The "before" powder room tour

November 02, 2017

Hello all! I'm back with my first room reveal of the new house! Don't get too excited now -- it's the smallest room. 😂 And as I edited these photos I thought of all the things I still want to do in here. BUT it's functional and cute and it's "done" -- for now. 

Most of our bathrooms in this house are smaller than our last home. Maybe not smaller as far as square feet, but most are broken up into two rooms so they feel a little tighter. The powder room is not as big as our old one (we had a large powder room), but it's wider which is really nice. 

We went with a small vanity with an open bottom shelf. I picked a brushed brass light fixture (to tie in with our kitchen hardware) and knobs that are glass with the same finish around the edges. 

**I still can't find my camera (which is starting to freak me out) and the weather has been dreary and dark so not the best for photo taking -- bear with my my friends!**
small powder room with gray vanity

So I found a beautiful brass shelf at Target before we moved in that I planned to hang above the toilet. 

But I just adore this sign that I got for my son's last bathroom and thought it looked really cute in here. I kind of want to show this off more anyway: 
fresh soap and water sign

I may try the original shelf here -- I may not. We'll see! 

I didn't have the builder put mirrors in most of the bathrooms (we got a credit for all of them) because I knew I could get them cheaper and mirrors are a great way to add a personal touch. I found this one at HomeGoods: 

gray vanity round mirror bathroom

It ties in so beautifully with the gray vanity and the brass! I tried to find a similar one for you online but DANG, capiz mirrors are expensive! Try TJ Maxx or HG for sure. :) 

As with the rest of the house so far, I kept things very simple in here. Eventually this room will get a more dramatic treatment but for less than two weeks in this house, I'm thrilled with it. Here's a look at our light fixture: 
gray vanity with shelf powder room

I know so many of you are interested in sources for the lights and I'm working on that. I don't know specific vendors because it was through the builder, but I'm working on finding similar if not identical lights. I did find this one that is very close and just as pretty. 

They installed the lights going up at first and I had them changed to point down (I just prefer that look), but you can go either way! 
round Capiz mirror powder room

Everything else is stuff from the old house. It's been fun finding new spots for all of it! I will take the ring down eventually (kicking myself I forgot to ask them to leave those off too -- we prefer hooks for towels). 

I do want to change the towel too but I still have piles of boxes to sort through so...priorities:
small vanity with drawers and open shelf

I will get the same towel, just a different color. They are Turkish towels I got on Amazon and they have a HUGE selection of colors to pick from. Love them! What color would you do in here? 

I've mentioned before that almost every room in this house has a window. And I LOVE IT. I still haven't decided on what shades I'll be using so most of the windows are still bare. 

I've got temporary blinds on a few of them. Thankfully we don't have neighbors on this side just yet so privacy hasn't been an issue. ;) 
plant in bathroom

Lest you think I have it even somewhat together less than two weeks after moving in, this is how the area just outside this shot looked till yesterday: 
Moving in!

Sooo, yeah. One thing at a time...that is my mantra. :)

There's a bunch of stuff I can't find -- has that happened to any of you after moving? I'm trying not to stress about it until I unpack every single box. But that's taking awhile and there are certain items (I can't find my compound miter saw -- what?) that I need now. The entire moving process is a lesson in patience and I'm keeping that in mind as we get settled. I've actually been pretty good about taking my time to get it all unboxed.

We are still so tickled to be here and just adore this house!!

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  1. Love everything you are doing! So on point with all you have done! What is your wall color in your main living areas?

    1. Thank you! It's agreeable gray by Sherwin-Williams. :)

  2. Wow. That looks great for getting it all done in such a short amount of time.

  3. Impressed that you have a room "done", love the mirror, the glass knobs. Can't wait to see what towel color you choose. We moved 14 months ago from one state to another and "lost" many things, the toughest was my youngest's stuffed animal collection, and part of my older son's old room decor.

  4. Looks great! Can't wait to see the treatment you have planned for the bathroom.

    We somehow lost an entire bin of Christmas decorations in our last move. I have no idea how that happens. Thankfully, it was nothing sentimental, mostly welcome mats and outdoor lights.

  5. We are building our first house (we have owned an older home for the past 6 years) and we are supposed to close in 18 days. So it's really fun to see how your house is coming together.

    1. Congrats Asia! Blessings to your family in your new home!

  6. We know you will eventually personalize each space more, no need to explain. I mean it is already looking fabulous. As for that towel, I think aqua marine is pretty.

  7. Looks great! I Especially like the mirror and the counter.
    I do wonder why the fun picture seems to hang low for me? Is this done at a specific height?
    Congrats on the new home!

  8. What a great powder room, I love that floor!!! Moving is a nightmare, I don't envy you sorting through all those boxes!!

  9. We moved over a year ago and I still can't find my rolling pins. I have no idea how only two small things could go missing when everything was packed in a box, but here we are with no rolling pins. I didn't think it was a big deal until I remembered I had bought one of them when I got married: all of a sudden it aquired a huge amount of sentimental value.

    1. I found when my sister moved, as I was trying to clear trash out of her garage, that many "small" items were in the trash!!! Including a beautiful silver spoon -- she was so glad I found it. Hate how things like that happen. . .I think it's the excitement and fatigue of moving and unpacking and trying to "get it all done".

  10. I've often seen those capiz mirrors at Pier 1 - with a sale going, the price might be good. FYI

  11. I see maroon towels in that room. I know you were once a "dark" girl and now are lightening up. . .but have you seen the dark colors coming back in?!? Good thing for you, though, is that with holidays the next two months you can just do "theme-y" towels until then :) Love how simple, clean, (and wide!) you powder room is!!!

  12. I hear you! We moved just last year into our house - a major fixer upper we renovated the heck out of. I couldn't even unpack most of our stuff until construction finished so I put all the boxes in a big room we weren't using at the time and pulled them out one at a time. This helped keep the main areas clear and was less overwhelming. And yes, I couldn't find SO many things and it was so frustrating! But one thing at a time and your house will be so beautiful - I can't wait to see!

  13. Looks so nice, Sarah! It's amazing how the light fixture finish looks so different in those two pics. And the faucet looks like brushed nickel on my monitor... so weird. Are you using your phone for these? Great job, if so!!! I like the baby blue and olive green towel for this bathroom... I really LOVE the natural greens in a bathroom. :-)

    1. Yep it's my phone! STILL can't find my camera! The faucet is brushed nickel. :)

  14. I love it ! Please tell the manufacturer of you vanity:) I need one just like that with a backsplash to cover damage from removing the pedestal sink.Thank you in advance!

  15. Where did you get your vanity? THanks!

  16. I'm looking for a small bath vanity too. Please let us know where you found this one.

  17. You can see the vanity name and more sources here!


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