How to Get Furniture Flush Against a Wall

February 11, 2020

Easy fix that will allow your furniture to go right up against the wall. 

There are two things in home decor that annoy me BIG time. They are really small things actually. But they irk me (in our own home). 

One is cords showing -- I've mastered the art of hiding lamp cords as I've shown you a few times:
Trick for hiding cords behind furniture nice. :) 

The other annoyance? When I can't push furniture completely against the wall because of large plugs.  I don't love that the furniture has to sit far away from the wall, but it also bugs me because you can usually see behind the furniture (and see the cords I'm trying to hide) if it's pulled out. 

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If I need to plug in a few items I'll typically use a flat plug extension cord. (But have you seen this concealing extension cord? It's like they read my MIND. That one is perfect if you have an outlet you can't hide behind furniture. Brilliant!)

Usually the culprit is a surge protector and their honkin' plugs that stick out a few inches. I recently discovered you can get flat plug surge protectors too. Those have stopped most of my twitching. :)

Years ago I shared this little recessed plug hack that helps a ton too -- 

install recessed plug behind furniture

BUT there's still one more problem that arises when it comes to getting furniture against the wall. I don't think I've ever shared this on the blog and I can't believe I haven't. I shared it on Instagram stories the other day and I got a huge response. Basically every single person responded with "mind blown." Ha!

So here you go. I needed this trick in my office when I was cleaning up everything after installing my big bulletin board. I've had this little printer stand for awhile, but it had been pushed away from the wall till a couple weeks ago: 
Large DIY upholstered bulletin board

The problem was the cable outlet. Maybe you haven't noticed how far they stick out. If you're not cord/space cuckoo like me, you probably don't care:
push furniture completely against the wall

But for those like me, this will be the best thing ever. Go to the hardware store and check out the cable accessories aisle to get this:
Angled cable connector to get furniture against wall

This little doodad, or right angle cable connector as it's really called, is the answer to your prayers.

It allows the cable cord to extend downward (or up!) so it takes up less space. Plus it's just better for your outlet and cables to not be scrunched up.

I always screw in the bottom part first, then attach it to the wall:
angled cable connector for behind furniture

SEE how much better? It really does make a difference. Now I can push the cabinet right up against the base and quarter round. Brilliant. 

This is also super helpful in that tight space behind TVs. If you have the luxury of having your cable connection and outlets behind your TV, you may not need this. (We had most of ours installed high -- I'm annoyed I didn't do it here.) Depending on the TV, this is super helpful if you don't have much room behind it. 

Have you tried this simple hack? These are usually around three bucks for one, but you get a better price if you buy more than one

Does this stuff bother you like it does me? Thankfully there are easy ways to fix my cord/plug woes. :)

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  1. Brilliant! How do you hide the tv cord when it snakes down the wall to the bothers me

  2. Love your newsletters! This one is outstanding. Great ideas on how to hide plugs and wires. Thank you!

  3. Cords are a pain...

    The first thing I do when I move in is plug extension cords behind any BIG piece of furniture which will be hiding an outlet, e.g. headboard, TV stand, etc... This means that I will have access to the plugs if need be.

    I have never tried the runners you suggest, but what I have used is Command Light Clips. (Command Outdoor Light Clips, Clear, 20 clips, 24 strips) I found these at Christmas for hanging Christmas lights. Perfect for tucking in electrical cords. These are especially nice if you rent or move often and do not know what the future will bring.

    Command products are a great resource for those of us who just can't commit. :)



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