Almost free & cute Halloween decor

October 29, 2009

I'm so stinking excited you all love our dining room redo as much as I do! It just feels like "home" to me, like it always should have looked this way. ;)

It hit me this week that, uhhhhh, Halloween is like, in two days and I hadn't shown you more of my decor. Maybe you can file some ideas away for next year, yes?

Most of my Halloween decor -- well ALL of my Halloween decor -- was made by moi or purchased on the cheap. I showed you my free spooky mantel decor, my googly eyed candleholders. All were super cheap or free!

Here are more inexpensive Halloween decorations I promise every one of you can do!

I took a glittery wood cut out from the craft store and attached it to scrapbook paper in an old frame:
easy Halloween art
The gumball machine was $4 at Goodwill and I couldn't. resist. it. I tried, I did. It's perfect for peanut M&M's. Makes it a bit harder to get to them, which is a good thing. ;)

These cute Halloween bottle labels are free online:
free printables cover Halloween bottles
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This year I got a few more little jars for $.25 each at GW, and printed off itty bitty labels I found here.
free printables Halloween bottles
Years ago I found images online, printed them out and cut the shapes out of stiff black felt

They've lasted for a long time and I love how they look on our windows:

felt shapes for windows holidays
felt shapes for windows
When you take three cardboard letters that spell out BOO and half off scrapbook paper, this is what you get:
Cover chipboard letters with craft paper
Four bucks total, I believe?BOO letters Halloween
I think the paper cost more than the pumpkin for this one:
Cover Halloween cut outs with paper
Outside, I used spidey web lights I found at the drug store last year on clearance (drug stores have some fun stuff for CHEAP after the holidays.) I think these cost me two bucks:
easy and cheap Halloween decor
And of course my dollar store tombstones are all over the front yard! I touched them up with white paint and they look awesome:
cheap halloween decor
This one was probably the most expensive project -- I found these vinyl stickers at HomeGoods a few weeks ago and got Spooky and Scary for $6:
Use stickers for crafty Halloween sign
I took some scrap wood, spray painted it, distressed it and drilled holes for the ribbon to hang it:

Spooky sticker sign
Adorable. Cheap. Thankyouverymuch. ("Scary" is vertical and leans against a wall in our foyer.)
Privacy drapes on glass door
Fun stuff eh?? (You can see my DIY no sew roman shades tutorial and then those magnetic curtain rods here!)

Please don't let all of this fool you. I have a secret...

I am sooooo cheating...
Santa buckle towel
I couldn't resist, really. Could you? (Don't tell me if you could.)

I'll also share my first Christmas project next week -- I've mentioned it before but you'll need some time to prepare for this one. ;)

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  1. The new look of your blog is inspiring! I may have to do this myself one of these days...Janell

  2. Love the SPOOKY sign! Did I miss that earlier?
    I also love the new look. Very fancy!

  3. The $6 on the SPOOKY sign, was definitely worth it... IT ROCKS!!!

    ALL of your Halloween decor is just awesome!!

    Tiffany @ Mine Are Spectacular!

  4. Oh how cute! Love how you made your own signs and stuff, cool! Your blog makeover is awesome!

  5. So many cute things. Love that meatloaf hand. I think I'll make that after Halloween just to freak the family out!

    Wanted to be sure to say that I also LOVE the new blog makeover. Very nice.

  6. Love the Halloween decor -- GREAT stuff, and that it's on the cheap makes it all even better.

    happy Halloween!

  7. Your spooky sign is adorable. I love it. I want one. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas project!

  8. Your new blog design is STUNNING and so "you"! Luuuurvvve it!

    All of your Halloween ideas are so awesome! I still can't believe the prices you are able to create such amazing things with.

    ~*~Happy Halloween!~*~ BOO! :)

  9. Target santa towel? I almost got that!

  10. It makes me excited for halloween next year :) Just too much going on and ZERO decorations for this Halloween - booooo!


  12. Love the decor! I have the same tomestones from the dollar store! I put mine on the wall in the livingroom...our livingroom is painted bright orange so it worked perfect with the Halloween theme!

  13. Thanks for sharing your great ideas! You are one creative gal!

  14. Love your new look!!! Your home is beautiful! I love those labels. And I want those stickers you got at Homegoods! I need them. I have been so busy with my burlap obsession that I haven't been shopping in weeks. I am going over there tomorrow to see if they have any left!

    Have a spooky Halloween!


  15. Lots of cuteness here!

    I just found those potion labels recently too! They are from the Love Manor flickr photostream (in case anyone wants to know)

    Or there is the Love Manor website:

  16. Love the new look! I heart the BOO letters - They turn out adorable and look so easy to make! I'll have to keep this in mind - It can be used for so many things! Thanks =)

  17. Love the Halloween decor, it's very tasteful and chic.

    Good job!

  18. I like the BOO sign you made with the letters and half off paper. Very cute! :) Interested to see your Christmas project!

  19. oooo great job!!!!!! i cant wait to hit up the after holiday sale! i go every year. and i always find really good deals.

  20. Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I really like the BOO sign. An easy project that can be used for all holidays (I see JOY for Christmas)

    I LOVE the new look BTW! It is "GORG"!!!

  21. YAY! So excited to start the Christmas crafts!

  22. Just wondering, how did you stick the black felt shapes to the windows?

  23. Love all of your ideas. Please keep them coming. The DR rocks.

  24. If you like vintage-looking labels, you should check out iDIY ( It's a wedding website but has lots of freebies that you can update for your own projects, like some great apothecary jar labels! You would like it I think.

  25. I LOVE LOVE LOVE every single one of those projects!! I'm almost mad at you for not posting them sooner so I could make a few for halloween this year!! :) SOOO AWESOME! I can't wait for next year!

  26. Love your new blog look! The labels are so cool. I googled and found some (maybe the same ones?) at and I'm thinking of making my own for next year. I love all of the adorable ideas you have. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I'm dying to find out where you got these green curtains on this door-window!! I have so many of these doors in my house, and I hate not having some sort of cover on them! Did you make them or did you buy them? Please email me at

    Loooove your site! :)


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