Cheese dome turned decorative cloche

April 04, 2010

small decorative pear

This month’s before and after project is a complete and utter copy cat – but that’s a good thing, right? I’ve seen DIY cloches all over blogland – but this one spoke to me for some reason. The reason -- it was just…CUTE. Allison over at House of Hepworth’s did this project and it had me at “cloche.”

I started with a cheese dome/plate from Goodwill. These are plentiful at most Goodwill's – I swear I see at least one every trip in. My set was $2.99:
cheese plate turned cloche

Next, a $.99 candlestick:
make a decorative cloche

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I liked that it was big. And chunky. (Name that movie!)

I used my epoxy from Gorilla Glue for the first time to put the two together:
gorilla glue

It was super easy to use – I glued the pieces together and let them sit overnight, but I think it takes less than a couple hours for it to really bond. It worked great!

Then…of course, I had to use the Heirloom White spray paint again:
Heirloom White spray paint

I am quite sure my oil-rubbed bronze boyfriend on the shelf in the basement is sulking right now. Sorry love. I’ll be back soon.

Even though I did a light sanding over the whole thing, it still took tons of coats of spray paint, and I still didn’t get it in all the crevices. But it was worth it!:
cheese plate turned decorative cloche
It now sits on the little table that separates our family room and kitchen:
table with DIY cloche

I hope one day it will be a perfect little addition to a console table behind the sofa in that spot. ;)

I am quite sure the little cutie pear that is not protected by the cloche will be used as a tennis, basket, golf or baseball sometime very soon. But for now, he’s so darn cute sitting there!

So, my before and after for the month for you again! Before…cheesy plate and cheap candlestick:
cheese plate candlestick

DIY cloche with pears
Total cost was $4 for the Goodwill purchases – the spray paint and glue I had on hand.

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  1. I LOVE cloches and I saw that idea and LOVED it, too! It is fabulously cute and totally works! =-D

    [Lisa Leonard jewelry giveaway on my blog and it starts tomorrow! Check it out because they will be 3 winners!]

  2. LOVE it! I need to find me a cheese dome/plate. Sadly I haven't been to a Goodwill lately . . but now I will be on a mission. =)

    BTW . . I love that movie too! As a matter of fact, that song is one of my ring tones.

    Have a great week!
    ~ Jill

  3. That is absolutely gorgous!! I need to find one of those!

  4. I love your great cloche, and the pears with the white makes it perfect for spring! And I cracked up when you said the unprotected pear may find a new purpose sometime soon!

    Kat :)

  5. OMG! This is ooo cute!! Well done!

  6. My goodness! I just love what you did! Thank you for sharing your great ideas!

  7. Sarah,
    I never get tired of seeing this project! I love the way yours turned out, and the pears are just too cute! And the price is crazy good.
    Thanks for the party!

  8. Sarah, First off... OMG THANK YOU!!!! Wow, what a huge compliment!!! You have no idea how jumping-on-the-sofa excited I am right now.

    Secondly, I am loving the heirloom white!! Amazing. Good thing I JUST picked up another cheese dome and candlestick last week for a 2nd cloche. This next one is going to be heirloom white. Loving it.

    (A white one for Spring/Summer and a black one for Fall/Winter.)

    Again, Thanks a million bazillion times for a) copying little ol' me, and b) mentioning my name and linking me up in your post.

    Huge {{{HUGS}}}

  9. Love that idea!!! The chunky candlestick really makes this project AMAZING! I'm totally looking for this when I'm thrifting next now! :)

  10. Love that you used the candle stick holder for the pedestal! So charming!

  11. I love the chunkiness of the candlestick. Very cute with the pears! I may have to head out to the thrift stores to make this! Thanks for the hosting! :)

  12. Ohh I so love this. You know I will be running to goodwill tomorrow.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. I LOVE a girl who can quote Madagascar 2. :) I also love a wonder I come here often. :)

    LOVE IT! I have plans for my little cheese dome from our Goodwill spree....almost done with it. ..ALMOST.


  14. OMG, OMG, OMG, that is way too cute. I am totally going to do that now. Gorg!!

  15. I have never seen this project before and I think it is GENIUS! I absolutely love the outcome and now I will be on the hunt for cheesy cheese plate candlestick combo for my own DIY cloche. LOVE !

  16. Haha! I sing that everytime I look at myself in the mirror. :) "I like 'em big... I like 'em chunky" We love that movie and song.

    Your new creation is gorgeous!! Love it!

  17. Love it! I just so happen to have an extra one of those domes lying around feeling lonely. So now I'll be on the hunt for the wood parts. TFS!

  18. I love it! I linked my own create-a-cloche project (except I used an old clock!!)

  19. Love, love, love it! The bigger and chunkier the better, right? Too bad that doesn't apply to me as well.



  20. You never cease to amaze me. $4.00!!? Incredible!! Thanks for hosting! :) We love Thrifty Decor Chick! ;)
    Shelley@HowDoesShe :)

  21. I like em big, I like em chunky....
    I love the Madagascar movies and you for quoting them!

    Great project, I'm going to keep my eyes open for the pieces to make my own!

