Saturday, May 24, 2008

More examples of my obsession

So now that I've explained how to add molding to your home, I thought I would share more ways I think it has transformed our house.

Our master bathroom is one of my favorite examples. We have extremely high ceilings that I painted with a mossy green color. After a while I realized how dark it was in there, but there was NO WAY I was repainting those walls again. I thought about adding tile around our tub, but figured it would be at least $1000 to do that. So I ended up using molding around the tub to lighten up the space.

Here is the before:


And here is it after, with the magic of molding! :)



I added rectangles to the walls around the tub with molding, a chair rail around the top and painted it all out white. Then I used beadboard around the marble base of the tub and painted it a shade darker than the walls.

The BEST PART! This whole project was $40! The molding is the only purchase I had to make -- the beadboard was leftover from another project and the paint I already had. You can't beat it! We'd still like to change out the tub fixtures, but that will be later -- for the plumber. :)


  1. Gorgeous!
    I had to pull my hubby over to see the before and after - nice job!!

  2. I found your blog on Today's Creative Blog today. I love your makeovers! I'm all about Thrifty and getting ready to do several projects at my house.

    I wanted to ask about the bead board on the tub. We have a similar kind of tub and I was wanting to do something decorative around it? How did you attach the bead board, is it detachable if you need to get into the tub?

    Thanks for all the inspiration.

  3. Beautiful! I love this idea. I have to show these photos to my husband. Thanks for joining the blog party! I'm having a great time looking at your projects. -Julia :-)

  4. Ummmm??? So gorgeous! I've been reading all of your archives & making mental notes like crazy. Can't wait to try some of your tricks.

  5. that looks fantastic! I am definitely going to use your molding trick in my guest bathroom. Thanks for sharing. Becki

  6. I have some outlet covers in my bonus room that don't quite cover the hole that was cutout of the sheetrock. Did you put that molding around the switch cover in your bathroom redo, or did you buy them like that?

    Thank you!


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