Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A-thrifting we will go!

So if you follow me on Twitter, I took you along on my trip through a few antique stores today. My friend Jen told me about the great shops in Pendleton, Indiana, and I have been waiting weeks for the right time to take a few hours to head out there.

They did not disappoint! It was so fun, I wish you could all go with me! Well, not all of you. We'd be sure to break something, all thousands of us. (Uh, that's nuts, by the way.)

I wanted to show you some of the stuff I loved. These were toothpick holders:
Oh. my. goodness. gracious, they were adorable. That amber one on the corner to the left, I picked up about eight times. But they were $10 each, and I only use toothpicks when I bake, and I only bake, like, uhhhhh...

Well, let's just say it's not worth the $10.

I loved the color of these Ball jars:
The owner of the shop told me that the Ball jars with the number 13 are worth much more, because in the "olden days" the women would break those with a 13 on them because they were superstitious. Then during prohibition, the men who would drink out of these jars wouldn't use the 13 jars either. I mean, how cool is that? I love hearing the history behind items like these.

I am a sucker for old, chunky corbels:
These were $22 each, but I found one for $9.99. Awwww yeah...

You've probably seen these in the Pottery Barn catalog:

Psssst...they are cheaper at antique stores. You didn't hear it from me. I absolutely LOVE them. I would do the Pepsi case cause I'm a Pepsi girl, but they just don't go with my decor. I really want one for the deck, but until they make one in brown, green and rust, it just isn't going to work for me. Gah. I'm weird like that, I know.

So what did I get?? Squeal! I can't wait to show you! I saw this key tray in the first shop, and I knew it must be mine:
The sides are large keys. I am fairly sure it is not antique, but that's what you get with antique shops -- some "real" stuff, some not, some junk. All I know is I love it! It holds my skeleton keys.

This milk glass compote is the biggest I've seen and I just adore it:
I'm finding myself more and more attracted to these white pretties. And it was only $4! I thought the tag was wrong for sure. For now, I threw in some hydrangeas, but I see many possibilities with this one.

Look at the pretty detail!
This little clock was $5, and I just think it's a perfect little accent:

Often I find I will spend more at certain stores that I wouldn't spend at others -- do you do this? Like I doubt I would have paid $5 for this little clock at Goodwill, but because it was at an antique shop, (even though it may not be an antique), I did? I'm an odd bird.

My most fabulous find had me skipping! SKIPPING people. I went back through one shop for a second look, and really took my time. I don't know how I missed this the first time through:
A beautiful, large, cedar chest! For only FORTY BUCKS. I could not believe my eyes. I mean, this is a good deal, right? I have no idea how much these are worth. The stain is lovely, but I will redo the top, just not sure what I'll do:
It is GORG. I thought I knew where I wanted to put it, but I think I may try something move some things around and experiment...stay tuned. How should I clean the cedar? Can I wipe it down with cleaning wipes, or should I use something specific? I am new to cedar. ;)

I treated myself to this excursion today because I am finally caught up on my consultations! So if you have sent pictures and have not heard from me, I didn't get them -- just let me know. I so enjoy working with you all and getting you excited about your homes! I love it!

I will not be taking any new consults until I've finished all of those who have paid for one but haven't sent their info yet -- I'll let ya'll know when I'm ready to start up again! And at that point I'm going to take a certain amount a month, just for my own sanity. ;) I'll let you know the details soon my Squeezies. (If you have e-mailed me about a consult, please go ahead and send your info!)

Fun announcements coming up soon...can't wait to share with you! Squeal! (And again, no, I am not pregnant.) :)


  1. You are my new favorite blogger. Seriously, I love your posts. For a non-creative chick like myself, I completely admire creative chicks like you. Sigh! Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration!

  2. I have the key thing sitting right beside me :) I got mine at Hobby Lobby last year... I waited until the 80% off sale and paid like $3 for it. Super cute though!

  3. There ya go calling me a Squeezie again! LOL I love it!

    That cedar chest is awesome! Love those toothpick holders...too cute. But not $10 cute. I'm just cheap like that ;)

    I've also developed a love for milk glass....got a few pieces.

    Thanks for letting me know about the Ball jars. Never knew that! Neat. I've wondered why some cost a small fortune and other are $0.35 (like the 4 I bought today at a thrift store).

