Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall is here? It's 84 degrees outside!

Ohhhh I love, adore, can't get enough of fall. Love it love it LOVE. IT. Usually, I get so excited about this season that I have pulled the bins of decorations out by August 31...or the 15th? Who's keeping track?

This year, fall alludes us here in the Midwest. We've just had approximately TEN STRAIGHT DAYS of 82+ degree weather. Fall, notsomuch. I know, 82 is nothing for those of you down south, but 82 is torture to me...fall is the most glorious time of the year around here and there is nothing better than a 68 degree day, fireplace roaring, my (new Lampchop) slippers and a mug of apple cider, in my opinion. Eighty outside does not lend itself to anything but sweat and bugs. Ugh.

So the weather is breaking and I finally started working on the fall decor over the past couple days and have had a blast. And spent money. Dang it, why can't I just be happy with what I already have?? Why must I finance Hobby Lobby's existence?

So, here you go, I'll take more tomorrow with better light. Enjoy the candlelight and sip some cider. (Yippee, I'm practically giddy!)

I'm going to have dead head all these blooms, aren't I? And that's only one of two. The pumpkins are sad, give me time. Yes, those are fake flowers on the door, looking goooo--oood!! (Clark!):

These need some water, I know. But I have to remember to feed cats and a child everyday. Pumpkins for cheap at Hobby Lobby!:

I love that our home already has so many of the fall colors in it -- hence my love for this time of year. I love green, rust and brown:

I needed a stand for these candles -- spend literally three hours this morning searching for something in three different stores. (Not that I didn't find anything else!) It hit me on the way home -- scrap wood and paint. Exactly what I wanted:

These little frames will have FALL spelled out in them, just need to find the right letters:

I've realized lately that this new obsession of blogging is keeping me from my very reason for blogging -- decorating! :) I love the new inspirations and the ideas are flowing...I hope I inspire you too!


  1. Very pretty...I am w/ ya with candace...I feel like a lot of her rooms are similiar. Almost like she has gone a little too cookie cutter. cherry

  2. You have a very beautiful home! Your fall decor looks lovely too.
    It's been fun to read your blog and check out your past posts. Your master bedroom is gorgeous!

  3. I love what you've done! My house is pretty much fall/earth colors anyway, too.

    I especially love your dining table arrangement. Very cute!

  4. Hi,
    You do have a beautiful home! I have the same container that you have on your front door...but loaned it to my daughter. I may have to get it back! LOL

  5. Thanks for stopping by! Your home is gorgeous! Where did you get the flowers/berries you used in your door hanger? They are so pretty! I have one similiar and am at a LOSS as to where to find something cute and not so...fakey looking. Ha! Ha!

    Your blog is great - I've had fun and I'll be back! :o)

  6. Your home is lovely! I love all the fall touches! Thank you for the lamp recover tutorial! I have several shades to cover! I am visiting this morning, via Angie at The Happy Homebody. :o)
    Have a beautiful day!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  7. Beautiful! You must find balance because you MUST keep posting all of this great stuff!!

  8. Where did you get the bell jar at? I'm hunting for my wedding. Thanks, Sarah

  9. Love your decorating ideas! Gorgeous! I used your door decoration as a guide for mine and was sure to give you credit. I'm encouraging all my friends to visit your blog.


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