My house project list for the end of 2019

August 08, 2019

Hello hello! I was planning to share our patio with you today, but it turns out we're going to be able to have some landscaping done this weekend. It will look even better after that, so I'll be sharing next week!

Now that the office built ins are done and the patio is mostly finished (there are still a couple projects I'd like to do this fall), I'm turning to my plans for the rest of the year. I like to get my ideas in order well before the holidays for a few reasons -- 1. I'm notorious for getting to late November and thinking of all kinds of projects that would look SO GOOD with Christmas decor up...when its too late to tackle them. 2. I tend to forget (ha!) that Christmas comes at the same time every year, and get overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. The past few years I've made a concentrated effort to plan out my projects way ahead. 3. Budget. We do everything in cash so I need to be able to budget it out, especially towards the end of the year, which is the most expensive of course!

I shared my fall/early winter project plans in October last year, and got almost all of it done in a very short period of time. Looking back and pretty impressed I got all that done before the holidays. 😂
The only thing we didn't tackle was the kitchen cabinets I want to add because of time and cost. I still want to do those! But I think I'll wait till next year at this point.

Onto this year's list! The first one should be pretty easy and go pretty quick. Remember when I added this inexpensive wall trim detail to our foyer?:
Large foyer with white accent wall

I went back and forth on continuing it through the foyer, and decided to wait. For awhile I was fine with the neutral paint color with the white wall. But now I'm ready to keep the white going. 

I plan to add the same trim around the rest of the foyer (which isn't much because of doorways), and then paint everything out white. 

But first up, I need to add this chunky Craftsman molding to the other side of this doorway:

Adding thick decorative trim to large doorway

I've planned to do it for some time, and now is the time! You can see the opening in this photo just a bit: 
Easy and cheap wall trim project

Again, this shouldn't be TOO bad. The door trim will take a day and then the rest of the trim and paint will take another day or two. I think having the foyer all white and bright will be lovely! 

Next up is a bigger project that I'll need some help with, just because of the height. I don't do heights well...especially on a ladder. But I think I can do most of it myself! 

I painted our tall fireplace early last year and have always planned to add some molding to it...cause that's just what I do 😄:  
Tall fireplace wall painted dark color

I didn't want to commit to anything until I was 100 percent sure on what I wanted to do, but I've finally decided! It's not anything crazy, just a simple grid pattern like our old master bedroom, but with a little added detail. It's going to look fantastic!

There seems to be a trend in my list of projects...are you surprised? I've wanted to add some detail to our staircase walls for some time, and I'm finally going to start! I plan to start with the middle section with the doorway to the foyer: 
Open staircase with white spindles stained rails

I have a feeling I'll want to keep going with the rest of the walls, but I'm starting with the biggest wall for now. It will be a very simple design but I think it will make a big impact!

And finally, one that I won't attempt myself...adding hardwood floors to our master bedroom:
Tray ceiling with paint and wood beams

A few months back I explained my brief heart attack when I found out our hardwoods were discontinued. Thankfully we were able to get more for our office and the master (I pray it's enough!). I'm hoping the install won't take more than a couple days so we're not displaced too long. :) 

It's a big list but I hope to have it all done (as well as some outdoor projects) before November. That way I can relax and enjoy the holiday decorating! I hope to get started on the foyer next week.

Do you keep mental list of things you want to get done before the end of the year? I've found it really does help me to focus so I can get more done. Have a great weekend friends! 

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  1. You're gonna be a busy-bunny! So excited for the home projects you have lined up!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I noticed on your stairway wall three round baskets and a light medallion. I have something similar. I have been thinking of painting the medallion to provide more contrast with the wall. Have you considered doing this?

  3. Love your wall treatments and where you're continuing them!

  4. Oh, my! Lots of things to look forward to seeing! I love watching you transform houses! You are so inspirational. Yes, I do keep a mental list and board and batten for my entry and hallway are on the list for this fall. I have been wanting to do it for so long and I have it budgeted and now just a few decisions about going all the way up, colors, etc. and I'll be ready to start. Happy fall projecting!

  5. Looking good and your list will only make it more of a home!

  6. Haha, my list is written out and, in part because of you, never seems to get shorter! My goals before the end of year are a window seat with shelves similar to your morning room but in my master bedroom where there is a large window in a larger niche, plus a grrid trim wall in my son's room with all new paint. Plus a few small, half day projects. I looked at my list, and if I could complete one project a week (which would be aggressive since I also work full time outside the home), I have nearly a year of projects! So stop coming up with such cute ideas or it will be 2 years!


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