Your Perfect Comfy Sofa Search is Over!

April 06, 2021

Oh happy day!! I've been waiting for our latest delivery for nearly five months! When we moved into this house, I knew I wanted to do matching sofas set up across from each other in our family room. I LOVE symmetry. 

I wanted them to be plain, regular sofas with no chaise or sectional set up, and we already had this sofa from our living room at the old house: 
Cream modern sofa colorful pillows

We got it for a GREAT deal, so I went back to the store where we found it (it's a local store called Urban Underpriced) and found one more -- pretty sure it was the last one they had.

I've loved this set up in our great room: 
symmetrical family room layout

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These sofas are SO comfy and large -- I'd say close to the size of a twin mattress. We loved how deep they are! I also really liked the modern, simple design. 

But we quickly noticed the back cushions got smushed so easily. And I mean smashed -- I had to fluff them up daily and rearrange the fluff inside all the time. The fabric didn't hold up well with animals -- it pilled up and didn't clean up easily:

remove pilling on sofa fabric

damage to sofa fabric

We didn't notice this with our first one in our old living room because we didn't use it nearly as much. Because they were so inexpensive and were comfy, we made due. I found some ways to make these worn out sofas look like new -- and those tricks definitely helped over the years! 

I really should have known better. A few months before we decided to move (we had no plans to at the time), I had found THE ONE. The perfect sofa...finally! 

It was the Radley sofa from Macy's
peppercorn paint color on fireplace

I loved everything about it! It's super comfy -- the cushions were comfortable but still had structure. We loved how deep it was -- tons of room for the tush. It looks great too. I liked the simple, modern arms and clean design. 

The best part was the was super soft but easily cleaned! We even had sticky gold putty that got smashed into the fabric and came out. Other spills were easily cleaned up with just a cloth and water. It was perfect, I tell you!

The owners of that house are friends of ours and they bought it because it fit so well in the room. That sofa STILL looks great! 

Last year I started watching pricing to see when they were on sale (they are the lowest price I've ever seen them right now!) and we decided to order two of the regular Radley sofas without the chaise. 

It took almost five months...but they finally arrived! I'm never purchasing another brand again: 
Radley sofa in Oyster in family room

They have the look and feel of much more expensive couches for WAY less. 

The cushions are SO comfy and the fabric is soft: 
Radley sofa light sofa fabric

The biggie for me -- the back cushions hold their shape MUCH better:
Radley sofa review

Even though they're stuffed with fill like our old ones, they hold up so much better. I think it's because they are stuffed much firmer and the cushions are thinner. Our animals love to sit on the back cushions and these hold up way better than any other sofa we've had.

I am IN LOVE. I know the light color isn't right for every household, but we're used to it and these clean up so easily. I've already wiped chocolate milk drops off of them a couple times it comes off with just water: 
Light sofa dark accents family room

The funny thing is, you'd never know we replaced our old couches if you look from far away! They are very similar from the side and back. Here's the old sofa: 
Dark fireplace and built ins in cyberspace

Those went to live with one of my sisters by the way. :) 

And the new ones!: 
Tall fireplace in dark blue

The regular Radley sofa is 39" deep by 86" wide. They are almost exactly the same dimensions as our old ones, just not quite as deep. 

I'm so happy -- they were worth the wait! The BEST: 
Two sofas facing each other living room

Tall fireplace great room furniture layout

Macy's sells the Radley in 13 different colors and a bunch of different configurations. Even a sleeper sofa version

Our old Radley sectional was in the color Cinder Grey. Our current sofas are in the color Oyster and that color was special order when we bought them, but now it says they'll be in stock next month. Some colors are saying they'll take up to 25 weeks though. We were first told it would be 6-8 weeks and it ended up being 4 1/2 months.

**Something to note -- we paid for our sofas with our debit card. For some reason Macy's kept taking the money in and out of our bank account...over and over and OVER for months. It was crazy frustrating, because when we would call they'd say they were just making sure the money was still available for payment. I don't understand why they didn't just process the payment when we ordered and be done with it. 

If you use a credit card that may not be an issue, but either way, if you order online and you'll have a long wait I would call immediately and ask about that. We didn't have that issue last time we bought this sofa with our debit card.

I'm so thrilled with them and I'll be sure to update this over the years to share how they hold up! Do you have a sofa brand that you love? It's a big purchase and I always find reviews to be so helpful. 

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  1. They look great! I ordered a sofa and matching chair on Black Friday and it was supposed to be 6-8 weeks. I got another notice of delay this week that makes it at least 6 months total! And that's if they don't delay again! It's frustrating, but so nice when it's what you wanted.

  2. Sarah, you don't know me, but I haven't missed a blog post of yours in over five years. :) I took to heart what you said about these sofas last fall. So I ordered one!! Mine was also delayed, but is now scheduled to arrive on Tuesday!! I'm so excited. It's really great to hear you say again how well these hold up! Keep up the good work! I've learned so much from you. Thank you for all you do!!!!

  3. I sold my Radley sectional a month ago for cheap on marketplace because quarantine brain made me want something different and I have regretted it ever since. Been thinking about reordering them in the oyster like you have. Looks so good!

  4. Uh! We have been searching for the perfect love seat and couch combo. We just ordered some from Arhaus today, and put them on hold to take better measurements. I stumbled upon your post and fell in love with these, and the price! All set to order and they don’t make the love seat in oyster! Why?!

  5. I have two off white sofas facing each other much like your arrangement. Mine are from Bassett Furniture but in a much different style. I'm partial to a London arm sofa, there are two of them in our great room. This is my third set of off white, almost white sofas. I've considered doing another color since we have had 4 big moves over the years there was opportunity, but always come back to the white. I find I can live with the off white sofas best never getting bored with them.

  6. Sarah, Macy's should pay you a commission. I ordered a sofa and loveseat and my daughter ordered a sofa after reading your post. I'm okay with having a long period before they arrive. I have a room that needs to be cleaned out where we will put our current sectional which will probably take five months. As of now, it appears the sofas will arrive around my birthday. Thank you for helping me to find the perfect birthday gift to me from my husband! I even told him that he has purchased my birthday gift. ;-)

  7. I love the look of these. Do they feel like you’re sitting on a twin mattress? We’ve had a very deep sofa for a long time and I’m wanting to get one that’s not very deep. Love your blog!

    1. Thank you! No, not to us, but we're all pretty tall (5'9" and up). The sofas we had in here before were even deeper and felt more like that.

  8. Thanks for this. I have been looking for the perfect sofa. We went to Macy's during the sale and purchased the Radley in the Heavenly Chrome. Won't receive it until June probably but so excited. We wanted the sectional but couldn't make it work with our layout. So comfortable.

  9. Since we're empty nesters now, I decided to go for the Radley Oyster White couches that you've spoken so highly of! I've been a fan of your blog for years so I completely trust you :)) Unfortunately when they arrived last week after months of waiting, the fabric had black threads running through in random places. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I love them so much I'm tempted to keep them (Macy's has offered to give me a 50% credit on top of the sale price). Options are to live with them as is, wait for the next shipment 6 months into the future or order the in stock color that is Chrome Beige. So conflicted!

  10. Hi. I just about to purchase the Radley sofa and loveseat. Do you remember the price you paid? I am wondering if I should wait for the holiday sales?


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