Spring cleaning with plant-based products

May 06, 2019

Hello friends! Now that our weather has seemed to change for the better finally (crossing my fingers), I've been motivated to clean this house from top to bottom. 

You'd think a new house is the cleanest you can get -- which is true in some ways. But the construction dust settles in places that you don't find till later. I'm still finding spots they didn't get to! 

I'm on a mission to give the house a thorough cleaning before summer hits. I was thrilled when the folks at Home Made Simple asked me to review their cleaning products. Let the deep clean begin!:
Home Made Simple plant-based cleaning products

I received the laundry detergent and softener as well as the multi-purpose spray and dish soap. All of these products are plant-based so I was excited to try them out! 

I started testing out the spray on one of the hardest spots to clean (in my opinion!) -- the sticky shelves in the fridge:
plant-based products cleaning inside of refrigerator

Tips for cleaning inside of fridge

I used the multi-purpose spray on this shelf since I couldn't remove the glass:

How to get sticky goo off shelves in fridge

I didn't even let it sit like I usually do -- just wiped it up and it came up immediately. I was impressed that it cleaned glass so well. No streaking and it worked easily and quickly. 

Encouraged, I tried it on the goo under the glass on another shelf: 
Easy cleaning inside of fridge

It came right up as well. I was hooked. When I can pull the glass out, I like to wash that in the sink with dishwashing liquid, so I did that with the Home Made Simple dish soap. 

Look how sparkling clean they came out!:
Tips for cleaning inside of fridge

How to get the inside of your refrigerator sparkling clean

Yesss! I don't think it's been this clean since we got it installed! ;) 

I wasn't planning on cleaning out the entire refrigerator, but I was so excited at how well the products worked, I kept going. 

We have the prettiest fridge I've ever seen. Not kidding, it's beautiful inside. I had never heard of a beautiful refrigerator till I saw this one. ;) 

I used the spray on the wood shelf inside as well as the sides: 
Best product for cleaning inside of fridge

The inside is now clean and organized. No more goo!: 
Kitchenaid fridge interior wood

Told you it was pretty! ;) Anyone else feel like a horrible person when they clean the fridge? I feel like I throw away way too much.

I recently tried the laundry detergent and softener on a load of towels and sheets:
Plant-based laundry detergent

Everything came out soft and clean, and just ever so slightly scented. The Home Made Simple cleaning products do have a scent, but it's not overwhelming at all. The detergent comes in an unscented option as well if you prefer that. 

The detergent is concentrated for HE washers so a little goes a long way: 
Home Made Simple laundry products

OK, odd question, but how do you make your bacon? I discovered baking it years ago and will never go back to frying. It's much easier -- put it in and set the timer. And it comes out flat and crispy, just like I like it! 

The only problem is cleaning the pan. I use one that gathers the grease, and it is a pain to clean. Usually I'm scrubbing it over and over to get the grease and bacon bits off: 
Best dish soap for grease

I have to tell you, of all of the products I'm most impressed with their dish soap. So impressed, I'm switching from the brand I've used for years. I used the lemon scent, but it's also available in rosemary and lavender. 

It made washing this pan EASY: 
white kitchen butcher block

I'm a convert. ;) It cut through the grease fast and easy!
Grease cutting plant-based dish soap

I also used the multi-purpose spray throughout the kitchen, on both the granite and wood. If you treat your butcher block like I did, you can use almost anything to clean it -- it will not harm the wood:
white kitchen gray island butcher block

I was extremely impressed with the products and would absolutely recommend them. You know I only do that when I really love a product!

You can find the Home Made Simple cleaning products conveniently at Walmart online or in stores! They are affordable and work well -- I think you'll be pleased if you try them out!

This post is sponsored by Home Made Simple, but all thoughts and experiences are my own. I only work with brands I know and trust.  

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  1. Can you use it on stainless?

  2. Line your pan with foil. It sits in the grease yes, but just take it off the pan as soon as it's out of the oven on a paper towel to soak it up. I like to let the grease cool down and then i just take the foil off, roll it all up together and toss in the trash. Zero mess in the pan.

  3. Forget the cleansers, tell us what you did with your hair! :)

    1. Haha! I just use a curling wand (one without the clamp). :)

  4. Your extra-long shower curtain and rod caught my eye. Do you have a post on them? I can't tell how your rod is hanging -- but beautiful bathroom!

  5. Like Maria said, foil is a must for easy clean up. Once I discovered baking bacon in the oven there was no way I was going back to stovetop. I’ve tried several pan methods to avoid the grease but the best is a jelly roll pan lined with foil. I think the heavy duty foil works best. Clean up is a breeze and you’re keeping all the grease out of your drains. I bake a pound at a time and we eat on it all week.


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