Halloween decor so cheap it’s scary

October 28, 2010


We’ve had Halloween all over the place for a while now, but I’ve let the Bub kind of take over. I tried putting things out just so…and that lasted about ten minutes. What can I say – he’s like his Momma and is crazy about the holiday decor! I’m not going to fight it. :)

I’ve had the buffet in the foyer decked out for weeks now, but today the Bub and I finished it up with a little somethin’ somethin’ on the walls.

When we started working on that spot, our bright, fun lamp (consignment find) wasn’t looking so spooky. :) I wanted to Halloween-it-up a bit without having to do anything permanent.

I love using paper cardstock for cheap Halloween decor! We found some super cute downloads from the Silhouette site and used them to dress up the lamp shade a bit:

spider web cut out inside lamp shade

ACK! Are you dying? I adore these little guys.

I just gave them a very light coat of spray adhesive and stuck them on the inside of the lampshade:


black Halloween cut outs on lamp shade 

They were cut out of black card stock, and if you don’t have a craft cutter, you could easily download designs and cut them out. You may want to just find spiders with thicker legs if you are cutting them out by hand. :)

I love them so much! And how about snowmen for Christmas? Or snowflakes? DYING.

I finally made it back into Goodwill a couple of weeks ago, after a loooong time away. I found a $2 vase that was perfect for my Halloween “tree”:


I filled it with some Dollar Tree netting, then grabbed some sticks from outside, spray painted them black and just stuck them in.

I know…I think I’m the last blogger on earth to do this. :) I wanted something with lots of height and it was perfect! I added some of my Pier 1 spiders ($1.50 for ten I think?) here and there, and some foamy bat stickers we had:


The Spooky sign was from a couple of years ago and is just a $1 word mounted on Halloween paper, in an old frame:


We couldn’t resist another spidey on the platter. :)

I found some sparkly spray paint on a recent trip to True Value, and knew I had to use it somehow:

Don’t you love that name – Titanium Silver? The little skull above was from Michael's and is a cardboard texture. A little Titanium and he was ready to go!

Our other skull head friend was an ugly plastic guy from the Dollar Tree, and because he was slick plastic, he got a coat of spray primer and then a couple coats of the Titanium:


I propped him up under a cloche and wrapped my cute beady stuff around it. Doesn’t he look so happy now? He’s positively beaming. ;)

The pumpkin was another cardboard-y thing from Michael's. I really wanted to use one of the Funkin pumpkins, but this little guy was only a couple of bucks – way cheaper! I sprayed it white and attached some strips of black gems in the grooves(a buck on clearance!):


Our final project today was to add the bats flying off on the wall:contact paper mirror ghost

I cut out the ghost (by hand) out of window film I bought forever ago for the new pantry door. (You may remember it took me about six months to get that baby up.) 

I didn’t like it’s texture though – too bumpy for what I wanted. But perfect for a ghost in the mirror! Buwahahaha!! I love him!

We used the Silhouette to cut out the bats, but again, these are so easy to cut out on your own! I just stuck them to the wall using tape:

paper bats on wall

I plan on keeping all of these – I think they’ll hold up another year easily!

We love our spooky foyer!:


The best part – the whole thing was less than $10!

The cut outs are my favorite part by far…I’m so excited to do even more with them next year. ;)

Are you working on any last minute Halloween decorating or crafts? We’ve got a couple more little projects to work on over the weekend. That’s what the Bub tells me anyway. :)

For more Halloween goodness and fall decor here

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  1. sarah you're just amazing. your spooky touches are so inviting! :) i hope you saw Modern Family this week, it made me think of you and your halloweening and whatnot. I can't wait to see what you do for the holidays. hugs, laurie

  2. Great!! This is one of the best Halloween additions I've ever seen. The flock of bats is inspired! The cut-outs on the lamps are delightful! The whole thing is just really, really cute! Happy Boo Day!

  3. How fun! I like this kind of Halloween decor:) And I agree- the lampshade idea could easily be changed out for Christmas or another holiday.

  4. Those lamp shade decals are darling. So cute. And I like the bats as well. Happy Halloween!

  5. Your entryway is spook-tact-ular!

  6. Great idea for the Silhouette shapes! I don't take many pictures at Halloween so I was not sure if I should buy any of those discounted shapes!! Now I might! LOL :) Nice work :)

  7. I love it! I wish my kiddos were younger... not really ;) but it was so fun decorating when they were young! What is that white pumpkin, did you make that, what are the black things stuck inside of it?

  8. I am so in love with the bats and the spider lap shade. This is hands down my most favorite Halloween decor blog post!

  9. I absolutely love it! The two things I love the most are the fact that it was under $10 and that your son got to participate in putting it together - that makes it a win win!