  4. Delurking to say I love those corbels! Oh, and also to let you know you can freshen a cedar chest by taking some low grit sandpaper and lightly sand the inside...smells so yummy!!

  5. I have an old glass/crystal toothpick holder that my mom gave me. But I use it to hold q-tips. :)

  6. Love your great finds! I would use the sandpaper on the cedar also, and clean it out with a vac and tacky cloth.

  7. ~WOW! So cool! I adore the key tray and the gorgeous clock. :)

  8. Great deal on the cedar chest! Wow!
    I just re-did a cedar chest and I love it. I upholstered the top, so it's a seat and added some handles to the front I'm so proud of it!

  9. Yes, that cedar will come alive with a little fine grit sand paper!!
    Love your things you found.


  10. your post made me smile, because I can tell how happy your bargains made you!
    we all love bargains!
    I went thrifting today to a local store. They are SO pricey, I didn't buy anything! It's a real shame. It's for charity, but really! Wouldn't they like to sell more stuff for a cheaper price?
    ahyhoo... congrats on all your great finds.
    ps love your blog!

  11. I so want to go shopping with you, thinking I should follow you on twitter but never tried it but I adore your blog!

  12. That milk glass compote actually has several smaller pieces that fit inside of it. I have 3 right now and they all "nest" inside of one another to make a very tall-- whatchama' call it. Look inside the bowlie part of it, do you see 3 little legs? Thats where the next smaller identical compote will stand-- and so on. Sooooooo keep an eye out for another smaller milk glass identical to that one you just bought :-)

  13. I'm new to your blog and i LOVE it!! YOu make me wanna go raid ALL the local Goodwills!

    p.s.~I have the "problem" of paying one thing at a store and not another just b/c of the store it is. I'm quirky! :)

  14. Oh my, we had some toothpick holders like that when I was a kid...hadn't thought about those in years!
    I have two of those white compotes that I got cheap at thrift stores; I originally thought they were milkglass or something, but now I'm not so sure, because I see them all the time, cheap. And sometimes in different colors, like clear (not cloudy or creamy) green. So I've started wondering if they are actually from florist arrangements. Either way, they're pretty.

  15. Love the clock; I think that's my favorite! For $5.00 I would have bought it wherever it was. I love the idea of the corbels and didn't think of it until I saw your picture, but at the right price I might like a pair of them as bookends. Sounds like you had a great day!

  16. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents with me. I love how your write too -- you totally make me laugh. Thanks for letting me check in on all you are doing which are very, very fun things.

  17. Thank you for taking us along, it was great fun.
    Want to know something funny. Just monday I posted about my first ever milkglass buy, and it looks like a sister to yours. Go figure, oceans apart and we end up with basically the same milk glass compote (didn't know that word). I hadn't found a place or exact use for it, but I like it with the hydrangeas, might try that too.
    Greetings, from the Netherlands

  18. What fun treasures! I love old corbels too. I'm glad you made the clarification about your surprise - lol.


  19. To clean the cedar, sand the surface, vacuum out all the dust particles and then tack rag it. It will look as good as new and smell fabulous!

  20. I gave you a shout out on my blog. You inspired me to do my own home renovation over the summer! :)

  21. Love your finds! I love when you end up finding something totally fab for super cheap! It always makes my day!

  22. Wow! You found some awesome treasures! I love the clock and the cedar chest the most, though. I have a compote like the one you bought. I'm a sucker for white plates, bowls, compotes...

    The next time you're in Pendleton - there is a great little restaurant close to the shopping called the Cabbage Rose Eatery. You really should try it out. Their Chicken Velvet Soup was rated the best in the Indianapolis area. But, everything there is yummy.

  23. I agree with Pam, the Chicken Velvet Soup at the Cabbage Rose is THE BEST soup I have ever eaten. If I had known you were going shopping in Pendleton I would have taken you out to lunch there! Pendleton is my favorite place to shop when looking for Christmas gifts for my sisters.

  24. Love the items you bought.. that cedar chest was a steal for heaven sakes!

    Snappy Di

  25. Linseed oil? That shined up my antique five dollar traveling trunk (good grief that was a fantabulous find...) linseed oil does wonders on wood!!!!!

