10 FUN Halloween Decor Ideas Under $10

October 13, 2022

Ten fun Halloween decor ideas UNDER $10!

Simple and cute Halloween decor ideas for your next Halloween party or just for fun!

Since our Halloween decor doesn't stay out long inside, (we keep our outdoor stuff out longer), I don't like to spend a lot of money or time on the Halloween touches. 

Over the years I've figured out some fun ways to add some spooky that only take a few minutes. And ALL of these will cost you less than ten bucks to buy or DIY!


Smaller decor always makes a bigger impact in numbers. These little crows I found at the dollar store are perfect perched on ledges or shelves:

halloween crows on shelf

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You can also find a set of six of these crows online if your dollar store doesn't carry them. 


Any contact paper will work for this ghost project. Even the "clear" versions have a bit of a haze to them. 

I just free-handed a ghost design using a corner of the contact paper and then cut it out with scissors (while still attached to the backing):
contact paper ghost on mirror

You can put them on mirrors or windows...this is such a cute and easy Halloween project! 

And yes, you can reuse them year to year! I just peel mine off and roll it up to store. 

I used inexpensive black felt to cut out these fun Halloween shapes: 
black Halloween window shapes

We just used a bit of tape to hang them, but a dot of hot glue would work as well. 


I made these letters years ago – they’re just MDF craft letters and I covered them in Halloween scrapbook paper:

BOO letters with scrapbook paper

So easy, so simple, so cheap!:

  1. Spray the front of your wood cut out and the back of the decorative paper lightly with spray adhesive. 
  2. Place face down on the back of your paper.
  3. Smooth out paper and make sure it's attached well.
  4. Use an X-acto knife to trim the paper off. (Do this on a cutting board or mat!)

wood shape pumpkin

Sometimes I use a sanding block to lightly clean up any rough edges. 

You'll have cute Halloween decor for a few bucks!:

black glitter pumpkin


This one uses both cardstock paper and cheesecloth. These little spooky eyeball votives are still one of my favorite Halloween projects:

Halloween mummy votive craft

You can make these on a bigger scale as well. 

Just plop a battery-operated LED candle inside for an adorable display. Again, less than $10 for all of them, easy!

And these DIY cheesecloth ghosts are a really fun craft to do with the kids: 

DIY cheesecloth ghosts


You can transform the most basic dollar store Halloween decor with spray paint! 

I found some sparkly spray paint and knew I had to use it somehow:

silver metallic spray paint

My skull head friend was an ugly plastic guy from the Dollar Tree before he got a couple coats of the Titanium:

silver skull under glass

A little silver paint and he was ready to go!

I grabbed a bunch of secondhand frames and painted them black for a spooky Halloween mantel

DIY Halloween art

I used my computer and free prints for all of the art. More ideas on that below!

6. Using paper Halloween cut outs

I especially love paper Halloween decor at this time of year. It’s inexpensive and hardly takes up any storage space – bonus! I picked up these creepy paper hands on clearance last year:

black interior door

They look smashing on our black interior doors. ;)

We use paper bats everywhere and I usually like to put them in one spot for more impact:

paper bats on wall

There’s a few of them on the stairway, along with the infamous black stair mice:

mice on stairs Halloween

You can also make your own at home with black cardstock and a craft cutting machine. 

We found some super cute downloads from the Silhouette site and used them to dress up the lamp shade a bit:

spider web cut out inside lamp shade

I adore these little guys and their spider webs!

I just gave them a very light coat of spray adhesive and stuck them on the inside of the lampshade:

black Halloween cut outs on lamp shade 

I love them so much! And how about snowmen for Christmas? Or snowflakes?

You can also attach these to lanterns or tall glass candleholders and the webs and spiders will cast a fun shadow!


Googly eyes are a fun way to add some light-hearted Halloween touches around the house. Especially helpful if you have young ones that don't like scary decor. 

 These big dollar store googly eyes watch us from the toilet:

googly eyes Halloween

We giggle like little kids when I put those up every year. 

You can also use smaller googly eyes and stick them on family photos around the house -- they pop off easily after Halloween. (Although it is fun to leave them up and see who notices.) 


This is another favorite! I LOVED how this crepe paper mummy door tutorial turned out: 
DIY mummy door

This is such an easy way to add some DIY Halloween decor to your front porch!

When this paper is exposed to any humidity outside, it will droop a bit. Turns out it looks even better then! You can see both versions at that link above. 


Over the years I've learned you can turn just about anything into a sign! 