  22. One more thing, where is the lampshade from in the picture? I'm looking for one just like that. Thanks Sarah for your constant source of inspiration. :)

  23. Great cloche! I made one the same way - I found a pewter candle stick and it looks so good I don't even want to paint it!

  24. I love it! I see the base part a lot at my Goodwill but not the glass piece. I like the way the white covered. I had a similar thing happen with plain white and a gold crown, but it gave it an antique, aged look and I didn't even have to add glaze.

  25. Jules (DzynByJules at RMS)
    OVER THE MOON CUTE Sarah!!!!! Love it!

    Here's a link to see the before and after pic's of my upholstered storage ottoman using an "Omaha Steak" cooler.

    I just hated to throw the old things away, but now after getting our eagerly awaited Christmas steaks from the in-laws, I feel a little "greener" re-purposing those landfill clogging styrofoam monsters. Now I'm headed over to the GoodWill to fight off the crowd to get my cloche supplies!

  26. bah, i am so jealous of your finds! i need to find a different goodwill, mine is all clothes with random home stuff thrown in. not very organized, and not a mecca for good stuff. and the pricing ain't great, either!

  27. Thanks for starting my day out with a laugh!!! Moto Moto says it to Gloria in Madagascar 2! I should know, I've seen it a hundred + 1 times with my granddaughter! By the way...I love your cloche stand...fantastic job!

  28. I am the biggest idiot ever - I entered a CRAFT item (beach towel) accidentally!! I don't know how to delete the link... can you??
    I added the one I meant to (living room b&a).

    Can I blame it on the amount of pollen we have floating around our city?!?! sorry I messed up!

  29. Love that, and the pears are an awesome touch, they're my favorite fake fruit! Nice job!

  30. I just made one with a cloche that looks just like that, only I think mine is smaller because I could only fit 3 small pears in it. Not even kidding, i put fake mini pears from Hobby Lobby in mine too.

    I feel pretty spiffy that I did something even you would aprove of without seeing yours first. Thank you for showing that.

  31. OK I am jealous of all these wonderful Goodwill finds! I just wish the Goodwills here weren't all in scary parts of town!!!

  32. SOOOO cute! Love the books they are on too :)

  33. It turned out great!! I really love the look with the chunky candle holder!

    Go Bulldogs!

  34. I have a cheese place from goodwill that is sitting doing nothing, now I have a new project!

  35. Wonderful job. Thrift Stores are the best. I love how you had the "eye" to put these objects together to make something so cool.

    -Jessica @

  36. LOVE IT! I have a cheese dome plate that I got, where? At the thrift store! ;) I painted it black last year and it has a faux cupcake in it. I was thinking I need to glue it to a candle stick to make a little dessert stand. It seems like your cheese dome is bigger though. Anyway, you said it took A LOT of coats of spray paint...I have found that primer is my friend. I didn't read that you used primer but if you did, just ignore this last part. haha I never used it before but I have found it is such a time saver and I get less irritated if I just coat the object with spray primer first. You *do* have to wait a little longer for it to dry. But for me it's worth it.

  37. Yes I love it! It's precious and of course the lone pear just makes me smile too. :)

  38. I love how the cheese dome melds with the candlestick. And for .99? All candlesticks at my goodwill is $1.99!

  39. This is a simple, GREAT idea- I have to do it!

  40. LOVE it! Next on my list of have to makes. I've joined your party too :0)

  41. Very cool! I think I can do this with some things I have on hand. Hmm...

  42. GORGEOUS! Another reason to go to Goodwill...last week I scored a lovely milk glass footed vase!

  43. LURVE! I actually have a cheese dome I bought months ago, with the intention of turning it into a cloche. Completely smitten with the candlestick-raised cloche. Will be following through on that project soon hopefully!

  44. OMG I finally did it! I went to Goodwill TODAY and finally found a cheese dome/plate! I'm so flippin' excited I can't stand it! What I could not find though, was a chunky candlestick! Bummer! But, I've been longing to do one of these nifty little things for the LONGEST time,so I'm determined to get it done! Thanks so much for all of your great ideas and inspiration!

  45. It's awesome. And I actually like that you couldn't get in all the crevices, the imperfections make it better.

  46. Your cloche looks so good next to that lamp! I love these type of projects going around the blogworld. I have a nice cloche at home without a base so I'll have to get shopping to see what I can find.
    I'll have to make my way through your Mclinkies to see what everyone else has come up with.
    By the way I think I'm in love with your dinning room decor.. those vases/candle holders, lovely flowers, and oooh love the chicks in bowls.
    Thanks for having such a beautiful blog.


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