  26. I love your new finds, that chest is amazing! I like your space against the wall for it. If it was me I might use it as a coffee table..???
    Depends on what the back looks like.

    I have said many times it is all about where when you are shopping. I find it funny that clothes new with tags would sell for $8-10 at some Goodwill stores and yet I can have people talk me down from $1 to $.50 when I am hosting a garage sale! Crazy!

  27. Ohhh! I love that trunk! I'm always on the lookout for a cedar chest. You inspired me to keep on looking. My mom has one that I think she should give me. Some misguided person faux painted it orange and gold. It's as ugly as it sounds. Nothing that some black spray paint couldn't fix!

  28. Ack! How come I can never find any of that stuff when I go?! Totally jealous of the cedar bench! I want one to put at the end of our bed but they are all way to expensive!

  29. We had a little Dallas/ Fort Worth blogger get together and your blog was many of our fave's!

    Keep on sharing!

  30. Yayyy for thrifting! I just blogged about my own recent finds: www.sunshine-cupcakes.com. It's amazing how certain thrift/antique shops have different feels...if it doesn't have the right feeling, I just can't get into it!

  31. I love those toothpick holders! That's a cool story about the Ball jars, I'm going to have to look at all the ones my mom has that used to be Grandpas and see if any of them have 13 on them.

  32. What a great deal on the cedar chest!

  33. Hi Sarah, love the jars and crates. thought you might like this post on Ball jars!

  34. Excellent treasure hunt! I love the crates especially. I have just turned three cedar fruit crates into shelves for the kitchen. I am on a shelf kick these days. I have more crates but no spot to put them right now... Something will undoubtedly spring to mind.

  35. Oh my gawsh. ;) I think we'd have the best time thrifting together. You could show me what to buy, and I'd buy you a Pepsi. ;) I love love love the compote...looks fab with the hydrangeas. That bench is adorable! Fun!!!

  36. I just wanted to let you know that because of your garage post, I cleaned out my spare junk room. Everything in there belonged in a different room.. it was just easier to stuff it in there and forget about it.

    I was wondering though.. I think I remember you saying that you dont really have a craft/work area? Where do you store all of your spray paint, fabric scraps, and craft stuff?

  37. I love that little clock!

    Any idea WHERE the 13 would be on those jars? I have several.

    The cedar chest looks great, too. I'm using one in my living room for DVD storage.

  38. "Often I find I will spend more at certain stores that I wouldn't spend at others -- do you do this? Like I doubt I would have paid $5 for this little clock at Goodwill, but because it was at an antique shop, (even though it may not be an antique), I did? I'm an odd bird. " Yep. me, too! Yard sale for $2? No way? Goodwill for $2? Maybe. Michael's for $2? Deal!

  39. awwww....you have a cedar chest...sigh. I have been pinning after one of those for SOOOO long. If you ever get tired of it you are welcome to send it my way!!! :D

  40. very nice white pretties.!!!
    attractive....Its a great work..
    Naton wide cash is easy and fast

  41. If that beautiful cedar chest was mine I would copy bubs "window seat" make a cushion for it, fill it with books and blankets and put it in my master bedroom bay window - I have been wanting to make a window seat for it foreeevvvvver! But I have never carpenter'ed' anything ever so I should start out with something small - like a nice sofa table or a bead board island :) haha - you make me feel like I can do anything!

  42. Fantastic finds!!! Love the cedar chest!

  43. Can't wait for the announcement!!

  44. ~WOW! So cool!.looks fabulous with the hydrangeas. That bench is adorable! Fun!!!Love the items you bought.. that cedar chest was a steal for heaven sakes!!!!thanks for sharing...
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  45. Thanks for letting me know about the Ball jars. Never knew that! Neat.

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  46. Great finds lady! :) What an exciting day!!


  47. I have two antique toothpick holders ...is it proper to put toothpicks on the table these days? I tend to use them as little vases.

  48. I, too would have thought of other uses for the toothpick holder. Mints. A place to put my wedding ring while I'm cleaning. My mom has a little thing like that where she puts her daily dose of vitamins, etc so they are all ready to go when she needs to take them... I'm with you on the "$10 is a lot," but if it's something you LOVE LOVE LOVE, I'm not against an occasional splurge.


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