Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring clean with Mrs. Meyer's

Hello my friends! I'm SO very excited about this gift for you all and the weather lately -- even if it's been a little rainy around here, SPRING HAS ARRIVED. I was driving today and found myself smiling because the trees are starting to turn shades of green, white and pink here in Indiana. Spring and fall are the most beautiful seasons in the Midwest. 

For me, the warmer temps make me want to throw open all of the windows and clean the house from top to bottom. I really think I keep our house cleaner this time of year -- I just feel like keeping the house fresh and organized more than any other season.

**This promotion has ended!

If you're feeling the same I'm excited to share this gift with you. Because...Mrs. Meyer's products. We all love them, right? They can be hard to find, especially the most sought after scents. I'm not sure anything screams spring more than these: 
Where to find hard to find Mrs. Meyers scents and products

I'm so excited about this people! I've been using these for years and other products from Grove Collaborative for months now and I love them for so many reasons. The scent of course...if you've ever used the Meyer's products you know. 

I have the BEST ones for you today: 
Where to find spring Mrs. Meyer's scents

These are HARD to find, but they have them! Most of you know I'm a sucker for the peony scent, but I gotta tell you, the lilac may beat it out. They are both SO lovely, smell amazing and they WORK too (more on that in a bit). 

Right now if you sign up with Grove and place your first order of $20 you'll get this awesome Mrs. Meyer's gift set for free. Here are the gifts you'll receive with your first order:

Mrs. Meyers Spring Seasonal Hand Soap
Mrs. Meyers Spring Seasonal Dish Soap 
Mrs. Meyers Spring Seasonal Multi-Surface Spray
A two pack of Grove Walnut Scrubber Sponges
(PLUS free shipping and a free VIP trial.)

Free lilac Mrs. Meyers set

Free peony Mrs. Meyers set

You can pick your free set in the lilac or peony scents. The overall value of this gift is $30 and this offer is available for new customers only with a $20 purchase. If you are an existing costumer, we have something for you too. ;) 

Grove Collaborative doesn't just sell Meyer's products. They sell a ton of natural items for cleaning, personal care and the home. Here are some of my recent favorites: 

Essential Oils 
I use and love oils anyway but the Grove prices are amazing. I have purchased eucalyptus (great for stuffy noses), lavender (wonderful to diffuse while sleeping) and grapefruit from them so far. The grapefruit and lavender smell absolutely lovely together: 
Essential oils for diffusing for less
Natural Soy Candle 
Their vanilla and sandalwood candle is AMAZING. It fills our whole main level with the soft scent. I love that it's soy and it's just plain cute: 
Grove Collaborative candles

Full Circle Mini Brush Set
I've purchased a few cleaning brushes from Grove but this is one of my favorites. It's adorable, I KNOW. But it's perfect for getting small messes off the kitchen surfaces (and not on the floor). I also use it to wipe everything right off the counter into the sink: 
Mini broom and tray set

Bubble Up Dish Brush
This is another one I love because it just looks so good (love the wood handle) and works so well. I love it for our bacon griddle we use in the oven. It scrubs all of that yumminess off and stays clean and stink-free afterwards: 
Bubble up dish scrubber

Squeeze Cellulose Sponge Clothes
I'm now obsessed with these and use them everyday. These are on my reorder list for sure. We use half the paper towels with these around. You just get them wet and they clean up great -- you can scrub with them too: 
Sponge clothes instead of paper towels for cleaning

Mrs. Meyer's Cream Cleaner
OK this is the BOMB. Do you have a black cooktop that you can't get super clean? I'd clean and wind up with smudges every time. It drove me crazy. I even looked online for a solution and nothing worked. Until this. 😍😍Look how shiny! It works: 
The BEST product for cleaning cooktops

Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Spray
I've used this stuff forever now. It works on anything. If I have a tough spot I'll spray it, walk away for a few minutes and then when I come back it wipes away. Love it and the can't beat it. Your whole house will smell like spring: 
Mrs. Meyer's cleaning spray

I prefer the cleaning supplies but as I mentioned, they have tons of personal care items as well. I have their hand lotion and it is lovely. If you participate in the free gift, you'll get a free VIP trial. VIPs never pay for shipping and get free products five times a year.  

This is what I LOVE about Grove: 

1. Natural products at a great price. Simple as that. Over the past few years I've gone to more natural cleaning products and we all know they can be more expensive. It's hard to beat their prices. 

2. They make everything SO easy. 
  • Your favorites will come on a regular schedule.
  • Your personal Grove "guide" is assigned to you will offer suggestions or you can pick what you want. They email to check in before anything is sent. 
  • It's super easy to cancel any shipment, just email them back to let them know.
  • You can even text your guide! Tell them you want to add or delete something your order and they can give advice about the products. I LOVE this. 
3. The packaging. One thing that drives me BATTY about most shipments is the crazy amount of space wasted. Either the box is entirely too big or they ship one thing at a time instead of combining. My items came packed super tight (and thoughtfully) and there was no wasted space. They also secure all cleaning supplies with tape so there are no spills in transit. 

4. It's easy to opt out. You can choose not to receive any items at any given month and you can cancel anytime. AND it's easy to do so. Just email them.  

5. They offer a price match for VIPs. If you see any of the items cheaper (I doubt you will), they'll refund the difference!

If you are interested, click the image below and they'll ask you a few quick questions to help tailor your order. Your cart will auto-fill with $20 worth of products but you can change them out to whatever you desire! And you'll get your free Mrs. Meyer's products in the process. This offer is only good till April 3rd! 
Spring Mrs. Meyer's scents

I love this company and their products and am excited to share it with you. Have you used Grove yet? What Mrs. Meyer's scent is your favorite? I have always been a sucker for peony (it's so hard to find too), but I think lilac has taken over. :) 

As of now Grove does not ship to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii. 

I am a Grove Collaborative affiliate. (And I only share brands I use and love.) 


  1. The lilac sent would be great. I have a lilac bush in my yard and I love the smell when it blooms. I will definitely have to try this.


  2. Thanks for sharing, I think I'm going to sign up. By the way, where did you find the darling little dish that is holding the dish scrubber??

  3. Perfect timing! I'm taking advantage of this today and sharing with my mom.

  4. Just ordered mine! Can't wait for my goodies. Thanks for sharing this awesome deal!

  5. I HATE the streaks on my black stove top.. and have tried various things. Going to pick up some of the Mrs. Meyers this weekend! You might just be a lifesaver!!!


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