Favorite 30 Amazon Finds for Under $30! {Prime Day Deals}

July 11, 2023

My favorite 30 Amazon finds under $30 for Prime Days!

Amazon Prime days are today and tomorrow, and instead of sharing the big sales that everyone shares, I like to share my favorite purchases from the year before. 

This year I'm sharing my 30 favorites under $30. Most of these are items I haven't shared yet on the blog, and they are a mix of beauty/fashion and home/DIY items I really enjoy!

Be sure to check out my favorite 25 Amazon finds under $25 list from last year as well. :) You can also find many of my favorite home decor items, tools and gift ideas at my Amazon shop

I highly recommend every single one of these items. I hope you enjoy! 

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1. This sun blocking "umbrella" is actually for inside the car -- it's a rectangle shape and fits up against the inside of your windshield to block the sun: 
car sun block umbrella

It barely lets in any light and folds up nicely into a regular umbrella size. I love it, it really does help keep the car cooler!

This one is a Prime Day deal!

2. Our son is a major slushy lover, so last year I picked up this easy slushy maker, not having big expectations. 

Turns out it works really well! You keep it in the freezer and then pour whatever you want inside to make a slushy. A few squeezes of the cup and it turns it into yummy flavored ice!

3. I had one of these hanging toiletry bags years ago and don't know what happened to it. I had forgotten how wonderful they are for travel!: 
hanging quilted toiletry bag

It has TONS of storage! (This one is Prime Day Deal!)

I like that there are so many pockets, and that you can hang it for easy use once you get to your destination. I use this larger one for toiletries and the medium one for makeup. 

4. I've used this ridge nail filler for years and love it. It helps to fill in any imperfections in your nails -- I use it as a base coat or alone: 
ridge filler nail polish

It gives your nails such a natural, clean look all on it's own. I love this stuff, and a little goes a long way!

5. This cute tote bag is one of the only repeats I'm sharing this year, because it's such a great gift idea. This black and cream initial tote has become a staple for gifting over the past year or so: 
black cream initial tote
It's cute, holds up great and folds up easily for storing. I loved it so much I got myself one! :) 

6. This classic round marble tray is so pretty and great quality! It would be a great little jewelry or trinket tray on the bedside, but for now I use it under a candle in case it gets too hot: 
candle on white marble tray

A pretty little tray is a decorating staple! It would look great in the bathroom too.

7. If you shop for teens, you know it can hard to find items that don't cost an arm and a leg! I found this AWESOME "firework" light bulb for my niece last Christmas and we all fell in love with it.

You don't want to use a lampshade with this one, let it shine with a simple light fixture like this that will show it off!

8. I keep our basement holiday decor in the storage room down there, and since we have so many soft items, I wanted something that I could really stuff full, but would be easy to move around. 

plastic storage bags with zippers

They have zippers and the material is thick enough that I haven't had any issues at all with them breaking. They're so easy to move around -- there are handles on the side and double handles on top. 

These bags would be great for moving a child into college! You could even pack them full with clothing. 

These are a Prime Day deal!

9. This slow cooker lid holder is such a simple thing, but it has been so handy. You just hook it on the side of the Crock Pot and can place the lid inside when you're stirring or serving: 
crock pot lid holder

It doesn't interfere with the lid fitting while you're cooking. No more condensation or food dripping all over the counters! 

10. I first got some of this creamy eyeshadow in a subscription box, and loved them so much I went looking for more. I absolutely LOVE these eyeshadows: 
Trestique creamy eyeshadows

They're so easy to blend (I apply in the outer corners of my eyes and then blend to a softer tone on the rest of my lid. They come with a brush on one end, and they're refillable. You just buy the refills when it runs low, I love that!

11. I shared this easy pet hair remover earlier this year, but it's so good it's worth mentioning again! It's called the "Chom Chom" and works better than any other remover I've tried:
chom chom pet hair remover

You just swipe it back and forth over your upholstery and the pet hair gathers inside the tool. It works great and is super quick.

12. These detailed glass storage containers are absolutely gorgeous and have an air tight seal that keeps food fresh for a long time: 
vintage looking glass food jars
We keep them in our new basement kitchenette for snacks. The set comes with three different sizes and have a vintage look that I love. 

13. I've built more shelves than I can count in my life, so these easy sticky shelf supports were a major find. :) I added a shelf in our pantry cabinets in a few minutes with just one tool (a level):
plastic sticky shelf supports

The set comes with 12 pegs and each one can hold ten pounds. I've had ours up for about two months with no issues at all. 

