How to Keep Couch Cushions From Sliding

May 11, 2018

Super easy solution to keep couch cushions from sliding off the sofa.

I love sharing stuff like this easy sofa cushion fix because if it helps us I know it will work for many of you too. 

Nothing earth-shattering here, but this little hack is an easy solution for a little cushion annoyance we dealt with on a daily basis. 

Do your sofa cushions slip off the couch every time you sit down like this?:
Simple trick for sliding sofa cushions

We've not really dealt with this with any other sofa we've owned, but these cushions skooch out nearly every time we sit on them. It's annoying! 

I love the sofas so much it's something we just fixed every time. (Well, I fixed. The boy and man in my life don't seem to notice it like I do.) 

And both cushions were never the same amount of skooch, so it was noticeable, at least to me. 

Sometimes they would be waaaay out there: 
Easy fix for sliding couch cushions

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And then the back cushions would fall down in the crack and push them out even more and it was just ongoing drama

So every day I'd push the cushions back in...and on one of those days I had an idea. 

I didn't want to damage the upholstery or attach anything to it -- for example, our basement sectional has strips of velcro sewn underneath the cushions to prevent them from moving. 

My solution is a super easy fix with no sewing needed. :) 

We have an extra rug pad from the old house we're not using. You use these under rugs or carpet remnants to keep them from slipping. 

So I thought I would try cutting a piece to fit the width under the cushions: 
Easy trick to keep sofa cushions from sliding

I tried it on one side for nearly a week and NO movement. SCORE! 

The non slip mats I used are pretty heavy duty (like this one) so I think that helps.

I promptly added it to the rest of them and so far so good. I just laid it on the sofa -- no tape or glue or anything. 

The rubber mat grips both the bottom of your cushion and it does not budge. 

The seat cushions don't move at all and it grabs on to the cushions so they don't slide out. I'm so excited about this little fix! 

I think this would work especially well on leather seats or sofas. 
I bet rubber drawer liners or shelf liners would work as well! 

This little anti-sliding hack worked so well, I added this to the chair cushions in our family room as well. 

When I had the couch cushions under control, I moved on to the new pillows. 

I had been looking for pillows for the sofas for MONTHS. I found some from Pottery Barn awhile back and love those, but couldn't find anything I liked to work with them. 

The other day I was going through my fabric stash and found a pretty design I had just enough of. I don't even remember what I bought it for! 

I sewed up four pillows and then added the striped pillows I had on the window seat in the old house
Simple trick to keep couch cushions from sliding

They work together so beautifully! I'm not kidding when I say I searched forever for pillows and there they were in the house all this time. (You can find the Pottery Barn covers here, the floral fabric was from Calico Corners and the stripe was from Joann's.)

And they work so well with the new dark color on the fireplace and DIY built ins on each side in the family room! 

No, I still haven't finished painting the built ins on the other side. I'm avoiding it with pillow sewing: 
How to mix and match pillow fabrics

Two quick fixes on one sofa! It's been a good week! ;) 

Have you tried this rug pad trick? If you have sliding cushions I say give it a go. 

We had a large pad that I cut up but of course you could get a smaller one for just the size you need. 

Here's some other quick fixes I've shared recently on the blog and at my Facebook page that you might find helpful!:
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Soft close toilet seats

Quick fix to prevent baskets from scratching surfaces

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  1. Great tip! With my reckless boys, I need all the help I can get! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Genius! I’m going to try it! My couch cushions scootch too. It makes me twitch a bit! Hopefully it works on leather!!

    1. Keep an eye on the underside of the cushions (especially if they are reversible): the rug pad could possible discolor the cushion, especially if the pad is latex.

  3. Brilliant! I have to try this!

  4. I'm moving soon so I'm rereading all your DIY and hacks posts! Thanks for all the help! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  5. Love the rug pad idea for sofa cushions, it's so simple but effective!

  6. You are such a genius, Sarah! That's brilliant:)

    Varsha| Villas in kelambakkam

  7. Oh my gosh this is genius!! Mine does the exact same and I just lived with it for so long, but I'm definitely trying this!

  8. This is such a great idea! We have the same problem, and I was considering using velcro strips. Has anyone tried using velcro?

  9. Hi! Where did you get your beautiful couch? I love your idea for the scooting cushions!


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