Autumn in Indiana

October 31, 2010

A collection of gorgeous front porches decorated for fall.

A couple of weeks ago, my Sis and I took a day off from the decluttering around here to take in some of the fall beauty around us. It was her last day before heading to her new job and my last day having her around all day. :( Sniff.

I do love being with her – I don’t just use her for manual labor. ;)

I’m so proud to be a born and raised Hoosier, and this time of year I am madly in love with Indiana. It’s quite beautiful. Most think we’re just flat fields – and we do have our fair share. But there’s more than corn in Indiana -- some really gorgeous parts too. :)

My Sis, the Bub and I started our day out by driving through one of our very favorite “drive by” spots – the Meridian Kessler area of Indy. We ooohed and ahhhed over the fantastic houses, and took some hi-I’m-not-crazy-just-obsessed-with-your-house pictures along the way:

IMG_0893We had to be fast and stealth-like so the owners wouldn’t call the cops on the crazy women taking photos. :)

Some were decked out for Halloween, and the Bub would alert us by screaming “STOP!! HALLOWEEN STUFF!!” at the top of his lungs and freak us out every. single. time.:

IMG_0874Some were just plain gorgeous with some simple mums:

IMG_0875 IMG_0880


Some didn’t need much of anything – they were gorgeous all on their own:

IMG_0879     IMG_0884The addresses have been blocked to protect those who live in the gorgeous houses :)…




Oh my. Grey siding, white trim, red door? LURVE.

Because it was such an amazing day, we decided to head over to what has quickly become one of my favorite spots in Indianapolis – Holliday Park:


It’s a fantastic park – complete with a nature center, beautiful architecture and gardens, tons of (HUGE) playgrounds and trails that take you through some gorgeous sights, down to the White River:


You can’t help but completely breathe it in. It reminds me of the camping trips we took almost every single weekend throughout the summer and fall growing up. The smell of wet leaves is seriously intoxicating.

No cell phones. No emails. Someday I’m going to take a fold up chair, hike down to the river to sit and just get lost in nothing.IMG_0936

What a great reminder to just STOP MOVING. Look around. Be quiet.


It was a perfect day, spent with two of my very favorite people.

It gets me so bad when I think about how much his Aunt loves him:


It makes my heart melt that our son is so loved by so many other people other than us. He is surrounded. :)

I had some fun with Picnik with this one:

IMG_09652That’s a framer for sure. :)

Hope you have a HAPPY and SAFE Halloween!!

The Before and After Party will go up Monday night! 

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  1. Why did I not know you were in Indiana? I was born there! Such Gorgeous scenery in your photos.

  2. So beautiful. We don't see that much in Southern California!

    What are those milk cartons for?

  3. Lovely homes! I'm jealous!! :)

    The park is beautiful and your photos capture Fall 100%!!

    Many years ago, when I still lived in Chicago, we drove into Indiana several years to attend the Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County. I think the town is called Rockville. It was a fun Festival and the color was gorgeous. If you've never gone, I heartily recommend it. They have the highest concentration of covered bridges in the U.S. I think. They are old, rustic, and like a tour back into history!!

  4. So...those colors really DO exist in nature? Here in the desert we have brown...and darker brown:(

  5. I loved this virtual tour of beautiful homes. There seems to be quite a strong Tudor theme in this area, and the door surrounds are fabulous!

    It's funny, I am not seeing so many spiders on houses, but I don't remember ever seeing that house decor in years past.

  6. You don't see homes like that here in Greenwood (IN)! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love your pictures! I love those homes, just beautiful!!
    Happy Halloween!

  8. Great pictures. And I totally get the random drivebys and trying to discreetly snap pictures of other people's houses.

  9. I could live in any one of those houses and be in total bliss. Especially love the big white four square house. But then I'm a sucker for a great front porch!

    Happy Halloween. So glad you got to spend part of the season with your sister!!


  10. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  11. Had no idea you are in Indiana! We live in Bloomington and are headed to Greenwood tonight to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters with my BFF.


  12. My favorite part of town- Meridian Kessler! I'm lucky that I work in that area, and I never get tired of looking at all the gorgeous architecture as I'm driving there and back. The Christmas decor will start coming out soon!

  13. Sarah, that last photo is breathtaking!! Love those gorgeous about eye candy. Who needs Trick or Treating? ;) Okay, I do... ;)

    Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  14. You got some amazing shots!! Photos are just breathtaking! Thanks for this post!!

  15. Gorgeous! I don't have a colorful change of seasons where I live-- so jealous!

  16. Thank you for posting these pictures! A great way to cure my homesick-ness. I grew up in central Indiana and went to Butler. I miss fall in Indiana so much!!