  10. Great ideas and so cheap, who could pass on those spiders and bats?!

  11. This wa a wonderful front door display....like I said before you don't have to use 'Orange Purple and Black' for Halloween! Great Job!
    Oh, I saw the same Skull at the 'Dollar Store' too. I am so glad you painted him....now he looks great!!!

  12. I love the bats! Too bad I'm too lazy to cut some out by hand... darn! ;)

  13. Love the bats! I so very much enjoy seeing your creativity and allowing it to inspire others. Thank you for the motivation to just do something because it makes us happy to do it!

  14. Love those lampshades - way too cute!

  15. Love the lampshades Sarah! And, I can so see them changed out for Christmas!! Snowflakes would be darling. We mostly decorated for "fall" rather than specific to Halloween. Guess that kinda happens when your kiddos are older.

  16. This is so absolutely adorable. I just love the fact that you have a "Halloween tree" :o)

  17. I love the little pumpkin with the gems in the grooves. You can actually use that for ordinary fall decorating too.

  18. Your foyer is just the cutest I've ever seen!! I love that you have a Halloween tree! CUTE!!

    Shopper Gal

  19. It looks great, Sarah! Love the spider lampshade and that it's just temporary!

  20. Love the bats too and the lamp!! I may use that one!!!
    you would love a to see what I did with a garage sale frame...

  21. Oh. MY. Stars! I love your bats on the wall!!!! Fantastic!

  22. So cute! I love the ghost on the mirror... spooky! haha!

  23. This is SOOOO awesome! I love how much you were able to do with such a small amount.

  24. GREAT! I bought some great bats somewhere... (it's been that kind of October) but they came with their own sticky dots that are crap. I need to get them back on the walls for the 31st at least. LOVE the ghost in the mirror - totally going to steal that. I'll do a Halloween foyer post on Sunday. :)

  25. I LOVE the spiders! Oh my gosh! So cute - especially the one on the door. And the bats are a GREAT idea. Do I have enough time to make them?!!! We'll see! I have one more project - luminaries...I'll have to link up as soon as possible! Love your blog Sarah - seriously!

  26. it looks spooktacular! i love that folded up the bat wings. how clever and it REALLY makes them look so much cooler! nice work!

  27. Love your room. The pumpkin with the gems is my favorite.

  28. Oh, I love it all! Especially the silver/grey dollar store skull. I picked up that hideous guy, too, and made him over, but in black... the grey makes him look totally different! Loves it!

    Betsey at b.bar

  29. Oh, that little spider is too dear!! Love it!!!

  30. Can you please come over and decorate, organize my entire house?? I have an old 1970's split level with little or no character. I love your home! Keep up the great work and fee free to come do my home. It'll be a breath of fresh air and creativity for you. :)

  31. Our last minute halloween decorating consists of carving pumpkins tonight and putting them outside! I'm not really a seasonal decorator, other than Christmas, but we have SO MUCH FUN with the pumpkins.

  32. It's all amazing and so fun ...gotta admit I like the ghost in the mirror the best. Cute!

  33. Robin the Super Mom from MissouriOctober 29, 2010 at 7:13 PM

    Love it!! My only suggestion for next year is to change out the 2 pieces of framed art on the wall for some Halloween-y prints. Or even use the "Eeek" & "OOOH!" prints you have on your mantel!

  34. I loved the way you stacked the pumpkins. I would have never thought of that! I went to the pumpkin patch today and didn't buy any because they were missing their stems. I just may have to go back tomorrow bight and early!

  35. I love the cutouts too~!!!!!! OMG!!! you are sooo creative :)

  36. Can you shoot me a quick note? What's the Silhouette site? New to me! But love love love what you did and am very interested for my home and my 3rd grade classroom!

  37. Happy Halloween. You are definitely ready for it. Looks great!!

  38. SO Cute! It's clear to me that I need to get myself a Silhouette. I think you should have a giveaway!

  39. Love this! It turned out super awesome!


  40. Awesome. Loving the lamp shade.

  41. First off, I LOVE your blog... you have such cute stuff here! I hope it's okay, I just couldn't help but feature your clever bat decorations in a Halloween crafts/decor round-up I just finished.. you can see it here:


    Thank you :)

  42. I just wanted to stop in and share a thank you foe sharing your super fun ideas! I did a few of your paper bats for this year's Halloween decor and they look great! Thanks for sharing. ~Aljan

  43. Such fun ideas here! I've linked this post in my "A Not-So-Spendy Halloween" post today so that others can visit your blog too. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  44. I absolutely LOVE these ideas! The ghost and the bats are my fave! I pinned this and putting it on my fan page at facebook.com/whynotmom Thanks for the great tips!


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