The Perfect Under the Sink Organization Solution

January 12, 2021

Easy storage option to fit the awkward space under your kitchen and bathroom sinks!

These sliding metal shelves are a must have for anyone with awkward under the sink space like we do. 

And if you have a tiny bathroom or kitchen, these will provide a lot more storage!

You know how great it is to find a solution for an organization issue that's bugged you for years

That's how I feel about this under cabinet organization fix I recently found. I just can't believe it took me this long to find it!

We had to make quick design decisions when finishing this house since we took over a spec build that had already started. 

We're thrilled with most of the design decisions I made, but there are a few things I wish I could change

Our builder suggested this option for our bathroom sink cabinets, and I approved them without really looking at the detail. 

Having all cabinets and no lower drawers is the woooorst
light gray bathroom vanity no drawers

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We really don't have any usable storage space for the basic bathroom clutter. I have cursed and raised my fist in the air many times standing at that vanity. 

Maybe it wouldn't bother me as much if we didn't have drawers on the vanity at our last house? All I know is it drives me nutty. 

The two small cabinets on the sides are so skinny you can't fit much underneath. And under the sink is almost unusable because of where they placed the plumbing fixtures: 
under sink vanity storage solution

Because of that we have very little space at all in the vanity for storage. 

Someday we will get new vanities, but that's an expense I just can't justify a few years after moving in! 

So I've been researching under the sink storage. The options were either too expensive or too wide for the skinny end cabinets. 

Then one day recently my friend Courtney shared a metal caddy that I thought would work. I ordered one to try it out...and they are perfect!!:

skinny metal shelves under bathroom sink

The width is perfect for this narrow space and they are the exact depth of standard cabinets. 

These genius stackable tiered metal under the sink organizers work so well I ended up getting one more -- I was hoping to stack two on each side of the cabinet (for four drawers on each side), but adding the fourth drawer made it too tall by millimeters. Ugh! So close! 

**You guys sold these out! They will be back in stock soon. If you can't wait, these sliding organizers are almost identical. I bought these for another cabinet and they work great. 

So instead I did three on this side and two on the other. They work SO well! The units stack really easily.

The drawers are super easy to pull in and out -- I like that you can pull them out and use them on the countertop if you want. 

You can adjust the height for each drawer so taller items can go in one, shorter in another. 

I wanted to see if a wider version of this would work under the sink. I found this option
white metal shelves for under cabinet

I should have known better -- it didn't fit around the pipes. :( I need something wide but shallow for the middle, and I doubt I'll find that. 

I'll try this one under the kitchen sink to store to store our cleaning supplies and sponges.

But at least we have extra storage space with easy access! 

Now my husband wants the skinny shelves for his vanity, I want a set for under the kitchen sink...I want them everywhere! 

I like that they are perfectly upright -- so many baskets and plastic bins are angled and I feel like they waste space. 

These fit perfectly into those skinny vanity cabinets: 
skinny metal drawers for under vanity

You can also screw these into the vanity bottom, which makes them super secure. They hold a TON of stuff too. Way more than I thought they would. 

I was able to put all of my lotions, makeup and hair accessories in the two pull out units. 

You can find the single version here, but they also sell two under the sink organizers for better deal here. The wider option I tried under the sink can be found here

Next time we are going with as many drawers as possible in the vanities...but for now these organizers have helped tremendously! 

Do you have drawers or cabinets in your bathroom vanities? I'm jealous of your drawers! :) 

By the way, I keep all of my hair tools and accessories in this tall black cabinet
IKEA hemnes tall cabinet with glass doors

You can see how I organized those drawers with the perfect drawer inserts here! They are so inexpensive. 

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  1. Oh this is such a great idea! I'll have to get a set for my bathroom sink!

    xx Chelsea

  2. We recently replaced the vanity in our main bath, and chose one with drawers, 3 in all, top to bottom. The top drawer has a cut out to go around the plumbing, has dividers, and is the best storage solution I've ever had in a bathroom. YAY for the drawers!

  3. Would this option work for the middle cabinets?

  4. This U shaped pull out drawer, or something like it, might work around the plumbing in the middle cabinet. Look at drawers that are made for under the kitchen sink. Good Luck!

  5. What a lifesaver! I've looked for a product like this forever. I just ran and measured my skinny cabinets after reading your post. Mine will arrive Friday. Thank you!! Love your blog!!


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