Where to Buy Butcher Block Countertops Today

March 18, 2021

Where you can find butcher block countertops and how to care for them so they last forever!

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know I'm a HUGE fan of wood counters, or butcher block as it's often called. 

I've used them in both of our houses in a number of rooms over the years. One of the most common questions I get is where I've purchased the wood countertops I've used around our home. 

I'm sharing all of the places you can find them in stock (today!) in this post.

If you're thinking about installing butcher block counter tops, there are a few things you'll want to consider first, and I cover those here as well. 

What to look for when purchasing wood counters. 

I know some shy away from using wood, especially in a kitchen, but it holds up to just about anything when protected properly. 

YES, even around a sink!

Heat is the only thing we watch -- always use a trivet on wood counters.

Dents and scratches are unavoidable over time, just like with flooring. But if you pick a hardwood like hickory, maple or Brazilian cherry, they will hold up better than other options. 

Species like pine and poplar are the least durable, but I've installed these softer options in a few places and they still hold up well!    

end grain butcher block

Some butcher block designs have different tones throughout, and some have a traditional look that is more uniform and simple -- it just depends on the look you want. 

There are a few different types of butcher block to pick from:
  • An end grain design looks like a checkerboard with all of the square ends of the wood on the surface. 
  • Edge grain butcher block is much more common for countertops, with the sides of the wood placed up against each other. It's a softer, more neutral look.
  • A face grain design is made with wider planks of wood face up side by side. 
  • If you prefer a consistent, large slab of wood as your counter, I share the easy and inexpensive way I do that later in this post!

How to care for and clean butcher block counters.

wood butcher block countertops around sink

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This counter is made of maple and has held up beautifully over the past four+ years -- even around the sink area!

Wood counters look great stained or just finished with a protective coat -- either one is fine if you use the right products. 

If you plan to use your wood counters as an actual chopping block, you'll want to use only food-safe products. 

Contrary to what you may have been told, you do not have to baby your wood counters! Personally, I think a bit of wear and tear makes them even more beautiful. 

The great thing about wood is you can give them a new look with just a bit of upkeep every year or so. 

  • You can sand away any imperfections like burn marks left by hot pans or shallow nicks with sandpaper.
  • Some like using mineral oil or food grade oil to protect their wood counters, but I prefer using Tung oil. It prevents liquids from seeping into the wood and protects it beautifully. 

When I shared the new wall of cabinets in the mud room, I had placed our old laminate counter back on:
mud room laundry storage cabinets

At first I was going to keep this one on there, but then I realized that the butcher I had been coveting for YEARS would be absolutely perfect in this spot. 

It's the herringbone BARKABODA counter from IKEA and it is SO lovely:
herringbone BARKABODA ikea counters

Unfortunately IKEA doesn't sell solid wood anymore, but the options they do carry have a wood veneer that can be sanded and/or treated just like butcher block (at least a few times).

It can also be cut just like a solid wood counter: 
kreg saw guide for cutting counters

Side note -- that Kreg circular saw guide made easy work of cutting the wood at home. 
  • Make sure to cut from the bottom of your piece if you're using a circular saw or jigsaw. 
  • Ikea provides end pieces for any exposed cuts, but I didn't need it since that side went against the wall. 
  • I used foam pieces underneath to raise up the wood so I could cut on the ground. 

After I got the new counter installed I wasn't sure it even needed to be treated, it was so beautiful on it's own. But I figured it would only enhance the look and protect it as well.

The is where the Tung oil comes in: 
treating butcher block with Tung oil

You can see how to apply Tung oil and why I use it for wood counters here. It's such a great option for treating wood -- low cost, easy application and protects against water and stains SO well. 

This is the Tung oil I used this time. (Formby's was the best, it is now under the Minwax name.)

The oil gives wood new life and makes it shine (literally): 
herringbone walnut butcher block

I love it! I've tried other methods for protecting wood counters and this is the absolute best. 

My Dad is the one who told me to use it, and we all know Dads are always right! 😊

Isn't she lovely? I love the dark walnut and the herringbone design: 
BARKABODA wood counters in laundry

Soap, warm water and a soft cloth is all we usually need to clean our counters, but you can use milder cleaning products as well. 

Butcher block isn't just for kitchens! 

Their warmth contrasts so well against built in bookcases of any color:
white DIY bookcases with wood counters

I've also used them on top of built in benches: 
white beadboard mud room
Tour this bright and pretty mud room here!

I would use wood counters in every room if I could! :) 

But if you need to fill a lot of counter space, these can get spendy. 

I shared how I get the look of butcher block counters for a lot less when I used them on our basement bookcase built ins: 
gray and wood family room built ins

I wouldn't use that option in a kitchen, but everywhere else it's a great dupe!

Where to find butcher block you can take home today.

Often when I'm working on a project and want the warmth of a wood counter, I want it RIGHT THEN. 

Thankfully there are a BUNCH of places you can find butcher block wood counters to pick up today if you are working on a project. 

All of these links take you to the options available at each location. On some you'll need to toggle the option for "in your local store" to see what they have available to buy immediately:

IKEA butcher block counters (All but the IKEA options are solid wood.) 

Also, search for lumber yards near you. They usually offer more variety and can also cut them to the size you'll need. 

Am I forgetting any places you've found butcher block in stock? Have you used these beauties anywhere in your home? 

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  1. I know that the counter is flat, but with that photo angle, it sure looks like the counter has two levels and slopes. Imagine if that was a bar counter and you had a few drinks.

    It is very pretty....liz

  2. Your use of tung oil has inspired a question! I have a table very similar to your Everett Foyer Table... mine has recently looked very dull. Have you had this issue with yours and have you refreshed it? Wondering if cleaning down with TSP and applying tung oil would add back the warmth and bring it back to life! Look forward to hearing your suggestions!

  3. You totally saved our renovation! I was desperate to find a 12 foot countertop in stock, but everyone had only shorter countertop lengths or a 3-10 week wait. I had checked everywhere I could think of nearby, but had never heard of Floor and Decor until I read your post. There was one just half an hour away and we were able to pick up our countertops the same day. Thank you so much!


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