Art wall around the thermostat

February 13, 2018

I've had a lot of fun finding spots for our stuff in this house, especially art. Everything feels brand new in a different space! It's been fun to figure out what works where -- even though I've put way too many holes in the walls already. 

We have this small hallway off the kitchen that has our thermostat: 
Filling wall space around thermostat

That closet was absolutely packed with stuff for months after moving in -- you can see the clean, organized closet here

I had a mirror up on the wall above the thermostat but it never looked right. I knew eventually I'd do something more there. So today I did just that, and in the process I remembered a trick I wanted to show you again!

I've blogged about this somewhere in the last few years, but it's a great tip worth mentioning again. Hanging art or frames with two hooks is the bane of my existence. When I turn something over and see two I feel like shaking my fists to the sky -- nooooo!

I showed you my painter's tape trick for hanging larger pieces easily here. But for smaller ones like this there's an even easier tip. Especially when you realize the two hooks aren't even on the back...argh!!:
How to hang art with two uneven hooks

It's hard to tell here but the two hooks were different distances from the top. *shakes fists in air*'s how to deal with that. Just tie a string across the two:
easy hanging hack for frames with two hooks

If you're hanging more than one that needs to be at the same height, make sure your string is tied the same on each one. To make this easy I just tie it tight across the two, and then when you pull up the hooks will probably tilt in a bit like above. 

You may still have to make teeny tiny adjustments if you want them all exactly even (they're never totally even in this house), but it works great! These frames used to lean along the back of our son's built ins in his old room for years: 
hanging art around thermostat

I'm going to change the navy blue mats (which are just posterboard). I was going to change some of the photos too, but our son was SO tickled to see them down here I'm leaving them as is, at least for now. I'll eventually update with some more recent pics too. 

It's a sweet little spot! And I was happy to use what we had. It also works with the thermostat but doesn't get in the way:
gallery wall around thermostat

I was able to get them up really fast since I wasn't dealing with trying to make those uneven hooks work. 👍 

Try the string trick if you've got annoying frames with two hooks. The only issue might be that they move around more than those secured by two nails. You can use the little rubber pads for cabinets on the back if that bothers you! (I don't mess with that often.)

Any other good hanging tricks you want to share? Have you ever tried this little hack? Check out this post with more tips on hanging art here!

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  1. That looks great! Will remember the handy tip. Hmmm...I love the blue mats :(

  2. It looks great. Especially when those thermostats are so pesky to decorate around! And that is so sweet that your son was loving seeing them hung up :)

  3. Haha I could even see a frame with mat ( no glass obvi) over the thermostat... for a little whimsy;)

  4. I am surprised but ya know it certainly works, Very creative, I really like how all the frames are white also it adds constancy to the wall, Bravo

  5. i work for a framer, when we use those hooks on either side we string wire(i believe you can purchase wire at hobby lobby)in each hook, double loop & wrap then wrap on other hook & same. proceed to stretch wire and pull on it and measure middle to top of frame, use 2-3 inches in middle & all will hang same.

  6. I have been trying to add animal artwork to my 7 year olds room with her help. I hate hanging artwork so much that we are looking for canvas or light frames so I just nail with a tiny nail. It is easy and barely damages the wall. I think it works for a kids bedroom. We have canvas photos of our family on our staircase and that is equally easy. However we have some heavy pieces to be hung so these tips help!

  7. Use Command Strips and everything will be level and will not move. I've done this at two houses. Removed easily and didn't have to fill in holes. While dusting the frames never move. Hate seeing tilted frames!

    1. +1 on the command hooks! I usually use a nail at the top with whatever hanging stuff comes with the frame, and then I put a CP strip at the bottom for extra support/to make sure it stays level. We have two little girls, so it also ensures frames don't "accidentally" fall off the wall.

    2. I was actually coming here to ask if there was a reason Sarah didn't use command strips. I've used the velcro ones in my new house EVERYWHERE except for heavy items. I know they are more expensive than a nail and string but to me it is worth it in the long run to not spend time/money filling holes down the road when I change things up.

    3. I don’t have the greatest luck with them for some reason! I rarely get them off the wall clean. And with our paint being fresh I hesitate to use them where I may move something eventually. (But I used them all over our mud room for brooms, etc!)

  8. OMG - why why didn’t I ever think to use a string between the two hooks, I always struggle with that? So simple. BTW - love the hallway gallery wall and the navy mats!

  9. lol I'm on the other end of the spectrum. Never knew they were for nails. Always thought they were for wire. Wall looks great!

  10. Bumpers on the backs of frames help air circulate & prevents moisture build up in addition to keeping the frames in place. Your gallery looks lovely.

  11. I hate those flippin' double hangers, too!!!!! Good tip.
    I've got one for ya. In our new house, I've put that museum putty on the back corner of every single frame. Life. Changing. Seriously, I don't know what took me so long to figure that out, but it is the best thing EVER. They stay put no matter what. Kids slamming doors, dusting, the train going by (really)...those frames aren't goin' anywhere. My giant family photo too many gallery walls...all perfectly straight. It's so good.

    1. I agree with using the museum putty, which you can get at Hobby Lobby and similar stores. In my case, we were having a bunch of earthquakes and I was tired of fixing the pictures.

  12. I've done that, too!! If the hooks are even on the back I use a little scotch tape on the top of the frame, mark the center of the hook with a little line on the tape so I can see it, and then use my pencil to mark the spot on the wall I need the nails. Bingo!

  13. I am eager to try your string trick next time I hang frames! My secret to keeping my frames from becoming crooked on the wall is to make a loop of masking tape and attach it on the bottom back of the frame, then press against the wall. It keeps them from jiggling and sliding around. I've never had any residue left behind on the walls, either.

  14. That's genius! Nothing worse than the two hookers!!!

  15. FYI - only do this with small, lightweight frames. I've seen larger, heavier pictures with a label on the back specifically saying NOT to use wire between the hangers.

  16. One tip I read about was to cut out paper in the shape of the pictures. You could feel the hanger through the paper and make a mark. Then, play around hanging the paper until you like the layout. If you use painter's tape, you shouldn't be impacting the paint. Then, use the marks on the paper to mark the wall or to drive the nail through.

    I stagger pictures so that being exact is not as critical.


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