from your new format though. Could you give a little more detail for those of us struggling (or maybe I'm the only one...). Thank you!

  8. Oh I hear you on the hair. I have three dogs and one cat. The dogs SHED!! (I have an Aussie, Sheltie, and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.) The cat smooshes down couch cushions. I usually have the teenaged daughter vacuum the furniture. But I think I will try this. Vacuuming works fairly well. But there are just certain spots it doesn't get the best. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing. :)

  9. I can't wait to try this. We have a lab and two cats indoor. I cringe when someone gets up from the couch and you can see all the hair stuck to their pants.

  10. Wow...amazing. I will have to try that. I had hoped that Dakota being short haired it would not be bad, wow was I wrong esp since he loses white hair on my brown couch. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Sarah, I too had this problem but decided to build a simple bench the width of the window and the height that my dog could jump. It ended up being lower than the window sill. I then put a nice pad on it and he would lay all day and guard his domain. It was easier to clean one piece of furniture rather than all around the house. Love your tip though about the glove. Dawn

  12. I've been using the glove trick for a while...nothing beats it! Totally off subject, can you please tell me where your tripod floor lamp is from ? Thanks!!

  13. I found a lint roller that is the same size and style as a paint roller. We keep it in the car because our dog LOVES to cuddle but ont when we are dressed up.

  14. Thanks Sarah! I've used the glove for a long time, but never wet it. I just tried it - awesome! Love our fur babies! :)

  15. I loved reading your posts. I am an animal rescuer so I am used to dealing with hair. Did you ever think about shaving your dogs - even the short haired ones? They usually shed the most. It will definitely cut down on the shedding. I do it all the time.

  16. I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing your fur children. We have four dogs (Chihuahua, 2 Chi-weenies and a black Lab) The hair is a never ending battle (especially the black Lab) but we figure it is a small price to pay for the joy they bring us. I too have found the rubber glove to be the most effective. I have considered shaving the Lab as someone commented above. I may be invested in some clippers.

  17. This is really a simple and very educative tip. Thanks Sarah, i enjoy reading your blog

  18. I find a damp rag/cloth wipes the hair right off!

  19. I read your blog every day but usually don't comment. So glad I'm not the only one with 4 pets (two dogs, 2 cats) that only cleans her floors once a month (or when company is coming). Right now our floor looks like we have enough hair to weave a wig for a Make a Wish child. Luckily we have leather couches. Now if I can just find a cat scratch-proof fabric for our dining room chairs. I did order the cats some nail caps or as I like to refer to them, their "acrylics." But we have yet to glue them on. And my lovely beadboard wallpaper is slowly being replaced by the real stuff due to said cat claws.

  20. YES! I have two cats, one is short hair and doesn't shed at all. The other is a white LONG hair, and we have dark grey couches. The hair is out of control all the time. I have also tried many things and the rubber glove is the only thing that works! I used to carry a spray bottle around and spray the glove every time but found it works just as well when the glove is dry. It sure makes my arms tired though, I have to put a lot of muscle into my cushions to get all that dang white hair. :)

  21. Sara-Love this post and adore Colby. We have a full house-four dogs and three cats and fight this battle daily. In addition we are outside Houston and getting constant rain. But our animals are our kids so totally worth it. Have a great weekend-Sheila

  22. Thank you for the timely tip! My allergic relatives will be grateful!

  23. Your fur-kids are adorable! I found that a damp papertowel is really good for cleaning up hair from the carpeted stairs. And it always helps to select your pets to match your own hair color - no one will know whose hair it is on your cushions!

  24. Those same rubber gloves during bath time will also remove loose hair. And those same rubber gloves during a brushing session are better than any brush you have to remove the loose hair. (Former groomer here - used this trick all the time.)

  25. Great post! I use the rubber glove trick and for fur that get right into the fibres, wrap packing tape around my hand (sticky side out of course) and pat the furniture with it. Seems to pull that last, stubborn bit out. My son in law is violently allergic to pet hair and told me not to vac just before he visits because it stirs the cat dander up and makes it worse for him. I have to do it the night before so everything settles. pinning

  26. We don't have a cat, but two dogs... and they shake. They shake when they come indoors, when they get up from napping, after being petted. etc. EVERY time they shake their hair flies onto every surface in the room. It's a fact of life we live with in our choice to have pets. I will be trying your rubber glove method. xox Thanks so much for the advice!

  27. love the idea of the gloves!! And yes, couldn't help but notice the floor lamp.... I, too, would love to know where you got it. Thanks! Love reading your blog!!!

  28. I purchased this yesterday on a Lightening Deal and it was delivered this morning. The second best purchase I have ever made on Amazon (the first being the mixer mover you recommended). It is quick work and did an excellent job! Thanks for the recommendation.

  29. I will definitely have to try the rubber glove trick. Thanks! Love the pic of the sweet pup on the back of the chair. My girl used to do the same thing!


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