Our soothing master bedroom tour

February 09, 2018

I finally finished up the second nightstand in our master bedroom and figured it would be a good time to share this room with you! It's nice to take photos and share these with you because I really get to see the beauty of our spaces. It's different when you're in them all day. When I was editing these photos I was thinking this sure is a pretty room! ;) 

If you've missed any of the room tours in the new house so far, here's a list:
Our master is almost exactly the same size as our last one, but that one was wide where this one is long. It's different for us and so far we really like it. It has a TON of windows -- which was what we fell in love with months ago. There's a lot I want to do in here but this is how it looks now!

This is the room shortly before we moved in:
Long master bedroom with bed between windows

I've been working hard on getting this room "done" (you know I'm never done). I shared the IKEA nightstand transformations a couple weeks ago -- I LOVE them!! 
bed between two windows

IKEA Tarva makeover hack

That mirror above the bed is too small but I'm trying to use what we have for the time being. Other than drapes and the lamps I haven't bought anything for this room and I'll wait till I find just the right thing for over the bed. I've always thought that spot is hard!

I may raise the headboard just a bit too -- but man that was a pain to hang and the anchors are already in the wall. So maybe I won't be moving it up. 😂
Nightstands in front of windows

I made the bed for you...mostly. ;) I have three big euro pillows but I'm tired of messing with them, so  you get the simpler look today!

You can see how I made the tufted headboard here -- so many of you have done the same and I love seeing your pics!! That headboard just barely squeaked in between those windows! 

We had these IKEA curtains in the old house and I LOVE them because they block the light well. Someday I'd like to find something lighter maybe? I want to see how the idea I have for the tray ceiling comes together first. Whatever we use has to be able to block the morning sun -- we had the temporary pleated shades for months so it's nice to have total darkness again!

These are the Salena velvet drapes by the way and I have them doubled up on the long wall:
Master with lots of windows

We LOVE all the windows! The evening light is my favorite in here but that natural light is great all day:
Master bedroom with tons of windows

You can find our light fixture (affiliate) here -- although ours was a lot less. There's a larger version with more lights as well. I loved the unique shape and the wood tone!

I repeated the frames around our TV like our old bedroom, but arranged them differently. I took the photos on a trip and printed them out at home:
Gallery wall around TV

We've had that dresser forever -- I've found all of my favorite furniture pieces on Craigslist! I keep messing with accessories on there. Another hard one. Ha! When I finally figure out what I like I'll never change it again: 
Gallery wall of frames around TV

We didn't do hardwoods in here to keep costs down and I'm not regretting it at all. I don't know if we'll do them in here eventually or not! I'm really loving the carpet. :)

If you can keep plants alive, they bring so much to a room! I don't have much luck with ferns so I hope I can keep this one thriving:
Fern on dresser

I only put about ten holes in the new wall trying to get these frames symmetrical: 
Decorating top of dresser

I admire people that can go without a TV in the master. I am not one of them. We love winding down at night and watching our shows:
Decorating wall around the TV

You KNOW that that cord is driving me crazy right now. 

Colby has to get in the pics someway or another: 
Master bedroom with TV wall

Still deciding what will go on this wall. And I have a FUN plan in mind for that tray ceiling! Can't wait to tackle that!:
Five paneled white doors

I'm thinking a large leaning mirror would be lovely on that wall. I found one a few months ago that would have been PERFECT. I'm still kicking myself for not getting it. 

There you go! Hope you enjoyed the tour! I'll link the projects and items I can at the bottom of the post for you. Most of the furniture was from HomeGoods, which I know is annoying sometimes because you never know if you'll find the same thing. 

Hope your weekend is a cozy as his!:
Colby cat

Project links and sources:
Affiliate links included for your convenience!

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  1. I love it, Sarah! To me it looks much different than your old room! I envy you all the windows as I only have one!

  2. Love your blog! Where is the floor basket from? thx

  3. Can you tell me where the Paisley print pillow is from?

    1. I made those, I think the fabric was from Calico Corners?

  4. What colour are the walls? I love the room. I’d like to get the brand and name of the paint. Thanks so much!

  5. Looks so nice and bright and big. Envious of the windows and size of that room! I think a big leaning mirror would be awesome for that other wall as well. Where did you get the pot the fern is in?

  6. Do you have a source for the roll up blinds? - I love them!

  7. The room is amazing and a perfect size - plenty of room but still cozy and warm. I think once you find something for over the headboard, you won't think about moving it up. That small item you have there now is throwing off your perception. And I also have a thing about electrical cords. I spotted the one from your floor lamp as soon as my eyes hit the picture. I've been known to do just about anything to hide outlets being used and the cords leading to them. I'm sure a psychologist would make something of it, but I really don't want to know. I'll just keep covering them up with furniture, baskets and plants. Lol Your home is really coming together.

  8. I love those night stands! And the light fixture. I want that one in my bedroom:)

  9. Love it! What type of bed frame is your mattress/bordering on? It appears higher and sturdier than just the regular metal frames that are sold independently from headboards.

  10. Here's a story I tell fellow thrifty decorators. We really wanted a King Sleep Number bed. As you know, the components of the bed are entirely plastic and rubber. After months of patiently trolling Craigslist, I found one for sale. It didn't have the 'ewww' factor for us because we knew we could wipe down the whole thing. We saved $1000!

  11. I love it! It looks so inviting! Where did you get the pull-down shades on your windows (or did I miss that?)

  12. What a lovely room, Sarah! I adore what you did around the TV, perhaps that might be the answer for the TV in my living room....although I'd probably make 100 holes in the wall trying to get the frames symmetrical!

  13. Hi Sarah,
    I've followed you for years. You are my first blog! I love your new home - you are doing such a beautiful job. The link for the light fixture takes me to the headboard tutorial. Maybe I missed it in that post but wanted to check and make sure.
    - Sarah

  14. Hello There! I am also looking for more information about the roll up shades/roman blinds. Thank you kindly! Take Care!

  15. I am so enjoying your posts and loving your style! Thank you for sharing your home and your “thrifty” ideas!


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