Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where I got it and how much it costs.

I've received a ton of questions on where I've purchased items in my posts, so I thought I'd list where I got everything and how much I paid. (If there's no price it just means I can't remember!) I hope this helps out -- I'll try to keep this up on future posts. Let me know if you have any more questions!

Fall is here? It's 84 degrees outside!
Door d├ęcor:
Hanging flower containter, Southern Living at Home
Flowers, Hobby Lobby

Kitchen centerpiece:
Tray, Southern Living at Home
Pumpkin, Pier One
Potpourri, Z Gallerie

Candles on mantel, $3.50 Hobby Lobby
Berry garland, $6, Michaels
Candle holder, scrap wood

Bell Jar:
Fall picks, $1, Hobby Lobby
Large fall plate, $6, Pier One
Crystals/acorns, Pier One
Ribbon, $3.50, Hobby Lobby

Table vignette:
Frames, $3 each, JoAnn, Etc.
Leaves, taken off a vine, Hobby Lobby

Candle on counter:
Garland, Hobby Lobby
Small fall plate, $5, Pier One

Lampshade tutorial:
Lamp, $20.00, Lowes
Fabric, $6, Hobby Lobby
Trim, $7/yard, Hobby Lobby

Wooden pumpkin, $2, Hobby Lobby
Black scrapbook paper, $2, Hobby Lobby

More Halloween treats!
Scrapbook paper, $.50 and $.25, Hobby Lobby
Frame, $1, Deals
Stickers/bats, Hobby Lobby

I love nap time.
Tombstones, $1, Deals
Spooky glitter sign, $2, Hobby Lobby

I spent $50 to save $12! Wait...
Beware glitter sign, $2, Hobby Lobby
Fall picks, $1, Hobby Lobby
Tiny pumpkins, $1.50, Target
Black pumpkins, $1.75, Hobby Lobby

Go forth and shop thrifty!!


  1. Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores. I can always find someting in there that I just can't live without.


  2. I so think that is a great idea. People always want to know where they can get it and what it is going to cost them. Thanks for the update.

  3. Gonna have to use that mantel idea. CUTE!



  4. I saw your blog on Today's Creative Blog. You have awesome ideas...I like your blog!!

  5. I love my Dymo label dh was even using it tonight. Great break down...always love seeing a good bargain. cherry

  6. for more free cute blog backgrounds visit!

  7. Thanks! You have such cute ideas...but by giving a list of where you got them and how much you spent is just icing on the cake!! Especially for a copy cat like me. LOL!!


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