14. I LOVE candles, but with three cats I don't light them as much as I used to. I'm always looking for alternative methods of adding a pretty scent, and this beautiful wax warmer caught my eye recently: 
amber glass wax warmer

The amber glass around the outside gives it such a warm and cozy vibe, I just love it! And it works beautifully. 

15. OK these rechargeable art lights are a smidge over my $30 limit, but they are worth mentioning. They truly look like real, wired lights and are made of metal (not plastic like so many of these lights):
metal rechargeable art light

This version comes with a remote for easy use, and they're super easy to remove to charge up. No need for batteries!

16. If you're a Disney lover like us (or know one!), this authentic Disney cook book is a great gift idea:
authentic Disney cook book

There are hundreds of legit Disney recipes -- this was written by actual Disney chefs. So fun!

17. I've found the most comfortable workout tanks -- they come in a ton of colors, are lightweight and nice and flowy, and the price is fantastic.

Do you buy multiples when you find a piece of clothing you like? I have these in four different colors now. ;) 

18. We've always had a fire extinguisher on hand in the kitchen, but I've never used one (thankfully!). I always worry that I wouldn't be able to figure it out in stressful moment. 

I found these simple spray fire extinguishers that work for any kind of fire (grease, electrical, etc.) and are SO easy to use. You just spray!:
easy fire extinguisher

They are small, lightweight and would be great for a boat, car or RV as well. These would make for practical stocking stuffers if you have older kids. :) 

19. After suffering with plantar fasciitis off and on for years, I know how hard it is to find flip flops that are comfortable. I tried those and instantly fell in love -- they are SO comfy!

There are nine different designs that are really cute. 

20. I know, I KNOW. It's only July. I know! But these pretty brass hanging bells always sell out so fast, well before the holidays: 
brass bells Christmas decor

So many of you asked about them last year, but most of the options had already sold out. Get them now if you love them!

21. I LOVE these roll up dish rack dryers for the sink: 
black roll up drying rack

Dishes dry so much quicker than when we leave them in the sink, and they roll up out of the way easily. You can get black, gray or stainless steel -- just be sure to measure your sink before buying.

22. This handheld trim cutter came in so handy when I was working on the baseboard and trim in our basement kitchen area. It works easily on the lightweight foam trim, or smaller wood trim like quarter round. 

It saved me SO many trips up and down the stairs to the miter saw, especially when the measurement wasn't quite perfect. Love this thing! 

23. If your dog gets his water ALL over the place when he drinks, this "slobber stopper" bowl will be your new favorite find. It's designed to be for travel, but it also prevents the water from going everywhere when they lap up the water: 
non slobber pet water bowl

Our cats and dog use it just fine and the mess has been cut down significantly. It works!

24. This amazing wine remover is another item I've shared before, but will a million times more because it is pure MAGIC:
best wine stain remover spray

It literally makes red wine stains disappear before your eyes! It is a great gift for any wine lover and comes with two bottles (these are a Prime Day price!). 

I combined it with these simple wine pourers for our close friends last Christmas.

25. These gold huggie earrings are so classic, they give me 80's vibes and I love it. I wear these all the time. 

They come in rose, white and yellow gold. 

26. If you're looking for some soft, warm and comfy slippers, I've got you covered. I've had these for nearly a year and LOVE them: 
ugg knock off slippers
This pretty Loloi rug is a Prime Day deal as well.

They come in a bunch of colors! Mine have held up great, especially considering I wear them every single evening. 😀 (These are a Prime Day deal as well.)

27. I'm a huge fan of small accent lighting around the house. I found these battery-operated plant lights (well...they're for anything, but I tucked them into our plants) and love how they look in the evening:
battery uplights in plant

Isn't that cast on the ceiling so cool? I just love these. They come with a remote so you can change the strength of the light or set a timer. 

28. I eat avocado nearly every single day, so this easy avocado keeper has been wonderful:
avocado keeper container

It stretches to fit your avocado half, but also allows very little air inside. I've tried so many of these contraptions over the years and this simplest version has been the best.

29. These blow up outdoor ottomans have held up wonderfully this season:
blow up outdoor ottoman

They are easy to move around and the cover comes off for easily for washing. Plus, they'll be SO easy to store this winter!

30. Finally, these paintable outlet covers are so inexpensive and are easy to install. 

If you have outdated outlets, or just want to easily match them to your walls (the shiny plastic ones don't hold paint well), these are great. They are installed right over the outlet, so no electrical hook up is needed. 

Whew! I hope you enjoyed my 30 Amazon favorites under $30! We use all of them often and I highly recommend all of these. Have fun shopping!

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  1. Thank you for the detailed reviews of why you like each product. So much more helpful than just random links or pics!

  2. Thanks, Sarah. I'm ordering the car shade, flip flops, and pet hair remover.


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