How to organize awkward pans above the fridge

February 10, 2017

This is organizing project above the fridge is something I've been meaning to tackle for months. 

I think of it every time I reach for something in the cabinet above our fridge. I've never organized it because I wanted to see how we used it first:
Organizing the space above the refrigerator

When I built that cabinet over the fridge I initially planned to DIY something to hold our long and awkward pans and items. I thought I would want something with wood at the top and bottom of the cabinet to make slots I could slide everything into. 

But because we have extra storage behind this cabinet (I left our original cabinet up and reused our doors -- see that post linked in the paragraph above for photos) I thought I'd want to use that back space behind it for rarely used items. I wanted to make it easy to access things back there if needed. 

Fast forward to this week when I finally decided to tackle this project -- when I cleaned it out I realized there were plenty of items (some that were pushed all the way to the back) that we just didn't use or need: 
Organizing above fridge

Do you all have those random metal shelves from the refrigerator (or who knows where else?). We haven't used them and years and never will. :) 

I got rid of about a third of the items and decided to grab this Variera organizer from IKEA I've had in storage for awhile: 
Variera IKEA organizer
Years ago I used it for a DIY rolling rack in our island, but since then we've purged/organized them differently and I removed it:
DIY roll out holder for pans

What I love about this organizer is it's like an accordion -- you can pull it out for larger items or push it together for skinny ones. I wanted it to hold a lot and span the whole cabinet so I pulled it out pretty far:
Slide out storage for pans

And what do you know...everything fit perfectly!:
Pan storage above fridge

The area off to each side was the perfect size to slip in another item. WHY I waited so long to do this I have no idea. It took all of ten minutes!

When I used this before I secured it to the bottom of the cabinet to hold it in place, but I've found that with the weight of the pans it stays put just fine. It's super easy to pull things in and out:
How to store awkward pans above fridge

This little rack is only $6 and totally worth it! If you don't have an IKEA nearby you can find it here online too. 

SO. MUCH. BETTER. And I'm still kicking myself for not doing it sooner:
Easy trick for storage above the fridge
Have you used this rack in your home? It can be used for so many things in the kitchen -- lids, pots, pans, plates (I use another one for dishes in our built in storage in the library). 

Here are some other helpful posts on projects from this area of our kitchen: 
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  1. I wish I could do this! Unfortunately my home has a dryer on top of the fridge that is unusable and FIXED to the spot. Ugh.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love that you linked to the product on Amazon. Our nearest IKEA is 2.5 hours away, so I'm constantly finding things on blogs that I need in my own home, but let's face it, a $6 separator doesn't warrant a 2.5 drive to Atlanta... Excited to tackle several messes with this tidbit of wisdom! Hope your weekend is lovely. XO

  3. I have one of those accordion things sitting in my garage for this exact purpose. Maybe I should actually get it out and put it to use! Haha

  4. Love it! Great design for the cabinets for sure:) just pinned

  5. Can you tell me the dimensions of your upper cabinet here? And how deep? Not sure my things would fit but it's worth a try.

  6. I have this exact mess in my over the fridge cabinet and this looks like a great solution, and like I can get a few things out of other cabinets, too! Ty.

  7. I have this exact mess in my over the fridge cabinet and this looks like a great solution, and like I can get a few things out of other cabinets, too! Ty.

  8. The cabinet above my fridge (I don't even know what if anything is in it) is covered up by all of my husband's rarely-used travel mugs that live on top of the fridge. I've found a different solution for my baking pans, but you've inspired me to do something about that above-the-fridge mess.

  9. Ha! Yes, I have done that before! Sometimes the obvious is just not so obvious...(: I can't reach the area above my fridge, so some china rests there. I'm a shorty so things I need often have to be stored on the down low.

  10. Thx! That's just what I need. :)

  11. Such a nice blog and i appreciate your all efforts about your thoughts. it's really good work. well done.
    All Natural


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