I found these glittery "spooky" letters at HomeGoods: 
spooky letter stickers

And placed them on a scrap piece of wood painted black to make a Halloween sign:
DIY spooky sign

If they don't stick well, use your trusty spray adhesive to glue them on. 

If your sign will be outside, it's a good idea to protect it with a coat or two of polyurethane. 

Grab some old glass bottles and print out these Halloween potion labels:: 
free potion labels for Halloween

Spray the back with spray adhesive and then just place them on the glass jars.

Goodwill is a GREAT place to find glass containers for this! Drop some red or green food coloring in and you're done!:
potion labels on jars

These are great additions for a Halloween party display. 


By far the least spooky of the group, but certainly just as cute! I share three candy corn craft and decor ideas that are easy to complete with the candy, a hot glue gun and yarn:
candy corn decor

These are more great crafts you can tackle with the kids!

Do you decorate your home for Halloween? 

You can see all of my easy and inexpensive Halloween and fall decor through the years here. And check out my tips for throwing a fun and stress free pumpkin carving party:

pumpkin carving party

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  1. OMG! I laughed and laughed about the toilet!! What a cute and funny idea!!
    Thanks for sharing with us :D

  2. Any tips on where to buy a boxwood wreath?

    1. She talked about that awhile ago- I believe she gets hers from decor steals. They have them frequently throughout the year. That and their sister site antique farmhouse.

  3. It all looks great! My boys aren't so into having the inside of the house decorated for Halloween - they really like my fall decor. So, they have a blast covering the front yard with fake spiders, webs, pumpkins, scarecrows, and other spooky stuff. They usually invite all of the neighbor kids over to help stretch the webs and reach high places. I'm pretty positive the gardener LOVES coming to our house for those two weeks!

  4. Oh my gosh! The eyes on the toilet are hilarious!!! I am ashamed to say I didn't giggle, but I cracked up instead. Your son is so precious!

  5. I love your decorations, especially the bony hands :)

  6. So very cute! WE're in the middle of moving so I can't really decorate and it sucks cause Halloween's my thing!

  7. I used to decorate for Halloween when the kid was young but no kids around anymore, and grandchildren live in another state. So I decorate for fall only. I absolutely love all the crows lined up together. Wouldn't matter which room it's just so lifelike.

  8. I have always loved your mice stairs! I have read about them on your blog for the past couple of years. This year, we finally got around to redoing our stairs and I found (rats) at the dollar store. Def not as cute as your mice, but still cool. Can't wait to see how they come out!

  9. Oo those crows are creepy! And the spiders--EW!! I can see why you only leave Halloween things up for a short "spell".
    I did an out loud laugh at the googly eyes in the loo. (Jessica commented above that the eyes made her "crack" up, which made me giggle again.) I guess it helps a little that the lid will cover those peering eyes...
    And googly eyes on the photos! haha Sorry, it made me chuckle a bit that they freak Bub out. It does look very spooky.
    Oh and you kept the puns going with the "smashing" hands on the black door. I've got to hand it to you, looks great.
    I can't believe the mice tradition is still going! haha We caught one in the garage this morning. YUCK.
    I'll bet it's fun to watch Bub have at it.

  10. I think your Bub did a great job on the Halloween decorating. Looks like he has secretly paying attention to how you do things. Two suggestions...could those smashing hands on the black door be painted with glow-in-the-dark paint? That would be pretty spooky if you came downstairs in the middle of the night! My second idea is to leave the googly eyes on the toilet year round...because the "boys" will be reminded to put the lid back down so they can enjoy the fun!! You have some great items and once again, the Bub did a great job with placement.

  11. It is all so cute! I, too, use alot of paper in
    my halloween decor, including mice on the
    stairs. How do u hang your paper decor &
    your spiders? I use poster putty but was
    wondering if u had a better idea

  12. I love all of your decorating ideas, especially these cute Halloween ones! I thought the way you decorated the toilet was hilarious. I recently started a DIY blog and would just like to say that your blog was a great inspiration for me.

  13. LOVE these ideas! The toilet seat cracks me up! I am sure my boys would love that one!

  14. Googly eyes for the win! Also did I see you found chairs for the library ?!?!?

  15. Absolutely love these DIY's
    I always love decorating for different holidays :)

  16. Hi! Cute stuff! I was wondering where your chevron pillow on the bench in the entry is from. It goes perfectly with the other pillow. Thanks!

  17. Hi. Beautiful, as always!! Where did you get the spiders?


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