Quickly Organize Messy Drawers With This Easy Solution!

October 19, 2021

Expandable drawer dividers to easily organize your kitchen and clothing drawers!

This adjustable drawer organizer makes it SUPER easy to organize messy drawers and make the most of your storage space. Use them to create custom organizers in a matter of minutes! 

As soon as I got these cool little gadgets, I knew I had to share them with you. I've been reorganizing a few spaces in our kitchen as I work on the new pantry, and I'm loving how much more functional they've become! 

I was working on a spice drawer that I'll share in a minute, but noticed that every time I shut the drawer, the organized containers slid all over and got out of order. 

YES, I alphabetized them. :) 

I thought about using a liner to keep them from moving around, but I've found that it still slides around inside the drawer.

I also wanted to separate some of the spices into sections, so I needed a different solution.  

I recently shared a few ways to keep things from sliding around both vertically and horizontally, but none of those worked well for these smaller items. 

I was thisclose to making my DIY drawer dividers like I did years ago...but then realized I wanted something adjustable so I could add more to the drawer later.

The perfect solution came to me during an online search for something else. I wasn't even looking for it, and there. it. was.: 
bamboo adjustable drawer dividers

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These adjustable drawer dividers are expandable! They're made of bamboo and are spring loaded so they fit tightly inside your drawers. 

The ends are soft so they won't scratch anything, and the rubber feet grip to the sides so they don't move around: 
expandable drawer dividers

These dividers come in different sizes -- these are the 12 to 17 inch versions that would be best for smaller drawers. There's also a 17 to 21 inch option for larger drawers. 

If you don't have fully extending drawers, you can use the longer dividers and place them from front to back.

I used them in my problem drawer but also wanted to tackle an even bigger problem spot -- our utensils are always an absolute mess: 
messy utensil drawer organization

I pulled everything out, got rid of a few things we don't use, sorted what was left and then started putting things back in with the inserts. 

These adjustable dividers are AWESOME!: 
adjustable drawer dividers utensils

Installation is easy -- just pull back the skinny side and place it where you want in the drawer. You can create whatever size compartment you want and can easily adjust them. 

I think I'm going to order the larger size for our kitchen drawers so they will have a tighter fit. These have worked well so far, but because they're almost fully extended, they don't grip the sides quite as much. 

I recommend measuring the width of the inside of your drawer and going with the longer dividers that fit! 

These expandable dividers would be useful for so many things!:
  • Instead of buying a tray for the silverware drawer, you can make sections the right size for your knives, forks, etc. 
  • They would be awesome to organize the clutter in a junk drawer! (And add my favorite plastic bins to corral small things like paperclips and pens.) 
  • Use them in desk drawers to organize office supplies. 
  • They would be SO helpful in dresser drawers as well! You can stack them for larger clothing like shirts or pants. 
  • The dividers would be great for organizing smaller accessories like ties, socks or undergarments. (This plastic version is taller for dressers or closet systems.)
  • Use them in bathroom drawers to organize cosmetics or toiletries. 
  • If you use dressers to store games or craft supplies, you can use these to sort them in the drawers.
The reason I got these in the first place was for our spice drawer in the pantry. 

I started out with our spices all over the place: 
organizing messy spice drawer

I found these adorable glass spice jars that were the perfect height: 
cute spice jars

All of the other options I found were too tall. The jars include shaker lids so you can easily shake or pour the spices out!

A TON of printed labels come with them as well, plus a bunch you can write on yourself: 

round printed spice jar labels

black spice jar labels

There's even a white marker included! :) 

Anyway, they're adorable and perfect and when alphabetized, they make it SO much easier to find what we need!: 
organized spice jar drawer

The drawer dividers keep the glass jars from sliding all over and also allowed me to separate the spices from my baking toppings as well. 

Now they all stay put and I can find what I need quickly. Both the jars and the dividers make me happy. 😀

Oh, and I found these dissolvable labels so I can write expiration dates on the bottom of my jars: 
dissolvable labels for pantry

They quickly dissolve in water and and don't leave any adhesive on the surface. I've been using them for all of our containers!

They are GREAT -- I had been looking for something like this forever: 
dissolvable stickers food

All of these items have helped make our kitchen and pantry more functional (while still looking good!). 

The DIY dividers are great if you don't need to adjust them later on, but these work great if you'll be adding or removing things over time that will change how you use the storage space. 

They'd also be great for renters who don't want to do anything semi-permanent. :) 

**These dividers are available in plastic as well!

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  1. I may have missed it. Where did you find your drawer organizers? What brand are they and are you still happy with them?


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