Decorating the family room built ins...finally!

January 25, 2019

My last post was about giving our foyer a little makeover by using what we have and therefore using very little cash. Love how it turned out! I've done a little decorating in the family room recently that was mostly the opposite. ;)

I spent some money because I FINALLY found something I love for tops of the bookcases I built on either side of the fireplace. I've been searching for just the right thing for nine months! I don't even know how many times I purchased something, brought it home and it was never right. 

I was patient though...I've learned over the years that I'm not spending on something until I really love it. It pays to leave it bare for awhile because the right thing comes along...eventually! I was in HomeGoods a couple weeks ago for the first time in forever and I finally found them! There was an end cap that had a bunch of large vases and I knew they'd be perfect.

I started grabbing some and mixing and matching. I walked through a few more aisles to find more options and ended up combining a few for each side of the fireplace: 
Large vases for decorating

Large blue and cream urns decorating built ins

They are SOOO pretty and just look like they belong in our house...I was so thrilled! I wanted something large to fit the scale of this room and they are perfect. 

I spent 10 minutes trying to fit them all in my cart and gingerly steered right to the check out. I had finally found what was going to work and I was so worried I'd break one. ;) The sweet girl who checked me out wrapped them up so well. I was so excited when I got home and tried them out and FINALLY...loved it!
white, light blue and cream large vases on bookcase

I know, I know...the mirrors need to be raised up. Those things are absolute beasts -- they weigh a ton and I keep forgetting to do it when hubby is home. It takes two people to get them up and down. 

They look so lovely with the blues in the room! I just love love love the vases: 
DIY floating picture shelves on wall

You may notice I changed up the pillows too -- I used a mix of what we had and some new ones that I found weeks ago. 

You'll be proud of me! They aren't matchy matchy and aren't perfectly symmetrical on each sofa. ;) You know how I love my symmetry! I really love the look of the larger pillows and that they don't all match. I'm getting there people!:
Large urns decorating built ins

I think surfaces are hard to decorate and it always takes some trial and error when I'm working on them. Mantels included -- once I get them the way I like them they tend to stay that way for a long time. 

I found an abstract watercolor I liked and then used some other random stuff to decorate the mantel: 
how to decorate with glass cloches

I've had those cloches from IKEA forever and they've survived my decrapifying many times because I knew I'd find a way to use them eventually. I pulled some ferns off of a faux plant and put them under the glass -- I love how pretty and simple it is.

I mentioned in my last post that I've enjoyed a simpler look as far as decor in this house. I didn't want a bunch of tchotchkes on the built ins -- I wanted it to feel easy but fill in the space nicely. The big urns are a perfect solution!:
Symmetrical two sofa family room

I spent some money on the pillows and vases, but they are items I LOVE and work beautifully in the space. I usually don't I find what I like and have the money budgeted for it at the same time...have you ever noticed how that happens? You always see the perfect item when you don't have the cash, and when you have it and are on a mission...nothin'!

The stars aligned for me this time. I only had to wait nearly a year. ;)
Tall fireplace in dark color with built ins

I'm learning how long it takes to get rooms right after moving! I expected that but it's taken a good 14 months to get this room how I want it. I'd love to find a larger coffee table for this room eventually, but that's another thing I'm waiting on. Now our dream is to add wood ceiling beams in here someday...we've been planning that since we moved in. It will be the perfect addition in this room!

Have you waited for the perfect item to complete a space? Have a great weekend friends!

**You can read my tips on how to decorate bookcases and surfaces here!

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  1. The vases are so cute! They look so good with the dark blue walls of your room... still my favourite! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Ugh, I was trying to respond to you and accidentally deleted your comment! So sorry! I like them centered on the mirrors so I prefer them this way. I don't love the spacing between the mirror and the light anyway so I want to move them up. :)

  3. I agree with Kristy! I was just going to comment on the same thing. But then I hate rehanging things once they're up. ;) But I do think the vases would look really lovely in the corners, and then if you ever wanted to add spring/fall/winter branches for some height you could.

  4. I would definitely try the vases on the end of the bookcases - or 3 on the end of 1 and then 2 on one end and 1 on the inside of the other — NOT SYMETRICAL!!! — just to see how they look. I think they will look great...without having to move the mirrors or lights. I just love, love, love your beautful house!

    1. Thank you Laura! I did try them on the end and I hated it, ha! ;) I much prefer them in the middle. I've wanted to move the mirrors anyway and the lights are staying put!

  5. I think they the vases will be perfect where you have them when you move the mirrors up. I love the vases...size and color! At first I thought they would be better to the side but I think it would be the same problem they have now with the mirror so low. Please, please share again when you move the mirrors.

  6. Those vases are SO GORGEOUS!! They look perfect on those built-ins and I love the shades of blue!!

  7. Well done on not perfectly matching pillows! Baby steps! haha
    I'm glad you found just what you wanted when there was money allotted! Wow, it's a miracle!
    Yes, I have waited for the perfect item, because I don't want to settle. Currently I wait for inspo /right item for the wall behind a sofa. I have a mirror in that room on the opposite wall, so I don't think I need another mirror in there. I wonder if it will be a Voila! moment when I see 'it' somewhere. Chrissy

  8. Sarah,

    Can you tell me about your lamp behind the sofa in the last photo? Do you know where you got it?

    Thank you,

    1. Target! I share a link to it under family room in this post. :)

  9. I love the idea of those vase collections. Thanks for the inspiration. Vases can add color, and the ceramic medium gives an “earthy” quality which is warning to a home. Nice addition!

  10. Are your walls grey and navy blue? I'm thinking of going that route for color combo, hubby is annoyed with all my grey, and I haven't been able to find to many inspirational pics with those colors... it all looks so cute and cozy!! PS. ignore the user name i.d my hubby is always messing with the computer ;) and I'm signed into my Google account lol

    1. Yes the walls are a very light "greige" color and the accent is a dark blue. :)


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