My favorite new carpet cleaning machine

September 19, 2019

OK, so I had a different post planned for today, but after discovering this, I HAD to share it with you.

I want YOU to have the cleanest carpets ever as well. ;) This gadget is right up there with my $35 vacuum that is the BOMB. (It's on sale right now, go grab it!!)

We had a big, clunky carpet cleaner at our old house that I got rid of when we got hardwoods. I wasn't using it as much and it just didn't work great. It was kind of a pain to get out and set up as well.

Since then I have either had someone come in and clean them (every couple years or so), or I'd rent a cleaner from the grocery store. It did the job pretty well.

Yesterday I rented one, got it home and all ready...and it didn't turn on. Took it back, got another, got it home, turned it on, and it wasn't spraying the water/cleaning solution. Took it back, got my money back, and in my frustration went straight to Target to just buy one.

I stood in front of the carpet cleaners trying to decide on this very impulsive purchase (because I JUST WANTED TO CLEAN MY CARPETS) and just grabbed the one that was the most on sale. (Eeny meeny miny moe would have been a close second as far as smart decision making goes.)

It was on sale for $70 off and I grabbed it up. It was super easy to set up and I had it running within minutes of getting home:
Hoover smart wash carpet cleaner review

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And that's when I feel in loooove. 😍

This thing. It simultaneously made me so happy and SO disgusted. Let's talk about how it works first. I loved that the water and solution go in separate containers -- no figuring out the right amount of cleaning solution. 

You don't push anything to release the water/solution -- you just push the machine forward for "wash" and pull it back to dry. This took some getting used to. For tough spots I went very slowly over the spot in the forward, washing motion. It works GREAT. 

I'd go over most spots a couple times, and then there's a dry only option to get any excess water up: 

The best carpet cleaner review

I LOVE the way it operates because not only does it clean the carpets really well, but it doesn't leave them soaking wet. I was surprised at how quickly they dried.

I cleaned a rug, worked out, made dinner and then checked the carpet. Three hours later and it was completely dry. I've never had them dry that fast! I did our bedroom carpet this morning and it is nearly dry about three hours later. 

Now to the good/disgusting part. The part I hesitate to show because you'll think we live in filth but I can't wait to show you because it's AWESOME. This is the water after cleaning one rug: 
Affordable carpet cleaner that works

Do you see that? Nearly black!! Oh geesh. I swear we don't live like pigs. 

I was so hooked on it, I did two large rugs, two medium rugs, a runner and our master bedroom in about four hours. It's addictive. 

I told my husband today, "This is so disgusting and I LOVE IT!" It's soooo satisfying. 

Here are some before and after pics of our dining room rug that I haven't cleaned in a year. Thankfully the design of the rug masked all of this well (if you didn't look too close): 
Before and after carpet cleaner

Hoover carpet cleaner review

I was also impressed with how much fur and hair it picked up (I cleaned out the nozzle afterwards and threw up in my mouth a little. I'm not showing you that.) Everything had just been vacuumed the day before!

Our rugs and carpet look brand new!: 
Easy and affordable carpet cleaning machine

I'm very impressed with it so I wanted to share it with you as well! Next up is the upstairs, then the basement. Yessssss.

I found this awesome carpet cleaner at Target where it's on sale right now, but you can find it here and  here for a dollar less all of the time.

Have you tried this Hoover carpet cleaner? I'm in love. 💘

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  1. When the light is just right, I can see spots where my cats have thrown up liquid, so we didn't see it to clean it up. I have been toying with just buying a carpet cleaner, and now I want to run to Target this minute! Thanks so much for the post!

  2. Wait, what?! You can steam clean area rugs on hardwood floors?! I've been sending them out to be cleaned and I could've done it myself?!

    1. Yep, I've always cleaned our rugs on hardwoods! If they are still damp I'll put a fan on them or open a window, but there's no need at all with this machine! :)

    2. That was my exact thought, Nicole. Seems like that would be a no-no!

  3. Do you think this would be good in a house that’s mostly carpet?

  4. This is the exact cleaner I bought this summer and I don’t know how I lived without it!!

  5. A friend once told me that living with carpeting is the closest thing to living on dirt floors. That picture of the dirty water proves it!

  6. I just cleaned our carpet this weekend and had the same thought - I swear we don't live in filth. The black water made it hard to believe though!

  7. Now if you could find one for my tile floors I would love you! I've looked at several but the reviews have not been good.

    1. I have the Bissell that Sarah recommended. Just type Bissell in the search bar.

  8. What are your rugs made out of? I have wool rugs and I’m scared to death to clean them.

  9. I have a Hoover steam cleaner that works so well! It's a few years old already. I hate the part where I have to clean out the dirty container and pet hair from the hoses. I wish there was a better way around that. LOL!

  10. Thank you for this post! Any experience or thoughts on how it would do on stairs?

    1. It works great! It has attachments you can use on stairs or furniture. :)


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