  17. Yep. Hoosier here too. Born in Indy, raised in Noblesville. (Currently in Fort Wayne.)

    I LOVE driving down Meridian. I remember that second home you pictured because they remade that fireplace. It took forever as I recall.

    I recognize several of the other houses too....nothing like fall on Meridian. Except when they start pulling out the christmas decor. :)

  18. I finally get to enjoy fall colors with my own eyes since we moved from SoCal to Spoakne, WA. It's truly amazing and I can't wait to go out everyday. BTW, what are the milk cartons for??

  19. Love your pictures! Didn't know you were a hoosier. I enjoy your blog! I really love your photos because about half of those homes are on my old block :) We sold our home in July on that block and we are getting ready to move to the "burbs"! We are actually headed to one of the houses you photographed tonight for a Halloween celebration. So, anyway love the pictures! The neighborhood will always hold a special place in my heart!

  20. Love the pics! I'm also a hoosier! I have lived in Southern Indiana all my life. I love the changes of seasons in IN but love, love, love the fall!

  21. Love the fall pictures! Just an FYI, you missed the address on the pic of the house with the Indiana flag ;)

  22. Beautiful pictures, I was wondering what the milk jugs are for too?

  23. There are definitely some things I DON'T like about living in the desert.... I love that it's 90 degrees outside right now, but unfortunately no fall leaves to play in since we only have palm trees. Hopefully some kids will stop by for trick or treating tonight- that's the only way it will feel like Halloween at all!

  24. I didn't know you lived in Indiana. My dad was born and raised there in a tiny little town called Attica. I used to go there during summers and work on my grandparents farm and catch fireflies. Fond memories. I would like to take my kids there to see where their grandpa grew up-it is special.

  25. Thanks for posting all of the gorgeous pictures! It makes me want to go to Holliday Park right now! My husband and I took our engagement pictures there in the spring and they turned out beautifully. Thanks for reminding us all to get outside and enjoy nature and to appreciate the beautiful state we live in!

  26. The first and last photos are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing!

  27. LOL! I totally almost drive off the road looking at those houses! Last time we drove by I told my friend I was going to park down the street some time and take my dog for a walk down that street to see if I could find me some hunky single guy that lived in one of those big houses to marry. The comment back is always- think about how much cleaning a house that big needs or look at all the yard work you'd have to do. I always reply- if I could live in a house like that, I could hire help!

  28. For the past 4 summers, my husband and I having been making the annual trip from Alabama to Noblesville to see Dave Matthews Band. We had no idea just how beautiful Indiana was! We discovered Meridian on a visit to Butler. Thanks for the pictures...gorgeous.

  29. I found your blog through another blogger, and had no idea you were in Indianapolis. I live in Westfield, and drive by those houses on Springmill many times a week on my way home from work downtown. We also love Holliday Park, as we had family pics there last fall. I'll DEFINITELY be checking out your blog more often now that I know you're a Hoosier! :) :) :)

  30. Well now I know my Mom is not the only freak out there (in the nicest way!) She used to tote my brother and I around on Sunday afternoons looking at all the gorgeous houses in various areas. We HATED IT...even more so the odd time she'd actually go ask if she could come in and see the inside! Funny thing is that I'm finally starting to do it myself! (Not the going in...just doing the drive-by)

  31. Wow! I just linked up to your blog a few weeks ago and love it! I too am a Hoosier...Pendleton, IN! Always love Meridian....Meridian Street, is a callin' me (Bob and Tom). Happy Halloween:)

  32. Oh my goodness, thanks SO Much for these pictures. My husband and I recently got orders to move to Indianapolis so he can train the USMC Reserves and we've never been. This helps make it feel more like home as I'm from Ohio and it seems Indianapolis has that ADORABLE midwest feel I miss so much.

    I cannot wait to check out the local parks, neighborhoods, and local things. It'll be fun from the looks of it!

  33. I used to live in Bloomington. You made me so homesick!

  34. thank you for giving Indiana some praise -- as a transplanted Hooiser, it's good to hear and see someone giving praise to my beloved home state!

  35. I'm a Hoosier too! I grew up in the Northwest Corner --- by the lake. My oldest lives in Cincinnati, so we get through Indy often -- love that part of the country -- Cincinnati has some amazing brick homes there. I make my daughter or husband stop often so I can take pictures of homes --- they think I'm weird.

  36. Sarah, I am bored at work and decided to find a good blog to immerse myself in. I am looking for design and decor inspiration. Your blog sucked me in and I've enjoyed every min of it. I've read all the way to Fall '10. And to add to my delight, you live somewhere in Indianapolis!! I live downtown but will be moving to Gwood soon. I can't wait to decorate my house and look forward to many more inspirations for you!! My trips to Home Goods will never be the same now, haha.


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